9 Ways to Boost Energy and Get Stuff Done

We all have days where our energy levels are low and it’s hard to get motivated to do anything. I tend to be most like this when tired. Over the years (especially since becoming a parent when sleep becomes even more valuable!) I’ve come up with tecniques for improving my energy levels even when I’m exhausted. Today I’m sharing my go-to ways to boost energy and get stuff done.

boost energy and get stuff done

1 Create a High Energy Playlist

Put together a playlist of music that makes you want to sing and dance. It’s going to be different for everyone but choose songs that come on and make you want to get up and move! If I find myself putting off a task (like washing up) I put my playlist on and get stuck in – usually singing at the top of my voice! My playlist tends to change over time but here’s what it currently includes:

  • Don’t Stop Believing by Journey (this was my song of 2016 when Believe was my word)
  • Start Me Up by the Rolling Stones
  • Go Your Own Way by Fleetwood Mac
  • Africa by Toto (if I had to pick just one it might be this!)
  • Dancing in the Dark by Bruce Springsteen
  • Long Train Runnin’ by The Doobie Brothers
  • I Bet my Life by Imagine Dragons
  • Don’t Stop me Now by Queen
  • Not Giving In by Rudimental
  • Mr Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra
  • Superstition by Stevie Wonder

2 Declutter

I used to think that the worst thing to do when I was low in energy was to force myself to have a clear out but I’ve learnt that it’s so good for boosting my energy! Just finding one spot, shelf, drawer or corner and getting rid of everything that doesn’t belong and making the space more pretty or useable can turn my energy levels around. And often leads me on a decluttering mission throughout the following days.

3 Go for a brisk walk

The hardest thing about this one is getting my shoes on and getting myself out the door. But as soon as I do it makes all the difference. I give myself bonus points for a walk in nature (beside the river, at the woods or park) and meeting cute animals (horses, dogs, ducks!)

4 Do some Yoga

I’ve already talked about my love of Adriene and her Yoga YouTube channel. She has something for all levels and moods. One of my favourites for an energy booster is Yoga to Get the Juices Flowing. It’s only 8 minutes long and is great for blowing the cobwebs away.

5 Just do one thing

This is one of the ways I trick myself to be productive when my energy levels are low. I tell myself that I only need to do one thing. It could be anything on my list (something simple is good). Often just getting that one thing done gives me enough of a sense of achievement to keep going and do the next thing. If that one thing doesn’t work – it might be time for a nap!

6 Do something you’ve been putting off

Doing something I’ve been procrastinating is a great way to kick start my energy levels and bring some more excitement back. Particularly if it’s something I’ve been putting off for ages. Being able to tick it off my to do list makes me happy indeed. And getting it done is never as bad as I thought it would be!

7 Watch/Listen to something that makes you laugh

Laughter is great for boosting my energy levels. I often find myself watching clips of comedians I love on You Tube (the problem with this is falling down the rabbit hole of youtube!). I also watch comedy films and listen to funny podcasts.

8 Have a break

If a project I’m working on is dragging down my energy levels the best thing is usually to get up and move away from it. Stopping to make a coffee or even drink a big glass of water is sometimes enough to break me out of a daze of low energy. Snacks are good too!

9 Switch up your environment

Just moving to a different area can sometimes help switch up some bad energy. If I’m at home I might move from my desk to the couch or to a whole other room. If you’re getting cabin fever at home or in the office why not head to a coffee shop to work for a while? A change in temperature and lighting can make a big difference too.


Do any of these ways to boost energy and get stuff done work for you? What do you do to switch up your energy when it’s feeling low? I’d love to hear your tips.