The Importance of Self-Love and Self Care

Importance of Self Love Quote 1

My thoughts on the importance of self-love and self care as we approach Valentine’s Day…

I think it’s easy to ridicule and scoff at the term “self-love”. It’s being bandied about all over the place right now isn’t it? And the quote about putting your own breathing mask first before helping others is used so often that I find it starting to grate.

BUT I do want to be a strong advocate for self-love and self care. The last few years have allowed me to see the importance of each as well as the link between them.

I am sure we all know that life has many ups and downs and that each of us experience the highs and the lows in our own unique way. I believe that finding ways to care for and love ourselves can help smooth the ride.

My increased interest in my own personal development several years ago led me to learn more about the importance of self care and self-love. So many of the things (books, articles, magazines, blog posts, podcasts) I “studied” to grow and learn mentioned self care and/or self-love. All roads led to LOVING MYSELF, TAKING CARE OF MYSELF and BEING KIND TO MYSELF.

I have found that looking after myself is a method of self-love. I have also found that when my self-love is lacking I struggle more with self care. The two things are intrinsically linked.

Who Am I?

I am a:
And so many other things to other people.

But first of all, I am ME!

I can be all those things in that list above and still be uniquely me.

Getting to know myself better, learning to take better care of myself and allowing myself the kindness I extend to others all help me understand the importance of self-love.

I intend to continue finding ways to take better care of myself. And I also want to do “more work” at loving myself even when I think I’m failing at self care. Forgiveness and being gentle with myself is something I need to work on.

Our self-love and self care “journeys” should be a life-long experience.

Importance of Self-Love Quote 2

How I learnt to Love Myself, Take Care of Myself and Be Kind to Myself

These are some of the things I’ve done which have helped me with self care and self-love.

All of these things have helped me see the wholeness of myself. Have helped me to recognise myself and to admire myself.

I still have much to learn about taking good care of myself and loving myself but all of these activities above have given me a good start.

I hope to return to this list and add to it as I learn and understand more about the importance of self-love and self care.

What are your thoughts on self-love and self care? Do you think they are linked or completely different?

My Slimming World Story

Today I want to share my Slimming World story so far…

my slimming world story my slimming world book

I joined Slimming World at the end of August 2016. We’d been back in the UK for almost 3 months after 11 years away. 2016 had been one of the most stressful, difficult years of my life and I knew I needed to do something to take better care of myself.
I’d just finished reading Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin and was eager to try the strategy of a Clean Slate…

“Any beginning is a special power for habit creation”

I was living in a new country in a new house with a new kitchen. I had access to completely different shops and different foods and my schedule was completely open. It was the perfect time to start forming new habits for eating and staying healthy.

I’ve previously tried other diets and healthy eating plans. I’d had some success with Weight Watchers in Scotland and New Zealand, Scottish Slimmers and Michelle Bridges 12WBT. I had managed to lose weight and eat healthier with each plan but I’d never reached my target weight. I decided to try something new. Slimming World was brand new to me. And I knew of a few people that had great success with it.


When I researched it and discovered a local group within a few minutes walk from home on a day at a time that suited our family I knew I had to give it a go.

Not knowing what to expect at all – I was a bundle of nerves walking in. I listened attentively to my consultant Angie as she walked me through the plan and how it worked. And then I sat in the meeting and listened to the tips and advice from other members.

Getting Into It

The Extra Easy Plan was unlike anything I’d tried before so it took a while to get used to what foods were free, which were considered speed foods and how healthy extras and syns worked. I faithfully completed my food diaries each week and was grateful that Angie provided feedback to me.

The first week I was happy to lose but was a little disappointed that it was only 2.5lbs. In my research I’d come across stories of people losing half a stone and more on their first week. I refused to be disheartened though and carried on.

The following week I did feel disheartened when the scales showed a half a pound loss. Was I doing something wrong? I was so grateful for the support and encouragement of group members that night. They convinced me to stick with it and try a few things to mix it up.

