New Zealand Happy Things

Today I want to share a list of New Zealand Things That Make Me Happy. I lived in New Zealand for 11 years from 2005 to 2016. Recently we were able to fit in a short visit to the country we all love and miss (for the first time since we left mid 2016). As a fun way of documenting our trip I thought I’d come up with a list of New Zealand Happy Things.

New Zealand Happy Things Title Image - Highlights from our trip

New Zealand Happy Things (2019 trip)

New Zealand Trip Highlights - Auckland
Arrival and Auckland
  1. Being welcomed home at Passport Control (we are all NZ Citizens)
  2. Seeing the Auckland skyline appear as we head towards the city from the airport
  3. The first shower after 30+ hours in transit (same applies when headed back to the UK too!)
  4. Catching up with friends based in Auckland and meeting Clyde the rescue greyhound
  5. My new merino wrap from Global Culture
  6. The best coffee and hot chocolates in the world! No-one makes hot drinks as good as the Kiwi Baristas
New Zealand Trip Highlights - Hobbiton
New Zealand Trip Highlights - Rotorua and The Redwoods
New Zealand Trip Highlights - Rotorua Geothermal Areas
Hobbiton, Rotorua and Taupo
  1. The drive South from Auckland
  2. Blue skies for miles
  3. Fresh air
  4. Hobbiton – we all loved it – pricey but well worth a visit
  5. Drinks at The Green Dragon pub at the end of the Hobbiton Tour
  6. The amazing Aura Accommodation in Rotorua – such an awesome concept – they are focused on sustainability and are a really friendly and helpful bunch!
  7. Geothermally heated swimming pools (in Rotorua and Taupo)
  8. Riding the Gondola in Rotorua
  9. The bush walk up at the Skyline
  10. The luge (although my son surprisingly didn’t enjoy it)
  11. Food at The Fat Dog in Rotorua
  12. The Redwood Forest
  13. Treetop Walk in the Redwoods
  14. Riding the free Aura bikes around the Rotorua Green Corridor to see Kuirau Park
  15. Dipping our toes in the geothermal foot baths at Kuirau Park
  16. Eating a McDonalds Kiwi Burger in the plane at Taupo (the McDonalds in Taupo has an old plane out the back you can eat in!)
  17. Amazing Huka Falls
  18. Tui birds – we saw them all over NZ but at Huka Falls there was one singing back and forth with us which was fun!
New Zealand Trip Highlights - Taupo & Huka Falls
New Zealand Trip Highlights - Driving South & Palmerston North
Palmerston North (we lived in Palmy for 7 years)
  1. Visiting the Herb Farm and stocking up on herbal remedies
  2. Staying with friends from our antenatal group
  3. Seeing our son get on so well with his antenatal buddies
  4. Watching the boys row the boat around the lake
  5. Moxies in Palmy for morning tea
  6. Visiting our old neighbours in our old neighbourhood
  7. Heading to a local fireworks display with lots of antenatal group friends
  8. Visiting Victoria Esplanade and seeing the new aviary section including Tuatara’s
NZ Trip Highlights - Wellington Zoo
  1. Celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary driving from Palmy to Wellington (past where we got married!)
  2. Our amazing South Coast airbnb right on the water
  3. Visiting friends for a BBQ dinner and lots of catching up
  4. Exploring the rocks and searching for beach treasures near our airbnb
  5. Driving around the Miramar Peninsular and meeting friends at the Chocolate Frog cafe
  6. Lamingtons at Blue Belle in Island Bay
  7. Fish n chips at Island Bay Beach
  8. Followed by a chilly walk along the beach as the sun set
  9. Visiting my old workmates to say hello
  10. Riding the Wellington Cable Car up to the top of the hill
  11. Visiting old favourites in Wellington City including Leeds Street Bakery
  12. Catching up with friends and meeting their dog Frankie
  13. Visiting Wellington Zoo – the coolest little zoo in the world
  14. Tahi the one-legged Kiwi at Wellington Zoo
  15. Little blue penguins
  16. Tasmanian Devils in the Aussie enclosure
  17. Feeding the giraffes
  18. Visiting Spotlight to buy some Kiwi fabric for sewing projects
  19. Driving through the “beep beep” tunnel (Mt Victoria tunnel where it’s a bit of a tradition to beep and people beep back – more successful for beep-backs at the weekend than mid week unfortunately!)
  20. Visiting our friends who live in our old house, meeting their son and seeing our dog’s doggy friend
  21. Walking up the hill at Tawatawa Reserve to revisit where we spent so much time with our dog Rhett (he died not long after we all relocated to the UK in 2016 – it was heartbreaking)
  22. Visiting Te Papa Museum, squeezing in coffee with a friend and seeing the amazing confetti display
  23. Lunch with a friend at Scorch-o-Rama before heading to the airport
NZ Trip Highlights - Wellington
  1. Sour feijoa lollies
  2. L&P (World famous in New Zealand!)
  3. My son saying “I remember this place”
  4. All the fantastic street art – rather than graffiti there are awesome murals painted everywhere
  5. Spending time as a family in a place we love!

