37 Things Aged 37

I’m ready to share my list of 37 Things Aged 37! I recently shared a retrospective post – my 27 things aged 27 list. I thoroughly enjoyed the project at the time and I decided to give it another go now, 10 years later!

NOTE – To see my progress – I’ve shared a midway update of my 37 Things Aged 27 list here.

So here goes…

37 Things Aged 37

37 Things Aged 37

1 Choose a Song each month for my 37 compilation

I had the same task on my 27 list and it’s one I’m keen to repeat.

2 Visit New Zealand
3 Reach my target weight
4 Fit into size 12’s
5 Finish my New Zealand story
6 Submit my New Zealand story to at least one agent/publisher
7 Visit Glasgow with a friend
8 See some live music

Since writing this list I’ve booked tickets to 2 very different concerts in 2019.

9 Take Mum for afternoon tea
10 Get a dog

This may well be the most eagerly anticipated item on the list.

11 Get a running medal
12 Run 5k

(no walking)

13 Run 10k

(some walking allowed!)

14 Make plans for our 10th Wedding Anniversary

which takes place November 2019

15 Make a Christmas wreath
16 Blog at least 50 times

And hopefully more.

17 Get a new front door
18 And an interesting door knocker for the new door

I’ve already found one I really like.

19 Decorate the hallway
20 Get new bedroom curtains

One of those things I’ve not got around to that I know will make me happy.

21 Take a creative class
22 Plan an adventure for my son’s 9th birthday in August
23 And for my husband’s birthday in June
24 And for my 38th
25 Host a dinner party
26 Go sugar free for a week
27 Explore a place I’ve not been to before
28 Get FTGE Instagram to 500+ followers – aim for 1k!

I’d love it if you came over to have a look. If you like what you see please follow me!

29 Go to the Suffolk or Norfolk seaside
30 Submit to one of my writing group anthologies (or similar)
31 Go on the London Eye

I’ve never been on the London Eye and I’ve wanted to do it for a LONG time. My now-husband and I planned to go in 2000 but the queue was really long so we went somewhere else instead!

32 Paint the back fence in a fun way

I’m thinking rainbow or cornish blue and cream.

33 Read at least 12 new (to me) books
34 Do Adriene’s January Yoga programme
35 Be a guest writer somewhere

Any fellow bloggers keen to collaborate? Please get in touch!

36 Get to 1000 days of yoga
37 See an inspirational speaker


So there you have it. My list of 37 Things Aged 37.

I feel like this list is a mixture of things that make me happy, excite me and intrigue me. And I’m looking forward to getting things ticked off. I need to ideally be ticking off 3 items each month. I know from past experience with year long projects that it doesn’t always work that way! So I am hoping to get a little ahead of myself before the end of 2018.

Keeping Track

I shall be keeping track of progress in my Bullet Journal. Some tasks are an easy tick box, others require a little more tracking.
I will also set a monthly reminder to see how I am going. I plan to sit down each month and work out which tasks will be my focus for the next month.
It’s a tricky balance between keeping myself on track so I get things done and feel accomplished and making sure I keep this project FUN!

I’ll try and update here on the blog somehow as well.

If need be, as the year goes by, I will make changes to the tasks on this list. I’d much rather have 37 fun things completed by the time I turn 38 then be beating myself up for not achieving some of them and losing the fun out of it!

What would be on your list? Have you ever done anything like this before?