37 Things Aged 37 Update (mid-way)

Today I am sharing a 37 Things Aged 37 update.

My birthday is in October and last year I created a list of 37 things I wanted to achieve whilst I was 37. This was based around a similar list back when I was 27 (you know – in the olden days!) The midway point recently passed and it is time for a review.

This is supposed to be a fun way of challenging myself. So as the year passes if something isn’t right for me anymore I won’t be forcing myself to do it. But I do intend to replace it with a different item. As you will see below – that’s already happened a couple of times and I’m sure it will again before my 38th birthday.

37 Things Aged 37 Update

37 Things Aged 37 Update

1 Choose a Song each month for my 37 compilation IN PROGRESS

So far, so good. One song picked each month. A mix of newer songs and older ones.

2 Visit New Zealand

Nothing booked…yet!

3 Reach my target weight Work towards an 80% Whole Foods Diet IN PROGRESS

I’ve changed this one. After initial success with Slimming World I really struggled through much of 2018 and early 2019. So I’ve left Slimming World and I am now learning more about nutrition and trying to focus mostly on whole foods. I may share more about this soon.

4 Fit into size 12’s Get a Style Analysis and start to update wardrobe IN PROGRESS

I decided to change this one too. Instead of focusing on being a specific size I want to concentrate on health. But I also want to feel good in what I wear so I’ve recently purchased a style analysis and will be gradually updating my wardrobe with items I feel confident and happy to wear.

5 Finish my New Zealand story IN PROGRESS

I have been working on this on and off. I did a lot of work on the outline after reading Fast-Draft Your Memoir and now FTG30 is done I am hoping to carve out more time for this.

6 Submit my New Zealand story to at least one agent/publisher

I am still hopeful to do this.

7 Visit Glasgow with a friend BOOKED

This is booked for the summer time!

8 See some live music COMPLETE

I saw Love Actually in concert back in December. And for a bonus I have tickets to see Muse next month!

9 Take Mum for afternoon tea

Nothing booked…yet!

10 Get a dog COMPLETE (KIND OF)

We did try to rehome a rescue dog back in January but it didn’t work out. We hope to try again later in the year.

11 Get a running medal

I haven’t changed this yet…but I probably will. I stopped running at the start of 2019 due to hip pain. And didn’t get back to it. At this point – I’m enjoying walking so I may change this to a specific step goal over a month.

12 Run 5k (no walking)

I’ll probably change this too.

13 Run 10k (some walking allowed!)

And this one is most likely to be changed.

14 Make plans for our 10th Wedding Anniversary

Our anniversary is in November 2019. No plans yet.

15 Make a Christmas wreath Replace the fence in back garden COMPLETE

I didn’t get around to making a wreath. I looked into taking a class (see number 21) but found them all quite pricey. So I bought a metal wreath ring to try myself at home but didn’t manage to gather greenery to do this. I decided to let it go and changed it to something I did complete in January instead.

16 Blog at least 50 times IN PROGRESS

So far, so good. I am up to 29 with this post.

17 Get a new front door COMPLETE

This happened as part of some building work in February.

18 And an interesting door knocker for the new door COMPLETE

I got a dragonfly door knocker. I’ve shared a photo of it on Instagram.

19 Decorate the hallway COMPLETE

This happened as part of some building work although I do need to touch up some parts.

20 Get new bedroom curtains


21 Take a creative class

I’ve had my eye on a few different things but I find creative classes to be expensive in the UK. I am determined to do at least one though!

22 Plan an adventure for my son’s 9th birthday in August IN PROGRESS

Plans are in motion – I just need to make some bookings.

23 And for my husband’s birthday in June IN PROGRESS

We have something planned in July for my husband’s birthday and will probably go out for dinner on his actual birthday.

24 And for my 38th

No plans yet. My birthday usually falls within the half-term break but doesn’t this year.

25 Host a dinner party COMPLETE

We hosted our annual Kiwi Christmas in December.

26 Go sugar free for a week

I’m hoping to try this as part of my move to a Whole Foods Diet (see number 3)

27 Explore a place I’ve not been to before COMPLETE

We explored the city of Exeter in Devon over Easter.

28 Get FTGE Instagram to 500+ followers – aim for 1k! IN PROGRESS

I’m getting there…currently around 465-475 on any given day.
I’d love it if you came over to have a look. If you like what you see please follow me!

29 Go to the Suffolk or Norfolk seaside COMPLETE

We visited around the Suffolk coastline last weekend.

30 Submit to one of my writing group anthologies (or similar)

I am considering entering a short story competition this month which will make this one complete.

31 Go on the London Eye

Hopefully in the summer…although my son isn’t too keen!

32 Paint the back fence in a fun way

I’m thinking rainbow or cornish blue and cream.

33 Read at least 12 new (to me) books COMPLETE

This was the first thing I ticked off I think! And I now have a Goodreads account to keep track of the books I read.

34 Do Adriene’s January Yoga programme COMPLETE

I spread this over January and February.

35 Be a guest writer somewhere COMPLETE

Last month I guest blogged over at The Reading Residence sharing a tutorial for making a mini book from 1 sheet of paper.

36 Get to 1000 days of yoga IN PROGRESS

I’m on target to do this! I reached 850 days at the end of April.

37 See an inspirational speaker

Nothing booked yet.


So that’s 12 items ticked off and 9 in progress. I have already amended 3 and will probably change 3 more.
How many can I complete before my 38th in October?

I hope you’ve enjoyed this 37 Things Aged 37 update.

What would be on your list?