Thank you New Zealand – you’re awesome!


What favourite places could you write a whole happy list for? If you’d like to write your own happy list check out my post for advice on how to get started.

60 NZ Highlights pinnable image

Write Your Own ‘Things That Make You Happy’ List

Today I want to help you write your own list of things that make you happy.

A Happy list is a great resource to have to recognise what brings you joy. It can work as a great reminder to do more of what you love and also for days that don’t feel so great to remind you to find the good! Plus creating the list can help you recognise and show gratitude for the happy things in your life.

My things that make me happy lists (list 1 and list 2) are popular posts here at Find the Good Everyday so I thought I’d share some tips so you can write your own version.

I’ve also created a journalling workbook full of journalling prompts to help you get more joy in your everyday. Happy Lists feature as do 20 other 10 minute prompts for happiness. You can find out more here. And buy your copy here.

Write your own things that make you Happy list title image

Writing your own things that make you Happy list

I’d recommend 100 things if you can – it’s a challenge but it really gets you thinking about all the things (small and large) that bring you joy.

Grab some paper or a notebook and a pen and let’s get started…

First of all – get as many things on paper that come to mind straightaway. Number them as you go so you know how many you’ve got.

Do that now and if/when you start to get stuck come back to read the prompts below (and the What Next section).

Happy List Prompts

If you’re stuck for ideas have a think about these categories and if any happy things spring to mind.

  • At home
  • Outside
  • Things you collect
  • Keepsakes
  • Places
  • Time of day
  • Day of the week
  • Each season (which is your favourite and what makes you happy during each season)
  • Occasions & Celebrations
  • Things that make you smile
  • Colours
  • Clothes
  • Food & Drinks
  • People
  • Scents
  • Hobbies
  • Animals
  • Activities (that make you feel good during and after)
  • Music
  • Movies & TV
  • Books
  • Things that made you happy as a child
  • The 5 senses (sight, sound, touch, taste and scent)

If you’ve worked your way through these prompts and still have space on your happy list have a read of my 100 things and 100 more things lists to see if they spark any ideas.

What next?

I’d recommend leaving the list for a day or two and then coming back to review it.

You could type it up or hand letter your list or stick with the original version.

And then display your list somewhere you can see it everyday – on a notice board, vision board, in your planner. Or take a photo and save it as your screensaver.

Make a pact with yourself to read it often and try to encourage some of those things that make you happy in to your daily life.

Happy List Templates

I have a couple of printable Happy List templates for you to use if you’d like. Sign up to my newsletter to get a copy or contact me.

There are also more tips for your Happy List as well as other prompts for journalling your way to happiness in Find Your Happy. You can buy a copy here.

Happy List Writing!

Do let me know how it goes and how many things end up on your own list!

Autumnal Things that make me Happy

Let’s talk all things Autumn today. Specifically the Autumnal things that make me happy. I love finding ways to celebrate and embrace the seasons and I love making lists of things that make me happy.

