My 2022 Word of the Year – Simplicity

I have chosen a 2022 word of the year. And that word is SIMPLICITY.

Today I’m going to share why I chose it and what it means to me. I’ve also got some tips for diving deeper with your chosen word, a journal that may help you connect with your word and links to my previous writing about chosen words for more inspiration.

Simplicity - my 2022 word of the year. A graphic showing a zoomed in photo of the dictionary definition of simplicity.

Finding my 2022 Word of the Year

I played around with a few words in December but didn’t feel ready to settle on one. I contemplated something around play and playfulness as well as explore and adventure. And I also added simplicity, simplify, clear space, less and ease to my list of potentials. Then I took a break over Christmas.

In early January I was ready to come back to it and I think, in the end, simplicity chose me. It kept coming up in conversations and online content and I was intrigued by where it could lead me. I did some further brainstorming and research and then made the decision to make it my chosen 2022 word of the year.

What does it mean?

For me simplicity is all about keeping things simple and getting to the heart of the matter. I want to focus on what really matters and make things easier where I can. I’d love to do some decluttering and create some space in various areas of my life and I think simplicity can help me do that.

I have a tendency to overcomplicate things and overthink them and I definitely have too much stuff. I need some simplicity in my life.

Here’s a couple of quotes about simplicity I found that resonated with me:

  • “Simplicity is the soul of efficiency.” – Austin Freeman
  • “The key to finding a happy balance in modern life is simplicity.” – Sogyal Rinpoche
  • “Make it simple, but significant.” – Don Draper
  • “Life is really simple but we insist on making it complicated.” – Confucius

I am excited to see where simplicity might lead me in 2022.

Diving deeper into my word

After choosing a few words over the years I have developed something of a system for getting to know my chosen word. Here are some of the things I do:

  • Take some time to journal or list what it means to me
  • I look up the dictionary definition and write it down along with any synonyms that help me understand my word further
  • Then I look for quotes, affirmations and inspiration relating to my word (usually with a simple Google search or having a look through Pinterest)
  • I also try and check in with it with some regularity – I sometimes do this with:
    • blog posts
    • journaling about how my word has come up in my life
    • continually seeking out inspiration about my word

As I was beginning to do this work this year I decided to create a journal to keep me connected to my word throughout the year. It has space for getting to know my word and collect quotes and inspiration as well as 12 check-in pages (each one has a space for observations and a different journal prompt around my word). I’ll be using this journal throughout 2022. And I thought you might find it helpful too…

Word of the Year Companion Journal - digital version
Word of the Year Companion Journal - Paper version

My Word of the Year companion journal is available in my Etsy shop so you can use it to connect to your chosen word if you wish. You can see the paper version here and the digital/eBook version here.

My Word of the Year Collection (and Monthly Mantras too)

I enjoy creating these posts each year. And love seeing my collection of words that are important to me build up over time. You can read more about my previous chosen words here:

That’s a lot of words and each time I’ve picked a word it has helped me explore life through a different lens and often taken me on a different path that I initially anticipated when I chose it.


Have you chosen a 2022 Word of the Year? And how will you be connecting to it throughout the year?