2018 Statistics

I love a review and a chance for reflection so today I’m sharing some of my 2018 statistics.

Before I get started – Happy New Year to you! I hope that 2019 is treating you well so far. School went back this week and I am slowly trying to get into a routine that will enable me to work towards my goals.

2018 Statistics

2018 Statistics – Find the Good Everyday

Blog Posts Published – 62 (go me!)

Find the Good Everyday Newsletters Sent – 6

Instagram Posts Published – 222 (do you follow me on IG?)

Favourite Blog Posts I wrote in 2018 –

2018 Statistics – Running & Yoga

Total Kilometres Run – 359km (since May). This includes some walking as part of C25k and runs.

Number of Park Runs completed – 10! I reached my goal!

Times I said I didn’t enjoy running but did it anyway – a lot!

Number of Days I Practised Yoga – 365 (so that’s 730 since 1st January 2017)

Total Time Practising Yoga – 95 hours and 13 mins (averaging 15.65 mins per day)

Favourite Yoga experience – Yoga With Adriene LIVE at Ally Pally in London in September (you can read about my experience here)

Yoga Practices I Repeated Often (these are all available for free on Yoga with Adriene’s YouTube channel) –

2018 Statistics – Writing

Times I tidied my desk only for it to get messy again – countless!

Writing Groups Joined – 1

Writing Group Meetings Attended – 4 (held monthly)

Words Written – no idea! But a fair few….I want more in 2019

Notebooks Started – many

Notebooks Finished – almost as many

2018 Statistics – Self Care

Number of days I Recorded a Self Care activity – 365. Some of these were chosen retrospectively rather than planned in advance and that’s okay!

Number of Early Nights Tracked as a Self Care Activity – 17 (I thought this was more popular which is why I decided to count it!)

Favourite Self Care Activities this year included…

  • Reflexology
  • Cinema Dates with husband and friends
  • Lay-ins, naps and early nights
  • Making the time to watch my favourite TV shows (like Great British Bake-Off and Call the Midwife)
  • Special yoga activities (like live yoga and taking part in online retreats and series)

2018 Statistics – Miscellany

Times I Left the Country – once, for a week-long family holiday in Portugal

Times I coloured my Hair Purple – three times, initially in October and “top-ups” in November and December.

Number of Real Christmas Tree’s Won – one (I named him Colin) at the School Bazaar in the Raffle!

Cute dogs I met – so many and I want to meet MORE in 2019!

Books read – I didn’t keep track but I intend to next year!

Instagram accounts I found inspiring in 2018 (some new discoveries and some I’ve followed for a while) –


I’m sure I could keep this random 2018 statistics list going forever – it’s a fun activity! Why not give it a go? What would make your list of 2018 statistics? And what do you do to reflect and review the year that’s been?