Autumnal Things that make me Happy title photo

Autumnal Things that make me Happy

  • The colours – this one’s obvious but it has to be top of the list. I love spotting the colours of Autumn as they start to appear
  • Crumble – apple is my favourite and it’s the typical Autumn dish for me
  • Roast Dinners – we tend to eat more roasts as the weather turns to the colder months
  • More opportunities to see Rainbows in the wild…with the often changeable weather the rainbow possibilities are higher!
  • Nature is full of treasures in Autumn…we love looking for conkers, acorns and other seasonal treasures
  • Crunchy leaves…the best thing about walking in Autumn!
  • Hedgerows of blackberries to nibble on…if you can get past the thorns to pick them
  • I can finally start using all the blankets I collect again. There’s usually one flung over the back of every chair in our house
  • Listening to the rain on the roof (I can do this all year round if it rains but it’s happens a lot in Autumn). I find listening to and watching the rain really soothing
  • Soaking up every last drop of sunshine…as Autumn comes around I find myself more grateful for any sunshine and blue skies we have
  • Cozy clothes – hoodies, cardigans and scarves – my preferred clothes are the ones most like pyjamas!
  • Wrapping my hands around a warm mug of tea (or decaf coffee or hot chocolate)
  • Autumn means it’s nearly my birthday!
  • Using the stationery I bought in the Back to School madness
  • Getting crafty…once Summer is over I tend to get more crafty and creative. I’m currently taking a Beginners Sewing Course locally. And I’ve been writing penpal letters and sending some happy mail
  • Finding it easier to spot birds, squirrels and other critters as the trees lose their leaves

How about You?

What would you add to this list? I’d love to know what Autumnal things make you happy? And what’s your favourite season? Let me know in the comments below.

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And don’t forget to come and visit me on Instagram where I’ll be sharing more Autumnal Things that make me Happy.


Wishing you an awesome Autumn or a splendid Spring wherever you are in the world!

100 More Things That Make Me Happy

Last year I shared my 100 Things That Make Me Happy list which I wrote back in August 2014. It was one of my most visited posts in 2018. We are now 4.5 years on from that original list so I thought I’d set myself the challenge of coming up with 100 More Things That Make Me Happy!

I’ve also written some tips and suggestions for writing your own Happy List which you can read here. And I’ve also released a whole workbook full of journalling prompts for happiness. It’s called Find Your Happy and you can read more about it here.

