37 Things Aged 37 Review

It’s time for a 37 Things Aged 37 Review. Happy Birthday to Me! Today I turn 38.

This time last year I created a list of 37 things I wanted to achieve whilst I was 37. Today I’m reviewing how the whole thing went.

You can see my original 37 Things Aged 37 post here. And my mid-way 37 things aged 37 review here.

37 things aged 37 Review

37 Things Aged 37 Review

1 Choose a Song each month for my 37 compilation COMPLETE

This was a fun thing to do at the end of each month. Some were easy to pick. Others took a bit more effort. You can check out my 37@37 playlist on Spotify.

2 Visit New Zealand CHANGED TO Book New Zealand Trip COMPLETE

Whilst I didn’t fit in a trip to New Zealand whilst I was 37 I did manage to book one and it’s happening soon!

3 Reach my target weight CHANGED TO Work towards an 80% Whole Foods Diet IN PROGRESS/MIGRATING TO 38 LIST

This was changed at my midway review as my focus changed during the year. I’m not quite there with eating whole foods most of the time so I’m looking to carry this over into next years list.

4 Fit into size 12’s CHANGED TO Get a Style Analysis and start to update wardrobe COMPLETE

This was also changed at my midway review. I blogged about the Style Analysis here. I’ve started updating my wardrobe and this will be an ongoing process.

5 Finish my New Zealand story IN PROGRESS/MIGRATING TO 38 LIST

I didn’t work on this as often as I would have liked. I did a decent amount of work around the outline after reading Fast Draft Your Memoir earlier this year. And I still have to fill in some gaps and edit/rewrite my existing words. This will be carried over into next years list.

6 Submit my New Zealand story to at least one agent/publisher MIGRATING TO 38 LIST

I did start doing some research around publishers and how to query them. But as the story isn’t finished I haven’t approached any yet. This will also be moved to next years list as it’s still relevant.

7 Visit Glasgow with a friend COMPLETE

I had a lovely weekend with friends in June – we went to see the Spice Girls! I also visited Glasgow with family in July.

8 See some live music COMPLETE

I saw:

  • Love Actually in concert back in December
  • MUSE in June
  • Spice Girls in June
9 Take Mum for afternoon tea COMPLETE

We did this twice. The first on a whim at a local Tiptree tea rooms (highly recommended if you’re in or visiting Essex) after my son’s sports day. And also a special Harry Potter themed Magical Afternoon Tea to celebrate my son’s birthday in August.

10 Get a dog COMPLETE (KIND OF)

We did try to rehome a rescue dog back in January but it didn’t work out. We hope to try again in the future – with a dog better suited to living with children.

11 Get a running medal CHANGED TO Collect Seaglass at Seaham COMPLETE

I stopped running at the start of 2019 due to hip pain. And didn’t get back to it. So I changed this to something I really wanted to do which wasn’t on the original list.

12 Run 5k (no walking) CHANGED TO Take Beginners Sewing Lessons COMPLETE

Another change – I’ve wanted to be able to sew for ages. I tried teaching myself years ago and it was a disaster. When I found a fairly local class I decided to go for it. I really enjoyed the lessons and I’m pleased with my makes. I am hoping to take some more lessons to develop my new sewing skills!

13 Run 10k (some walking allowed!) CHANGED TO Give up Chocolate for a week COMPLETE

This was a challenge and I’m glad I did it!

14 Make plans for our 10th Wedding Anniversary COMPLETE

Our anniversary is early November 2019. We have very special plans which I’ll probably be sharing on Instagram next month.

15 Make a Christmas wreath CHANGED TO Replace the fence in back garden COMPLETE

I didn’t get around to making a wreath. I looked into taking a class (see number 21) but found them all quite pricey. So I bought a metal wreath ring to try myself at home but didn’t manage to gather greenery to do this. I decided to let it go and changed it to something I did complete (in January) instead.

16 Blog at least 50 times COMPLETE

I did it. Since 22nd October last year I have published 52 posts (including this one).

17 Get a new front door COMPLETE

It’s black on the outside and white on the inside.

18 And an interesting door knocker for the new door COMPLETE

I got a dragonfly door knocker. I’ve shared a photo of it on Instagram.