On my third weigh in I lost 5.5lbs and claimed my half stone award and sticker. I finally felt like I was getting somewhere!

My weight losses do tend to be sporadic. It just seems to be the way my body works. I think hormones have a great deal to do with this and my consultant encouraged me to look at my losses across the whole month to ensure I could see the results.

By the end of 2016, 4 months after joining I had lost 2 stone 1 pound.

My 2017 Slimming World Story

Once I’d been a member for a while my consultant was looking for some extra helpers at our group. I stuck my hand up knowing that outer accountability helps me stick at things! By volunteering to help each week Angie was depending on me and this meant I had to go along regardless of how I thought my week had gone.

It was also good for me to get to know people and their names as I’m not as comfortable in a group setting.

2017 had it’s ups and it’s downs but overall I ended the year lighter than I’d started. I weighed on Christmas Eve and had lost a total of 4 stone 5 lbs.

I’ve gone down about 3-4 dress sizes and I am pleased with all my shiny stickers and certificates (I am motivated by stickers!).

slimming world 2017 results

My “Journey”

I get a bit fed up with the word journey and yet I find myself using it a lot. It does describe how Slimming World has worked for me. At our meetings there is a sign called “Your Journey to Target” which talks about how your “journey” can work. You could be going straight from A to B with no distractions or taking the scenic route with a few stops along the way.

I’m definitely taking the scenic route and at this present moment I feel like I’m at a rest stop and feeling a little tired at the thought of carrying on. I’m hoping to refuel my tank of motivation and continue on my way. I hope that my writing about my progress so far that I’ll be inspired to carry on…

face to face

Where I am at Now

Over the last few weeks some of my old (bad) eating habits have creeped back in and I’ve had more gains than losses. I keep giving myself pep talks and I feel encouraged each week after group…and yet a day or so later I am not sticking to the plan.

I think I need a bit of a reset. This week I have picked up a For and Against List. I completed one of these a while ago but I think it’s time to revisit and seriously consider my reasons for sticking with Slimming World.

I know that when I stick to it the plan works. And I know that I feel happier and healthier and more in balance when I follow the plan. I don’t have aspirations of being a size 8 but I do want to know that I am fuelling my body with good food and that I have a healthy relationship with food and my body. Slimming World is helping to teach me that.


I’ll let you know how I get on and perhaps share some tips and recipes as I go along.

Have you got a Slimming World story? Or a story about having a healthy relationship with your body and with food? I’d love to hear more if you do!

My Bullet Journal Story

Today I want to share my Bullet Journal Story.

my bullet journal story

Bullet Journalling has become very popular over the last couple of years. It’s an alternative system to keeping a pre-printed diary or planner where you keep track of everything you need to in list form in a basic notebook. It’s a system for rapid logging appointments, tasks and notes and keeping them all in one place.

Bullet Journalling before it was cool…

my bullet journal story 3b1

my bullet journal story 3b1 master list my bullet journal story 3b1 dailies

I was doing my own variation of bullet journalling a long time before it was called that. Back in 2006 I used to buy little lined notebooks (165 x 100mm) to keep my lists in. I used to make master lists, weekly lists and daily lists. Instead of using check boxes I used to highlight items as they were completed. Looking back, it was tricky to differentiate between tasks and appointments. But, at the time, my simplified bullet journal worked for me.

The Ryder Carroll Method

I first came upon Bullet Journalling (the Ryder Carroll method) in 2014 via Pinterest when I was living in New Zealand. I could not find a dot grid notebook anywhere! So I ended up buying a grid style school exercise book and cutting it down to a slimline size. We were headed to the UK for a 5 week trip visiting family and friends. There was a LOT to organise and I immediately fell in love with the system as it helped me get sorted for our trip.