Here goes…
100 More Things That Make Me Happy

100 More Things That Make Me Happy

  1. Yoga
  2. When Benji makes an appearance in Adriene’s yoga videos
  3. Running Memoirs – strange but true
  4. My bureau that I re-finished with some help from my Dad and my husband
  5. My little hidey-hole tucked behind the lounge door where my bureau sits
  6. Sending letters to penpals
  7. Receiving letters from penpals
  8. The Goodreads app – for keeping track of books I’ve read
  9. The hashtag BringBackPaper on Instagram – books, stationery and loveliness
  10. Finishing up a Morning Pages Journal (knowing that getting the words out have helped me)
  11. And starting up a new one
  12. Walking beside the local river
  13. Walking in the local woods
  14. Making friends with dogs I meet
  15. My rainbow and unicorn collection
  16. Amazon Prime (next day delivery – where would I be without you?!)
  17. Being able to reserve books from the library for FREE
  18. The glass doors on my bookshelves to keep the dust off my books
  19. Sitting and letting the sunbeams warm my face (especially in the colder Winter months)
  20. Listening to my son’s conversations with his grandparents
  21. Clubbercise
  22. That I completed C25K
  23. The dragonfly door knocker for our new front door
  24. The Organised Mum Method for getting the house clean
  25. Roast Chicken in the slow cooker
  26. Bacon sandwiches
  27. Still keeping a gratitude journal
  28. Wax seals
  29. Using my Find the Good Everyday stationery
  30. Reading Harry Potter with my son
  31. Playing board games with the family (although Monopoly tends to get tense!)
  32. The smell of oranges and satsumas when I peel them
  33. How clean my face feels when I double cleanse
  34. Finishing a product up
  35. The excitement of opening a new one
  36. The little pebbles, feathers and nature’s treasures my son finds for me
  37. Ticking everything off for the day in my Bullet Journal
  38. Having twinkly (fairy) lights up outside of the festive season
  39. Putting a new ink cartridge in my fountain pen
  40. Listening to my fountain pen scratch softly on the page as I write
  41. Stepping on my freshly mown lawn barefoot
  42. Milkshakes with bacon in them! (Five Guys – who knew?!)
  43. Being able to walk into town without worrying about where to park
  44. A sunny Winter’s day
  45. Building dens and forts
  46. When my son tells me I make the best dens & forts
  47. Watching my house plants grow
  48. Feeling ‘adulty’ enough to keep my house plants alive
  49. Scones with clotted cream and jam (jam first!)
  50. Ploughman’s Lunches
  51. Delicious home cooked meals packed with vegetables
  52. My navy sweatshirt decorated with rose gold sausage dogs
  53. My Harry Potter purse which everyone comments on
  54. Crunchy sweet apples (Jazz are my favourite)
  55. My rainbow sun-catchers
  56. Central heating on cold days
  57. Ditto double glazed windows
  58. My squirty mop for quickly cleaning the floors
  59. And my cordless vacuum for whizzing round
  60. My “Katie” spotify playlist
  61. Big doggy sighs
  62. When my son holds my hand (a rare occurrence these days)
  63. Making things with clay
  64. Using the things I’ve made with clay around the house
  65. Watching my son’s confidence grow in reading
  66. And other things he’s been working hard at
  67. When my junk drawers are organised and I can find what I’m looking for
  68. Sending and receiving cards for Christmas and birthdays
  69. Spotting a robin as I go about my day
  70. Stopping to listen to the birds singing
  71. Curling up to watch an episode of Call the Midwife
  72. The Great British Bake-Off
  73. The Loch Ness Monster postcard I keep in the kitchen which says “The most important thing is that I believe in myself”
  74. Finding a quote I resonate with
  75. When my Instagram feed is full of inspiration and motivation
  76. Finding a blog or instagram account that inspires me
  77. When I hit publish on a blog post
  78. When someone signs up for my newsletter or blog posts by email
  79. Family holidays in the sunshine with my boys
  80. Being able to pop over to my Mum’s for a visit
  81. Having an empty laundry basket (because I’m all caught up!)
  82. The joy of a weekend with no plans
  83. Getting crafty with my boy – we are both enjoying painting with watercolours lately
  84. Clearing out my email inbox (another rare occurrence)
  85. My Sentence a day journal that I’ve used on-and-off since 2015
  86. The glow from my salt lamp
  87. Dancing in the kitchen
  88. Looking back at my scrapbooks and photo albums
  89. Being able to see the stars on a clear night (less likely here than in NZ)
  90. When birds visit our garden bird table
  91. “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” Yoga move (featured in this short practice)
  92. My Blowfish black boots
  93. My Saltwater Sandals
  94. Lunch dates with my husband
  95. Yellow flowers (e.g. sunflowers, daffodils and tete a tete)
  96. Overcoming my weird fear of running out and USING stationery items!
  97. Planning adventures with friends
  98. Learning snippets of the language of countries I visit
  99. How much I still enjoy blogging
  100. Sharing Stories

Wow I did it – 100 More Things That Make Me Happy! This list has come together over a couple of weeks…I kept coming back to it at different times of the days which helped come up with new items to add.

If you haven’t already – please come up with your own list! It doesn’t have to be 100…start with just 20 things and add to it. These lists in themselves make me happy. It’s great to have the reminder of what I can do to make myself happy.

Check out some tips and suggestions for writing your own Happy list here.


I’ve created a couple PDF printables for creating your own list. If you’d like a copy drop me an email (via the Contact form) and I’ll happily send them through to you!

Find Your Happy Journalling Workbook

If you want help with creating your own Happy List as well as some other ideas for journalling to make you happy – check out Find Your Happy. It’s full of 10-minute journalling prompts to help you find more joy in your everyday life. You can buy a copy here.

Find Your Happy Journalling Workbook

My Favourite Supplies to Find the Good Everyday

Today I want to share my Favourite Supplies to help Find the Good Everyday.

