60 Day Goals / What I want to Achieve before 2019

A friend on Instagram talked about and posted her 60 day goals last week and it got me thinking. She explained that between 2nd November to 31st December is 60 days. And she was setting goals through to the end of the year.

This really resonated with me. 60 days felt long enough that I could make some progress but not so long for me to become overwhelmed. It’s also a crazy time of the year for social engagements and being “busy”. I love the idea of re-focusing on goals to ensure they don’t fall completely by the wayside until 2019!

I feel like I’ve gone a bit off course with some of the goals I set at the start of the year. My weight loss has gone backwards over the year and I’m keen to get back on track. I’ve not been dedicating enough time to writing and I want to make sure I fit it in amongst everything else going on as we head towards Christmas and the end of the year.

I was a day late getting started but I’m still calling them 60 day goals!

60 Day Goals

60 Day Goals / What I want to Achieve before 2019

Health & Fitness
  1. Reach 10 parks runs
    Saturday 3rd November was my 5th so 5 more to go!
  2. Aim to run 2-3 times per week
  3. Follow the Slimming World plan MOST of the time
    Allowing for Planned off-plan days – I have some social things planned where I intend to make the most out of them and enjoy them. But I won’t use that as an excuse to go completely off track!
  1. Work on my New Zealand story
    I want to average 30 minutes 5 times per week (or at least 2.5 hours each week).
  2. Blog at least once weekly and send 2 Find the Good Everyday newsletters
    It’s been a while since I sent the newsletter and I’m keen to get back in the routine. I’d love it if you signed up!
Self Care
  1. Yoga everyday
    I want to average more than 15 minutes per day
  2. Embrace and enjoy the season
    I’m thinking cozy nights, twinkle lights and feeling festive. This is my most “wooly” goal – it’s a reminder to not get so caught up in everything else that I don’t notice the magic of the season. 

I’m hoping these re-focused goals will provide the inspiration I need to finish the year strong. I’ve categorised them into my 3 main goals for the year but to be honest they all contribute to each other. For example: when I eat well and exercise I am more inclined to be focused on writing and usually come up with lots of ideas when I’m outside walking or running!

Are you joining in?

If you’re keen to join in why not start today? Or even on the 12th November when it will be 50 days until the end of 2018? I’d love to hear what your focus is for the remainder of the year.

What can you start or continue doing today that will make you happy on 31st December?

I’m planning to report back at the end of the year and let you know how I got on with these.

Wishing you all the best for the rest of 2018! And Good Luck with your goals!