19 Decorate the hallway COMPLETE

We went for white walls and we refreshed the gloss work too – it makes it so light and airy!

20 Get new bedroom curtains CHANGED TO Get a Bike and Use It COMPLETE

We do still need to sort bedroom curtains but as it hasn’t happened I’ve changed this to something that did happen during the course of the year. My son got bike-mad over the summer and was keen to cycle to school and further afield. Luckily my friend found me a FREE bike her neighbour was getting rid of. So we’ve been cycling to school at least once a week and I’ve been re-familiarising myself with cycling!

21 Take a creative class COMPLETE

I went along to the Felixstowe Book Festival at the end of June and attended 2 writing workshops. I also went along to the Martha Brook Stationery Social in September and attended the mini workshops.

22 Plan an adventure for my son’s 9th birthday in August COMPLETE

My son managed to have the longest birthday celebrations! We started with a Pokemon themed birthday party before school broke up for summer. Then we celebrated with family in Scotland. We went for dinner on his birthday and Afternoon Tea the day after!

23 And for my husband’s birthday in June COMPLETE

We went out for dinner on the day and up to Scotland for a marathon in July (his idea of a celebration!)

24 And for my 38th COMPLETE

So excited for what my birthday is bringing – I’ll be celebrating in a little while and will share more on Instagram soon.

25 Host a dinner party COMPLETE

We hosted our annual Kiwi Christmas in December. And I made Chocolate Orange cheesecake for dessert. It was delicious!

26 Go sugar free for a week COMPLETE

I did it! So chuffed with myself for this one as it wasn’t easy (sugar is in so many random things!) and I’ve actually continued it on (most days) this month.

27 Explore a place I’ve not been to before COMPLETE

We explored the city of Exeter in Devon over Easter. We also explored Fort William and the Scottish Highlands in July.

28 Get FTGE Instagram to 500+ followers – aim for 1k! COMPLETE

I reached 500 in May and I’m slowly working my way towards 1k. I’d love it if you came over to have a look. If you like what you see please follow me!

29 Go to the Suffolk or Norfolk seaside COMPLETE

We visited the Suffolk coastline in May. I also revisited for the Felixstowe Book Festival in June.

30 Submit to one of my writing group anthologies (or similar) CHANGED TO Complete the Allbright Academy 5 week course for Freelancers COMPLETE

My writing group didn’t organise an anthology this year. I also looked into the MIND Short Story competition but didn’t get a story written before the deadline. I’ve changed this to something else that has arisen recently that has helped me develop as a writer (although more on the freelance side of things). I found the course interesting and picked up lots of useful information – especially around branding.

31 Go on the London Eye COMPLETE

We did this during the Summer break. I used Tesco Clubcard vouchers (which are worth triple on the Eye) and saved the £76 which it would have cost without the vouchers! I really enjoyed it.

32 Paint the back fence in a fun way SEMI COMPLETE

The first panel has been painted in rainbow colours. I want to do the other panel and the gate to match – I had to get the gate fixed first and now that’s done I need some good weather for painting!

33 Read at least 12 new (to me) books COMPLETE

This was the first thing I ticked off! And I now have a Goodreads account to keep track of the books I read (when I remember to update it!).

34 Do Adriene’s January Yoga programme COMPLETE

I spread this over January and February.

35 Be a guest writer somewhere COMPLETE

In April I guest blogged over at The Reading Residence sharing a tutorial for making a mini book from 1 sheet of paper. I’m also going to be featured in Emma’s What’s in your Pencil Case series over at A Cornish Geek this month.

36 Get to 1000 days of yoga COMPLETE (but changed to Yoga/Meditation)

I reached 1000 days of yoga/meditation in September and I blogged about it here.

37 See an inspirational speaker COMPLETE

I saw Danielle La Porte (who wrote the Desire Map and created the concept of Core Desired Feelings) in London in July. It was good.


So that’s 33 items completed and of these 9 were changed from their original idea. 1 item is partially completed (painting the back fence).
I want to carry forward the 3 remaining items.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this 37 Things Aged 37 Review. What would be on your list?

Soon I’ll be sharing my plans for 38!