My favourite supplies to find the good everyday

These are the things that help me to feel happier, healthier and in balance. What would be on your list?


I tend to pick up A5 ruled notebooks as I see them. I’ve had some good ones from Pound World and The Works. My current Morning Pages notebook is from Home Bargains and is falling apart which makes me sad. I also like to pick up special notebooks from adventures – I bought a Harry Potter one at the Warner Bros Studio Tour and a Longleat one when we went there last summer.

I got my current Bullet Journal from Homesense – it’s a squared SAM’s notebook and not a usual size. Last year I enjoyed using pocket Moleskine’s but I wanted a bit more space this year.

I’ve shared more about the practice of Morning Pages and Bullet Journalling if you’d like to read more.

Front cover Morning Pages my bullet journal story


For writing my Morning Pages I love using my Lamy Safari and fun coloured inks (like green and purple). For my Bullet Journal I use a Bic 4 colour pen in pastels.

Yoga Mat

I picked my Yoga Mat up in TK Maxx for around £15 when we arrived back in the UK. I also have another one upstairs in the bedroom that I brought from New Zealand. To keep them clean and fresh I make Adriene’s Yoga Mat Spray.

Yoga with Adriene Channel / Membership

Does this count as a “supply”? It’s certainly something I use everyday to Find the Good. I love that there are so many yoga practices available for FREE on You Tube and I also enjoy the member only content which I pay a subscription for as well.

Click here to read more about Building a Daily Yoga Practice.

building a daily yoga practice

Water Bottle

I use Hydrate M8 water bottles – I discovered them shortly after joining Slimming World and find them really great for increasing and tracking my water intake.

Gratitude Journal

For my gratitude journal I use a small one page a day diary. I try to list 5 things every evening that I’m grateful for that day.

I’ve shared some tips for starting a Gratitude Journal here.

My Daily Gratitude Journal

Reading Books

I always like to have at least one book on the go and tend to read for a while at bedtime to wind down and have a break from a screen.

I share my Reading adventures in my monthly Reading Rituals posts.

Reading Rituals

Lush Rose Jam

I love this fragrance from Lush and always have a Bubble-roon on hand for lovely bubble baths (and one bubble-roon does a good few baths). I also have a bottle of the shower gel as well. The shower gel is only available to buy at Christmas time so it was top of my wishlist last year!

Hand Cream

I get really dry skin on my hands so I always have to have hand cream on hand. My absolute favourite is L’Occitane Shea Butter and I tend to splurge on this for Winter when my hands seem to suffer more.

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

I like to make sure we’ve always got lots of fresh fruit and vegetables in the house to nourish us. I do like the challenge of trying to eat the rainbow! And it fits in well with the Slimming World plan.

Click to read my Slimming World Story and Tips.

my slimming world journey

I created this list as part of the Boho Berry Challenge for March. You can check out all my lists for the challenge on my Instagram feed. It’s been great to create a notebook full of fun lists!

100 things that make me happy

In my blog post about self-love and self care earlier this week I mentioned a list I wrote several years ago of things that I love. I managed to track down my list (thank you past-life Katie for realising you’d want to refer to it in the future and emailing it to yourself!). The list, titled “100 things that make me happy”, was written in August 2014 when I first started Bullet Journalling.

100 things that make me happy

When I look at it now some of the items make me want to cry (especially no. 63. Rhett was our beautiful dog who we had to say goodbye to in 2016 due to cancer – I’d give anything to see his waggy tail again!) and some make me feel really nostalgic. Some items aren’t as important to me anymore and some were specific to that season of my life.

I love that I have this list that captures me and everything that made me happy in 2014. It’s been a great reminder and this list could be described as an earlier version of Find the Good Everyday…

I love this list so much that I’ve also now written 100 More Things That Make Me Happy! 

And if you’d like to write your own happy list check out my tips and suggestions here. 