Later on I got a traveller’s notebook for my birthday to use with several inserts to form my ‘bullet journal’. I had one insert for my collections which were all my ongoing lists…like wish lists, bucket list, favourite books. And another insert for my monthly, weekly and daily planning. Since then I’ve tried many different variations to make the system work most efficiently for me. I’m always open to changing it if I can see ways to improve my system.

My current set-up

Currently I’m using an A6 Moleskine gridded notebook. It’s tiny and fits in my coat pocket or my handbag with ease. I used a purple one from January through June and I’m now using a pink one (from July) and hoping it will last me until the end of the year.

my bullet journal story Index

Here’s a summary of the various lists/pages I have contained in the start of my BuJo (short for Bullet Journal) before the monthly and daily lists begin:

  • my trusty Index pages
  • a Future Log with a small space for each month between Aug 17 and June 18 and a space for “beyond”
  • a one pager displaying my Core Desired Feelings, my Values and my goals and aspirations for 2017
  • the list of things to achieve before my 36th birthday
  • a weight loss tracker for my Slimming World journey
  • wish lists for myself, my son and my husband. I can note things we want as we see them – so handy when birthdays and Christmas roll around
  • an On-Loan list where I note things I’ve lent to people. Also handy for noting down anything I’ve borrowed from anyone else
  • Artist’s Date Tracker which sadly I just don’t use but I love the theory! (If you haven’t already check out my 40 ideas for Artist’s Dates)
  • Yoga tracker – this is where I note my time spent practicing Yoga each month and cumulatively across the year as well as my daily average
  • Miracle Morning Tracker. This was supposed to work the same way as my Yoga Tracker but I’ve not been doing Miracle Morning properly since the middle of the year
  • my Miracle Morning Affirmations and Visualisations – still good to read over even though I’m not doing the full routine

my bullet journal story Yoga

Monthly and Daily Pages

my bullet journal story Monthly page

After all these lists my regular lists start on Page 20. These tend to change over time but for each month I always have:

  • A double spread calendar page for the month where I list the dates/days and note down any appointments
  • I also list goals for the month of the same double page spread – usually between 4-6 goals each month
  • Yoga daily tracker – this is where I note which practices I do each day, the length of time I spend practicing and how many days I’ve done yoga this year. At the end of the month I tot up the total time, calculate the daily average and add it to my main tracker at the start of my BuJo
  • Self Nurturing Activities tracker – I’ve done a whole blog post on this
  • Highlights for the Month – I always fill this in at the end of the month but like to keep it at the start of the month.

After these I dive straight into my daily lists. I draw a flag to note the day, date and month and then start my bullet list for the day.

If I think of a list I want to add during the middle of the month I just start it on the next free page and make sure it’s noted in the index. Examples of this is a list of Artist Date Ideas, packing lists for holidays/nights away, a brain dump or errands list.

At present I don’t keep a separate weekly list of tasks to do. I have found them handy in the past and may consider doing them again in the future.

Using Analogue and Digital Together

I use my BuJo in conjunction with my calendar on my phone. I add any long term dates and reminders to my electronic calendar. Then I check my calendar each month when writing the monthly pages and daily when I write the next day’s list.

My BuJo is functional. I know it’s not going to win any awards for prettiness but it does what I need it to do – it keeps me on track.

my bullet journal story NaNoWriMo

I love that over time I’ve created monthly checklists for the goals that mean the most to me (yoga, daily self nurturing tasks and in November I’m keeping a NaNoWriMo word count and rewards tracker) and that I’ve adapted the system to work best for me.

Are you a Bullet Journaller? How do you keep your life organised? I’m always on the lookout for new ideas so please do get in touch if you want to share tips.

If you’ve enjoyed reading about my Bullet Journal story you can learn about Ryder Carroll’s Bullet Journal system here.

Defining my Personal Values

In 2015 I tentatively started my personal development journey. I didn’t know at the time that that’s what it would be be. I started to invest time and energy into knowing myself better and learning to love myself. One of the main things I did in 2015, which has had a bearing on my life ever since, was defining my personal values.

