April Reading Rituals (The Goddess Revolution)

This month I’ve been reading a book that’s been on my to-be-read pile for sometime. I finally got around to picking up The Goddess Revolution by Mel Wells. The tagline of the book is “Make Peace with Food, Love your Body and Reclaim Your Life”. Today I want to share my experience of reading the book.

Reading Rituals

The Highlights

I loved the synchronicity between this book and other books and authors I’ve loved. Danielle La Porte (The Desire Map), Brene Brown and Rumi are all mentioned and quoted in the book.

I also felt that the messages within The Goddess Revolution had a lot in common with The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. The advice around self care and self love towards the end of the book rang very true for me. I enjoyed reading it and often found myself nodding in agreement and highlighting sections of the text.

The Goddess Revolution Vs. Slimming World

“Life is a constant stream of choices. This includes choices around food. The track and the wagon are an illusion. You’ve created them as a way of judging yourself based on your choices and the pressure you have put on yourself to stay between certain lines.”

Overall I loved the message within the book. The importance of loving ourselves and taking care of ourselves and not spending time battling with ourselves.

However, the message from the book does seem to be at odds with Slimming World and what that stands for. In particular – when the book suggests you throw out the scales and you stop tracking every single thing you eat. This is the hardest thing to reconcile for me.

I worry about giving up on Slimming World and gaining all the weight I have already successfully lost. However – it’s not working for me right now. If I follow the plan – it does work (although I tend to see results over several weeks rather than one week at a time) – but I don’t always want to follow the plan and it’s particular rules.

This book has helped remind me of the importance of listening to my body and eating the food that makes me feel good. (Not food that we think tastes good but regret eating later!)

The Goddess Revolution by Mel Wells

Where to Next?

“The trick to being happy and healthy with your food is to let balance, flexibility and acceptance be your guiding principles. And remember – your best is good enough.”

The Goddess Revolution has given me a lot to think about in terms of how I treat my body and my weight loss journey. I don’t have all the answers yet (and probably never will!) but I think it’s good to look at weight loss and body image from a completely different angle to the usual one portrayed across the media and social media.

I want to re-read the book and make some notes as I go next time. There are also some sections that offer questions I would like to use as journalling prompts (around your future self and ideal life). I think that by reading this book again I’d get even more from it.

Next month’s reading challenge

I am super excited to be attending a workshop in May with none other than LIZ GILBERT (author of Eat, Pray, Love and Big Magic as well as other books). I saw Liz speak in New Zealand a few years ago and enjoyed every moment of it. This workshop has been booked for a long time and was rearranged from its original date in September 2017.

Big Magic by Liz Gilbert is a fantastic book about creativity and ideas. My challenge in May is to re-read it before the workshop takes place.


What have you been reading lately? Do you have any favourite reads to share with me? I’d especially love to hear about any books on the theme of self-love and creativity.

Happy Reading!


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2 Replies to “April Reading Rituals (The Goddess Revolution)”

  1. Ok… you really have sparked an interest in me to read this book!! I struggle with putting pressure on myself to be thin. I always have been but I have a fear in getting older and gaining weight. When I was young I had an eating disorder… Anorexia. It was awful and I have come a long way but like I said, the struggle is still there! I am going to get this book today!! Thank you so much for this. I recently read Girl Wash Your Face which was extremely good and spoke a lot about self care and finding your creativity. Thank you again for sharing all of your fantastic ideas and just for sharing yourself. You are an inspiration. 😍✌💗💗💗 Love, Allison

    1. I hope you find The Goddess Revolution helpful Allison. The author does talk about eating disorders and the pressure we put on ourselves about our body image.
      I like the sound of Girl Wash Your Face – I will look out for that one – I love a book recommendation (especially about self care and creativity!).
      Thank you so much for your lovely comments and your support – I appreciate you taking the time to visit 🙂

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