I’ve also created a journalling workbook called ‘Find Your Happy’ which contains twenty one  10 minute prompts including advice for creating your own happy list. You can read more about it here and buy it at this link

100 things that make me happy

  1. cuddles
  2. a full nights sleep
  3. rainbows
  4. pretty flowers
  5. finding seaglass and sea pottery and cool shells at the beach
  6. finishing a job well done
  7. having exercised
  8. a good book
  9. having a pedicure
  10. wearing pretty jewellery
  11. making plans for holidays or people visiting us
  12. a kiss on my neck
  13. listening to loud music
  14. finding the right song to match my mood
  15. ticking everything off my to do list
  16. documenting our days with project life
  17. looking back at photos and scrapbook albums
  18. hot cider
  19. watching something funny with my husband
  20. getting a lay-in
  21. finding an awesome gift for someone
  22. receiving parcels in the mail
  23. shopping for books
  24. driving the coastal road and singing along to my favourite music
  25. gazing upon an amazing sunrise or sunset
  26. finding a butterfly
  27. baking stuff people like
  28. telling my favourite people how much I love them
  29. baileys and ice
  30. taking the time to hear and listen to the birds singing
  31. gazing up at the stars on a clear night
  32. looking at the wedding pictures we have on the wall
  33. having a tidy room or house
  34. kisses
  35. flossed, brushed and rinsed teeth
  36. properly cleansing and moisturising my face
  37. watching Harry Potter movies
  38. reading Harry Potter books
  39. looking at knick knack shops
  40. making something I’m pleased with
  41. when my husband makes me laugh
  42. when I make my husband laugh
  43. writing fun lists
  44. keeping a gratitude diary
  45. bubble baths
  46. using things we’ve grown in the garden in our kitchen
  47. sweet peas (the flowers)
  48. having time to myself to watch a show I like
  49. time by myself to do whatever I want with
  50. remembering a good dream
  51. being efficient
  52. teaching myself something new (especially when it then saves me time)
  53. happy endings
  54. new diaries and/or notepads
  55. bright coloured pens
  56. cornishware
  57. visiting favourite places from times past
  58. being pampered
  59. mint scents
  60. citrus scents
  61. stealing a nap
  62. roast dinners
  63. Rhett being pleased to see me
  64. fresh sheets with pretty patterns
  65. luxurious hotel rooms with cotton sheets, fluffy towels and lovely toiletries
  66. making time to read a magazine I’ve bought
  67. fairy lights
  68. skyping family and friends
  69. finding a bargain
  70. making homes for things/grouping objects
  71. collecting seasonal nature items
  72. finding ways to celebrate the seasons
  73. when my husband wears my favourite aftershave
  74. talking and laughing with friends
  75. making up elaborate stories late at night
  76. my purple duffle coat
  77. my panda scarf
  78. the lilac pashmina I’ve had for years
  79. blankets on the back of the couch to snuggle up with
  80. Pinterest
  81. inspiring quotes
  82. day dreaming about creating a beautiful house one day
  83. hearts (especially in nature)
  84. blowing kisses and having kisses blown at me
  85. hot sand and cool water on my toes in summer
  86. walking barefoot on grass in summer
  87. listening to and watching rain when I have nowhere to be
  88. random acts of kindness
  89. finding ways to make my boy’s childhood magical
  90. remembering the magical parts of my childhood
  91. walking in the woods
  92. having my hair stroked or played with
  93. finding a TV show that me and my husband love and forces us to take time out and relax to watch it
  94. sending thank you notes
  95. creating Christmas cards and calendars to send to family and friends each year
  96. being warm
  97. having childlike fun (e.g. getting my face painted)
  98. pictures of cute baby animals
  99. when I find solution to problems
  100. being appreciated


I’d recommend writing a list of things you love and that make you happy. Email it to yourself to look back on in the future. At the time of writing this – I had it in my Bujo to refer to. It’s a great way to pick something for self care and to get yourself out of a low mood.

I think it’s time I update this list of 100 things that make me happy. Yoga is missing! Perhaps I should try and add another 50 or 100? Click through to read my 100 More Things That Make Me Happy.

What would be on your list of 100 things that make you happy?

Why not start your own list today? I’ve shared some tips and suggestions for you to write your own Happy List.


Don’t forget to check out my journalling workbook –
Find Your Happy – for more journalling ideas for happiness!