Defining my Personal Values

I spent a few hours sat on my bed with a mess of words surrounding me. In learning more about myself since that moment – I’ve come to realise that I LOVE to collect words.

Honing Values 1

Here’s how I did it:

  • I started off with a big list of values. I printed the list and read each word in turn, adding a star beside the ones that had meaning to me.
  • Something I found helpful when I was working through the list was thinking about the opposites for the words to see how I felt about them. This often helped me find values I felt more strongly about.
  • From that big list I ended up starring approximately 35 words.
  • Next up I listed all of those words onto slips of paper.
  • I found that many of the words I had picked were similar to each other. So I put them into groups.
  • Then I tried to prioritise what I had left and come up with my top values.
  • Eventually I whittled my list of values down to 5.

These values have stuck with me. I guess there’s the possibility they may change in the future and I will review them often to see if they still resonate when compared to other choices.

My Personal Values

Here’s what I came up with:

  • Balance
  • Understanding
  • Integrity
  • Love
  • Diligence

It made me ridiculously happy that when arranged that way they spell out “BUILD”. I like to see it as using my values to BUILD a good life!

Now the interesting thing about these words is they could mean something completely different to you than they do to me.

The Meaning Behind my Personal Values

Value BalanceBALANCE to me is a reminder to myself that life and nature tend to balance themselves out. I need sad times to make the happy times even happier, I need to be healthy and allow myself small treats, I need to re-centre and find my balance when life changes, I need to look at things from many angles to get a balanced view.



Value Understanding

UNDERSTANDING has a couple of meanings for me and is a combination of quite a few words I first collected. I see it as both empathy and learning.





Value Integrity

INTEGRITY is about listening to my intuition and doing what I believe to be right. Trying to make decisions based on my values is an example of integrity.





Value Love

LOVE… If I had to pick just one value to live by I would pick Love. To me, Love encompasses everything in life and how I want to approach it. I want to love myself, invest love in my family and friends, love what I do, let love be stronger than fear or hate… But I’m glad I have those other 4 words to snuggle beside it and give some more breadth to my values.



Value Diligence

DILIGENCE, for me, is about doing my best as much as I can. It’s about improvement and hard work and putting the effort in.






When I was struggling to narrow my values down from a longer list these were the 5 that I could confidently say that I had used in my life and that I would be happy to live by going forward. They felt like they belonged to me.

How do I use my values in daily life?

  • For a long time after first defining my personal values I had them written down and displayed on a mirror in my bedroom. Each time I passed I could see them. While they were still fresh and new this was a great way to regularly remind myself what my values were.
  • I did some deeper work further defining my personal values once I knew what they were.  (See the images beside each value above). I listed what each one meant to me, characteristics, examples of how I could live that value and what would be in opposition to it.
  • When I set myself goals or am trying to make big decisions I weigh what I’m doing against my values. The thing I’m assessing doesn’t have to fulfil all 5 values but it has to feel right with at least a couple of them.
  • When I’m feeling out of sorts or I find myself procrastinating I revisit my values and try to work out what’s going on. I often find myself putting something off when I can’t see how it fits with my values. Sometimes that means letting that thing go and other times it means working out how it fits in with my values so I can move forward.
  • Choosing to live by my values is one of the ways I Find the Good Everyday.

The process did take time and energy but I found it so worthwhile. It was a worthy investment for sure and has helped me so much with life decisions (big and small) since I did the work of defining my personal values.

Do you have a list of personal values you live by? I’d love to hear more about how you came by them, what they mean to you and how they influence your decisions. Please leave a comment or get in touch.

Kindness is a Superpower (World Kindness Day)

I truly believe that kindness is a superpower! If you were to choose one thing to do to Find the Good Everyday then kindness (to yourself and others) is a fantastic starting point.

