Hi, my name’s Katie and I’m the creator of Find the Good Everyday.

Katie Find the Good Everyday

I’m currently based in the South East of England, I’m 40 and I’m constantly trying new things in the hope they make me a happier and healthier person (with varying degrees of success).

On my blog you’ll find posts about:

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Once upon a time I met a Scotsman and moved from Essex (where I grew up) to Glasgow.  I lived there for 5 years before taking off to New Zealand for 11 years. Whilst in New Zealand I married the Scotsman, became a mum and loved exploring the Land of the Long White Cloud. We returned to the UK in 2016 to spend time with family and introduce our Kiwi boy to his British roots.

These days you’ll find me either learning something new that I hope will improve my life or making a list of some description (examples include: things that make me happy, birthday-related lists, seasonal lists and grocery lists!)

I really hope you’ll stick around and have a read of my ramblings.

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Even More About Me…

I’ve already shared some of my favourite things (and links to blog posts about them) up above but here are some other things I really love…

All of these things help me feel happier and healthier and to Find the Good Everyday.