Bloggers Share – Favourite Ways to Find the Good Everyday

Today it’s the final instalment of the Bloggers Share series here on the blog. I recently asked some fellow bloggers about how they stay positive and enjoy every day. Today – I’m sharing their Favourite Ways to Find the Good Everyday.

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Bloggers Share Favourite Ways to Find the Good Everyday

Bloggers Share FAVOURITE WAYS to Find the Good Everyday
Emma Farley /

“I’ve been journaling every day this year and I love it. It gives me a chance to offload every evening but I always make sure I write something positive too, including a daily gratitude tracker. I attended a creative journaling and mindfulness workshop recently and something I took away from it was “exit kindly”.”

Teresa Maria /

“Just focusing on the positives. I came to work one day last week feeling really angry for no particular reason. But at the office, instead of taking it out on my colleagues, I instead allowed my colleagues to pull me out of my misery by joining in on their conversations, going for lunch with them, just keeping my mind on everything that’s good right now rather than on how angry I feel, especially since I didn’t know why I felt angry in the first place. It’ll pass.

I taught myself to focus on the positives about 7 years ago when I was jobless and mildly depressed. I decided then that every morning, before getting up from bed, I had to come up with 1 positive thing about the day. After doing that for a year, without noticing, it became a habit that I still practice. Without putting any effort into it, I think of something good about today before getting up from bed every single morning. I really recommend trying it out if you’re struggling to find the positive about the day.”

Elen Mai /

“My favourite way to find the good in everyday is to have some kind of “gratitude journal”. It doesn’t have to be fancy, I jot mine down in the notes of my phone. It’s basically writing down 3 things you’re grateful for having in your life and really recognising an appreciation for them. They don’t have to be all fancy and motivational either – the other day one of my top 3 things included “cheese strings”. Just have fun with it!

Caterina /

Be humble and appreciate the simple things. And always be curious.”

Tors Darling /

“I have a trello board for the month and make sure I document 3 things that were good about the day. Sometimes they’re big things like being recognised for the hard work I’m putting in, and sometimes they’re small and as basic as I had a cuddle with my husband, depends on the day. It’s not easy sometimes to see the good in the day, but if you consciously look for it, even in retrospect then over time it makes it easier to recognise and has a snowball effect that you start to feel more positive.

My daughter has just turned 4 and part of her bedtime routine is me asking her what 3 things was she’s grateful for so no matter what’s happened throughout the day she goes to bed remembering the good and being grateful for the day.


I love all these suggestions of keeping a Gratitude Journal as I’m a big believer in the power of gratitude. You can pick up some tips for creating your own Gratitude Journal here.

A big thank you to my fellow bloggers for their fantastic contributions. I hope they’ve given you lots of ideas!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this Bloggers Share series. I’ve really enjoyed reaching out to fellow bloggers and collating their responses so perhaps I’ll do something similar in the future.

And let’s continue the conversation…let me know your Favourite Ways to Find the Good Everyday below in the comments.

4 Replies to “Bloggers Share – Favourite Ways to Find the Good Everyday”

  1. I have a gratitude journal and I write in it every morning. I write 3 things I am grateful for. It sets the tone for the day.

    1. Hi Jane – Thanks for your blog comment.

      It’s great to hear about other people’s practices for gratitude. I’ve always written mine in the evening before bed but I love the idea of trying it in the morning to help set the tone for the day ahead.

      Take care and wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  2. Loved this!! I write down three things I’m grateful for every morning and it has helped me stay positive 😌

    1. Hi Tracey – thank you so much for your blog comment.

      Apologies for the delay in responding – I’ve just checked my spam filters and found a few comments that had been caught up for no reason.

      Writing down gratitude is so helpful – I’m sure I am much more positive when I do it!

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