Did you know that World Kindness Day is just around the corner? Mark down Monday 13th November in your calendar! How amazing would it be if everyone got on board with this in some way? We could change the world!

In the past I’ve taken part in New Zealand’s RAK (Random Act of Kindness) Day which falls on 1st September each year. I was so pleased to discover that the UK celebrates Kindness Day. And I like that it’s kindness in general and not just random acts of kindness. It’s a day to be kind to yourself and friends and loved ones as well as strangers. It’s celebrated globally too so you can jump on the bandwagon wherever you are in the world.

Kindness Hearts

So what is Kindness Day all about?

According to the Kindness UK website:
“Kindness Day UK is a nationally recognised day for the celebration of kindness in society and day to day life. Individual acts of kindness are encouraged on this day annually.”

Kindness can be powerful. For the person choosing to be kind and for the receiver too. Can you think back to a time when someone extended kindness to you just when you needed it?

  • Receiving a text from a friend when you’re having a bad day.
  • Getting a card or a letter in the mail to make you smile.
  • Someone donating their parking ticket (with time left on it) when you’re short on change.

All these things have the ability to turn your day around. You don’t have to spend hours of your time or lots of money to be kind. Sometimes it’s the smallest gestures that make the biggest difference.

And think back too to a time you extended kindness to someone else. I know that when I’ve done that it feels good! And I go about the rest of my day with a spring in my step.

If you can’t think of examples of kindness in your life then resolve to turn that around on the 13th. It’s never too late to start being kind!

Kindness is a superpower title

Ideas for how to celebrate Kindness Day

Hopefully I’ve convinced you that kindness is a superpower…so what could you do on the 13th to celebrate the day? How about:

  • Reaching out to a friend beyond social media – send a card or a note or give them a call. Especially if you know they might need cheering up.
  • Taking your kids out on a date after school and spend some quality time with them. A surprise trip to the playpark always goes down well in our house.
  • Trying to be an even more courteous driver that you usually would. This is a secret trick of mine…when I feel myself rushing or stressing that I’m running late I consciously decide to drive with more courtesy. I stop to give way and I visualise getting to my destination with just enough time. It always feels like it works and I arrive much less stressed than if I thought everyone was getting in my way!
  • Take the time to make eye contact with people as you go about your day. Ask the person serving you in a shop how they are and wish your neighbours a good day when you see them out and about.
  • Put some bird seed out in your garden for the birds who are probably starting to feel the cold.
  • Think of a time when someone has shown you kindness and find a way to express your gratitude – a small gift, a thank you note or even a quick text to show your appreciation.
  • And don’t forget yourself! Decide on a way you can be kind to yourself on Kindness Day. How about a small treat? Or resolving to only speak kind words to yourself for the day.

There are also lots of ideas for individuals, schools and organisations on the KindnessUK website.

My Plans for Kindness Day

  • I’m intending to reach out to some family and friends on the 13th. I might even send a few cards in the mail with some personal notes.
  • I’m hoping to get some baking done for my husband and son.
  • And I’m catching up with some friends for lunch on the 13th and plan a moment of awkward soppiness when I tell them how important their friendship is to me!
  • Plus I’m sharing this blog post (in advance of the day so you have time to plan your own kindness!) to spread the word and will likely post something to my social media accounts too.

I do hope you agree that kindness is a superpower and you find ways to celebrate it on the 13th. I’d love to hear all about it if you do!

Twenty lessons I learnt as a 35 year old

Twenty Lessons I Learnt as a 35 year oldLast week I shared my Achievements since turning 35. I’m proud of what I’ve achieved this last year. I’ve learnt a lot too and today I’d like to share twenty lessons I learnt as a 35 year old.

A while back I had an Astrology reading and was told that the Sun is in my 9th House which means I’m a lifelong learner. I’d agree with that – I often get an interest in something new and do as much as I can to learn all about it. And over the last few years I’ve been trying to learn more about myself and determine my meaning and purpose. That’s how this blog has come about.

