100 More Things That Make Me Happy

Last year I shared my 100 Things That Make Me Happy list which I wrote back in August 2014. It was one of my most visited posts in 2018. We are now 4.5 years on from that original list so I thought I’d set myself the challenge of coming up with 100 More Things That Make Me Happy!

I’ve also written some tips and suggestions for writing your own Happy List which you can read here. And I’ve also released a whole workbook full of journalling prompts for happiness. It’s called Find Your Happy and you can read more about it here.

Here goes…
100 More Things That Make Me Happy

100 More Things That Make Me Happy

  1. Yoga
  2. When Benji makes an appearance in Adriene’s yoga videos
  3. Running Memoirs – strange but true
  4. My bureau that I re-finished with some help from my Dad and my husband
  5. My little hidey-hole tucked behind the lounge door where my bureau sits
  6. Sending letters to penpals
  7. Receiving letters from penpals
  8. The Goodreads app – for keeping track of books I’ve read
  9. The hashtag BringBackPaper on Instagram – books, stationery and loveliness
  10. Finishing up a Morning Pages Journal (knowing that getting the words out have helped me)
  11. And starting up a new one
  12. Walking beside the local river
  13. Walking in the local woods
  14. Making friends with dogs I meet
  15. My rainbow and unicorn collection
  16. Amazon Prime (next day delivery – where would I be without you?!)
  17. Being able to reserve books from the library for FREE
  18. The glass doors on my bookshelves to keep the dust off my books
  19. Sitting and letting the sunbeams warm my face (especially in the colder Winter months)
  20. Listening to my son’s conversations with his grandparents
  21. Clubbercise
  22. That I completed C25K
  23. The dragonfly door knocker for our new front door
  24. The Organised Mum Method for getting the house clean
  25. Roast Chicken in the slow cooker
  26. Bacon sandwiches
  27. Still keeping a gratitude journal
  28. Wax seals
  29. Using my Find the Good Everyday stationery
  30. Reading Harry Potter with my son
  31. Playing board games with the family (although Monopoly tends to get tense!)
  32. The smell of oranges and satsumas when I peel them
  33. How clean my face feels when I double cleanse
  34. Finishing a product up
  35. The excitement of opening a new one
  36. The little pebbles, feathers and nature’s treasures my son finds for me
  37. Ticking everything off for the day in my Bullet Journal
  38. Having twinkly (fairy) lights up outside of the festive season
  39. Putting a new ink cartridge in my fountain pen
  40. Listening to my fountain pen scratch softly on the page as I write
  41. Stepping on my freshly mown lawn barefoot
  42. Milkshakes with bacon in them! (Five Guys – who knew?!)
  43. Being able to walk into town without worrying about where to park
  44. A sunny Winter’s day
  45. Building dens and forts
  46. When my son tells me I make the best dens & forts
  47. Watching my house plants grow
  48. Feeling ‘adulty’ enough to keep my house plants alive
  49. Scones with clotted cream and jam (jam first!)
  50. Ploughman’s Lunches
  51. Delicious home cooked meals packed with vegetables
  52. My navy sweatshirt decorated with rose gold sausage dogs
  53. My Harry Potter purse which everyone comments on
  54. Crunchy sweet apples (Jazz are my favourite)
  55. My rainbow sun-catchers
  56. Central heating on cold days
  57. Ditto double glazed windows
  58. My squirty mop for quickly cleaning the floors
  59. And my cordless vacuum for whizzing round
  60. My “Katie” spotify playlist
  61. Big doggy sighs
  62. When my son holds my hand (a rare occurrence these days)
  63. Making things with clay
  64. Using the things I’ve made with clay around the house
  65. Watching my son’s confidence grow in reading
  66. And other things he’s been working hard at
  67. When my junk drawers are organised and I can find what I’m looking for
  68. Sending and receiving cards for Christmas and birthdays
  69. Spotting a robin as I go about my day
  70. Stopping to listen to the birds singing
  71. Curling up to watch an episode of Call the Midwife
  72. The Great British Bake-Off
  73. The Loch Ness Monster postcard I keep in the kitchen which says “The most important thing is that I believe in myself”
  74. Finding a quote I resonate with
  75. When my Instagram feed is full of inspiration and motivation
  76. Finding a blog or instagram account that inspires me
  77. When I hit publish on a blog post
  78. When someone signs up for my newsletter or blog posts by email
  79. Family holidays in the sunshine with my boys
  80. Being able to pop over to my Mum’s for a visit
  81. Having an empty laundry basket (because I’m all caught up!)
  82. The joy of a weekend with no plans
  83. Getting crafty with my boy – we are both enjoying painting with watercolours lately
  84. Clearing out my email inbox (another rare occurrence)
  85. My Sentence a day journal that I’ve used on-and-off since 2015
  86. The glow from my salt lamp
  87. Dancing in the kitchen
  88. Looking back at my scrapbooks and photo albums
  89. Being able to see the stars on a clear night (less likely here than in NZ)
  90. When birds visit our garden bird table
  91. “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” Yoga move (featured in this short practice)
  92. My Blowfish black boots
  93. My Saltwater Sandals
  94. Lunch dates with my husband
  95. Yellow flowers (e.g. sunflowers, daffodils and tete a tete)
  96. Overcoming my weird fear of running out and USING stationery items!
  97. Planning adventures with friends
  98. Learning snippets of the language of countries I visit
  99. How much I still enjoy blogging
  100. Sharing Stories

Wow I did it – 100 More Things That Make Me Happy! This list has come together over a couple of weeks…I kept coming back to it at different times of the days which helped come up with new items to add.

If you haven’t already – please come up with your own list! It doesn’t have to be 100…start with just 20 things and add to it. These lists in themselves make me happy. It’s great to have the reminder of what I can do to make myself happy.

Check out some tips and suggestions for writing your own Happy list here.


I’ve created a couple PDF printables for creating your own list. If you’d like a copy drop me an email (via the Contact form) and I’ll happily send them through to you!

Find Your Happy Journalling Workbook

If you want help with creating your own Happy List as well as some other ideas for journalling to make you happy – check out Find Your Happy. It’s full of 10-minute journalling prompts to help you find more joy in your everyday life. You can buy a copy here.

Find Your Happy Journalling Workbook