22 in 2022

I’m here to share another list of things I want to do. This is my 22 in 2022 list and it’s in addition to my 40 for 40 list which you can see here.

22 in 2022 Pin Image. The image shows wooden number blocks depicting 2022, there's a notepad, clips, glasses and a plant surrounding them.

Before I share I’m going to answer a couple of questions that I imagine you may be wondering (& the questions I asked myself when I decided to write this list)…

Why do I need another list?

I probably don’t but I love a list (if you’re new here you can find evidence of that here, here and here!). As the new year arrived I realised there were some things I wanted to do in 2022 that weren’t on my 40 for 40 list. Having these random things floating around in my head is not good – I either forget them or they distract me from other things. So I decided to see if I could come up with 22 of them and make it a thing.

What’s the point of this list?

I think I originally heard about this idea from Gretchen Rubin’s podcast. A list of things you want to do in a year – the number of which is based on the year (so 19 in 2019, 21 in 2021 and so on). It’s a fun way to mark the year and do some of those random things that I might not get around to.

Accountability is so important for me getting things done so I decided to turn the list into this blog post and share the list on Instagram to help me stay on task!

I’ve already completed some of them so I’ve marked those as complete. Here we go…

My 22 for 2022 List

  1. Grow sweetpeas
  2. Try crochet again
  3. Monthly highlights collage/mosaic (the first one is HERE)
  4. Catalogue my wardrobe (already regretting this one… ha!)
  5. Release the Spring Journal
  6. More old school blogging
  7. Make a Roo Pouch
  8. Monthly reflection – favourite photo, best thing, what I read/watched/made etc (I might even turn this into a journal)
  9. Visit Sandringham
  10. Hyde Hall with G
  11. Arvo Tea or an adventure with my friend S
  12. Catch up with my friend D
  13. Make waffles again in the waffle maker
  14. Projector movie night
  15. Continue with 1SE
  16. Joy jar – aim for weekly entries (and I’ve roped in the husband and kiddo too…can we keep it up?)
  17. Pot up the houseplants (they really need some love)
  18. Join the Confident Creative Club COMPLETE
  19. Take part in Fiona’s Year of Writing
  20. Try The Breakfast Club COMPLETE
  21. More cocktails (maybe at the Cozy Club?)
  22. Make more packing cubes COMPLETE

So there you go – another random collection of things. Things that I hope will make my life better and bring me joy. Not resolutions or goals. Just things.

What do you want to do in 2022? If you’ve got a list – do let me know as I’d love to be nosy and have a look!

22 in 2022 List as an image for pinning.