Even if you don’t believe in Astrology or Tarot etc I think they can be great for connecting you to your intuition. If you read something that you can link back to your life and present situation I believe it means it’s something you need to be aware of. Finding out that I was born to be a Lifelong Learner made me recognise this within myself. And now I can embrace it and make the most of it!

So it makes sense that when I decided to think about my Achievements as a 35 year old that I also thought about the lessons I learnt as a 35 year old too.

Twenty lessons i learnt as a 35 year old

Pottery Lessons
Pottery Lessons
  • Writing feels right to me. I feel like I’m meant to be doing it. And it excites me. So I shall be continuing on!
  • Writing helps me process things before I even realise that I’m dealing with them
  • I am a lifelong learner – I always want to be learning about something and I need to give myself plenty of opportunities to do so
  • Being a beginner is exciting and allows me to explore my creativity in a way that feels safe (e.g. pottery lessons)
  • Never underestimate simplicity….in patterns, shapes, words, images
Knowing Myself Better
  • I can self motivate myself to get stuff done when it’s important to me
  • Daring myself to do something scary is a good thing and something awesome usually comes from it
  • Doing something every day is so much easier than a few times a week
  • There are ways to get outer accountability without having to rope other people in (posting to Instagram, starting a blog etc)
  • Procrastination can be a sign my gut is trying to tell me something – I need to ask myself “why am I putting this off?”
Taking Care of Myself
  • Walking helps me make sense of my jumbled thoughts and is great for coming up with ideas
  • Taking time for self care and self nurturing activities makes me more productive in other areas of my life
  • I don’t always have to be going full-pelt to achieve my goals. It’s okay to sit with them for a while when I need a rest. And usually when I get back to it I am refreshed and better able to achieve them
  • I should never underestimate how good it feels to have practiced yoga
  • To ensure I take good care of myself I need to schedule in self care activities
Practical Learnings
  • How to use a potter’s wheel – I’m still very much a novice but have loved learning the basics
  • How to create a website using WordPress (with thanks to my Dad that helped a LOT!)
  • So many yoga poses and a lot more about breathing and the union aspect of yoga
  • How to make kick-ass Triple Chocolate Brownies (thanks to a fantastic kiwi recipe by Chelsea Winter)
  • More about the craft of writing through my work with my memoir and for this blog
I Learnt how to make Kick Ass Brownies
Kick Ass Brownies

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my twenty lessons I learnt as a 35 year old. What lessons have you learnt recently? Leave a comment or get in touch to let me know.

My Achievements Since Turning 35

My achievements since turning 35My birthday is coming up in a few days time (it’s the 22nd if you want to wish me a Happy Birthday!) and I want to take some time to reflect on my achievements since turning 35 years old.

I love a bit of past reflection and forward planning. Taking some time to think about how things turned out and what I’d do differently next time. I always enjoy doing this at the end of the calendar year and usually spend a lot of time reflecting, dreaming and planning. My birthday is a great time to kick this off and start thinking about it.

The first six months of 35

Last October I was still trying to find my groove after our return to the UK. We were still getting our house organised after our belongings arrived late August. My son was settling into the UK school system and my husband was getting the hang of his job in the UK. We tried to make the most of Autumn and being close to family and friends. And we got into the spirit of our son’s first Winter Christmas. It was a fun close out to 2016.

As the end of 2016 approached I did a lot of reflecting and planning. In January 2017 I kicked off my daily Yoga practice with Yoga with Adriene’s Yoga Revolution. I also started working my way through The Artist’s Way one week at a time. These 2 things were massive game-changers for me in 2017. Along with my weight loss journey and writing my New Zealand story (a memoir) I was kept very busy indeed!

Setting Six Month Goals for the second half of the year

On Earth Day which fell on the 22nd April (exactly 6 months from my birthday) I had a good think about what I wanted to achieve before I turned 36. Six  months was a decent amount of time to make real progress with some of my goals. Plus I liked the idea of welcoming my next year on the planet with a celebration of what I’d achieved in 6 months!

