Autumnal Things that make me Happy

Let’s talk all things Autumn today. Specifically the Autumnal things that make me happy. I love finding ways to celebrate and embrace the seasons and I love making lists of things that make me happy.

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Autumnal Things that make me Happy

  • The colours – this one’s obvious but it has to be top of the list. I love spotting the colours of Autumn as they start to appear
  • Crumble – apple is my favourite and it’s the typical Autumn dish for me
  • Roast Dinners – we tend to eat more roasts as the weather turns to the colder months
  • More opportunities to see Rainbows in the wild…with the often changeable weather the rainbow possibilities are higher!
  • Nature is full of treasures in Autumn…we love looking for conkers, acorns and other seasonal treasures
  • Crunchy leaves…the best thing about walking in Autumn!
  • Hedgerows of blackberries to nibble on…if you can get past the thorns to pick them
  • I can finally start using all the blankets I collect again. There’s usually one flung over the back of every chair in our house
  • Listening to the rain on the roof (I can do this all year round if it rains but it’s happens a lot in Autumn). I find listening to and watching the rain really soothing
  • Soaking up every last drop of sunshine…as Autumn comes around I find myself more grateful for any sunshine and blue skies we have
  • Cozy clothes – hoodies, cardigans and scarves – my preferred clothes are the ones most like pyjamas!
  • Wrapping my hands around a warm mug of tea (or decaf coffee or hot chocolate)
  • Autumn means it’s nearly my birthday!
  • Using the stationery I bought in the Back to School madness
  • Getting crafty…once Summer is over I tend to get more crafty and creative. I’m currently taking a Beginners Sewing Course locally. And I’ve been writing penpal letters and sending some happy mail
  • Finding it easier to spot birds, squirrels and other critters as the trees lose their leaves

How about You?

What would you add to this list? I’d love to know what Autumnal things make you happy? And what’s your favourite season? Let me know in the comments below.

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Wishing you an awesome Autumn or a splendid Spring wherever you are in the world!