Find the Good Recipes – Favourite Pancake Recipes

We love pancakes in our house so today I want to share our Favourite Pancake Recipes. Pancakes are a great food for helping to Find the Good! I’m surprised they didn’t make it onto my 100 things that Make Me Happy list or my 100 more things!

It’s Shrove Tuesday tomorrow…also known as PANCAKE DAY! So I am hoping these recipes may come in handy. We don’t just use our favourite pancake recipes once a year though. We make them throughout the year – especially for special celebrations like birthdays and Christmas breakfasts.

Favourite Pancake Recipes

Favourite Pancake Recipe – Scotch Pancakes

I found this Scotch Pancake Recipe a long time ago when we lived in New Zealand. I had the original recipe in the Scottish Teatime Recipe book (but haven’t seen the book for ages – I hope it turns up!).

My husband is Scottish so I decided to give them a go. These type of pancakes are also called Pikelets or Drop Scones. They are great for weekend breakfasts, brunches and afternoon tea.

We like them with butter and jam. My son loves them with jam and skooshy cream (cream in a can – what do you call it?!) On occasion I’ve switched the milk in the recipe to chocolate milk to make them chocolatey. And a few years ago my husband made them with (pre-cooked) streaky bacon through them which was delicious.

Favourite Pancake Recipe – Delia’s Pancakes

This is another recipe that I’ve been using for many years. These pancakes are more traditional to me. They are my go-to for Pancake Day and we absolutely love them with the traditional topping of sugar and lemon juice. They are also lovely with fresh fruit salad and/or ice cream. And they are good pancakes for flipping…not that I’m very good at that!

I make the Scotch Pancakes regularly and the Delia recipe tends to be for special occasions and Pancake Day!


Do you celebrate Pancake Day? Do you like pancakes? If so I’d love to know your favourite recipe and toppings! Let me know in the comments below.