Here’s a look at that list I wrote on 22nd April 2017 and the progress I’ve made:

Get my 3½, 4, 4½ and 5 stone awards with Slimming World

I’ve been a member of Slimming World since the end of August 2016 and am pleased to say that I’ve lost 4 stone, 3 pounds in that time. My weight loss slowed right down over Summer due to holidays, celebrations and lots of social occasions. I may not have got that 5 stone award but it will be mine this year!

Finish my NZ Story (memoir), edit it and submit at least 1 enquiry

For months my goal was to reach a 50,000 word count with my NZ story. I knew it may not be finished at that point but it was a really good start. I reached my 50k goal on the same day I created this blog (late September!) and I’ve been reading and editing since then. I’ve not made an official “enquiry” but I plan to reach out to a friend to see if she’d be willing to read an excerpt for me.

Yoga Everyday: get to 150, 175, 200, 225, 250, 275 days of yoga

My commitment to daily Yoga practice has been my biggest achievement this year. I’ve already written about how amazing the experience has been for me here.

Start prep and planning for NaNoWriMo in November

Not content with writing a memoir and starting a blog this year I thought I’d have a crack at a 50k novel as well! NaNoWriMo involves writing a 50k novel in the month of November. Yes I’m crazy! I’ve managed to complete this once before and will be sharing more about my love of NaNoWriMo soon. Prep and planning is underway for this year.

Continue with personal development and self love journey

It’s been a great year in terms of my personal development and self love. My biggest progress these last 6 months has been implementing some of the tools from The Artist’s Way such as artist’s dates and daily self nurturing activities. I’ve also carried on with Morning pages.

Have a family holiday overseas

This was such a lovely one to tick off the list! We spent a week in Mallorca at the end of August 2017 and had a relaxing and chilled out break as a family of three.

Celebrate my hubby’s birthday in June and my son’s birthday in August

This was always going to happen! We couldn’t not celebrate but I wanted to include it on the list as focus points during the 6 months. Both husband and son enjoyed their birthdays complete with celebratory dinners, gifts and homemade cakes/brownies!

Earn some money from writing

I haven’t managed to tick this one off but I feel like I’ve made big leaps and bounds as a writer this year. This blog, my memoir (NZ story) and plans for NaNoWriMo are all helping to develop my writing skills. This is now something I want to achieve over the next year.

Start a blog

Given that you’re reading this post I think it’s safe to say that I completed this task. I’m thoroughly enjoying blogging and sharing my words and thoughts here on Find the Good Everyday!

Looking Forward to 36

I’m happy with my achievements since turning 35. The rest of 2017 is set to be full of excitement and activity. I plan to show up – every day – trying my best as a Mum, Wife, Daughter, Friend and ME! My focus for the next few months is lots of writing and time with family celebrating the festive season.

I’m already excited to start dreaming and planning for 2018 and what I want to achieve. And I’ll be sharing more about how I set and achieve goals and how it helps me to Find the Good Everyday.

Next week I’ll be sharing What I’ve Learnt as a 35 Year Old.

Welcome to Find the Good Everyday

Welcome to my blog. My name’s Katie and you can read a bit more about me here.

Find the Good Everyday is my personal blog where I will be sharing the ways I find the good things in everyday life to feel happy, healthy and in balance (yes I’m a Libra!).

I’ve been on a personal development journey the last few years. This has involved getting to know myself better and learning to nurture and nourish my mind, body and soul. I have introduced rituals and routines into my daily life to keep me focused on moving forward, learning and growing.  And I’ve read and worked through a lot of advice about self love, self care and nurturing yourself. I plan to share the things I’ve found that have helped me on this blog.

I hope you’ll stay awhile, have a look around and that you find some helpful information here. Please leave a comment if you have any questions or you can contact me here.