My Daily Gratitude Journal (+ tips to start your own)

This year I’ve been keeping a Daily Gratitude Journal. Nearly every day I’ve written down at least 1 thing I was grateful for on that particular day. On the few days I have missed I have completed the list the following day. Most days I write down 3 things.

My Daily Gratitude Journal

This is not my first experience of keeping a daily gratitude journal – I’ve developed the practice over the last 20 years or so. I’ve not always been consistent in my approach and I have fallen off the wagon several times. And yet I always come back to it…sitting down (usually at night, in bed, before I go to sleep) and taking time to think back over my day and highlight and record the things I am most grateful for.

Some of the entries are repeated a lot. Some are silly, some fun and some hold deep meaning to me.

Benefits of keeping my Daily Gratitude Journal

  • I feel happier overall
  • Helps me find the silver lining
  • Helps me not take things for granted
  • Keeps a record of daily life when I haven’t documented it in any other way
  • Really fun to read back – especially from years ago
  • Has become part of my bedtime ritual and helps signal that it’s time for rest
  • Helps me see progress when I read it back over time

When Daily Gratitude Has Kept Me Sane

The following are snippets from a gratitude log I kept in the notes app on my phone during May 2016. This was our last full month in New Zealand before moving back to the UK. It was a crazy-filled month – we were packing belongings for shipping, selling our car, leaving our jobs, and our dog (who was coming with us) had cancer. Every night when I crawled into bed I was exhausted and stressed. Taking the time to find one thing each day that I was thankful for kept me focused on the positive.

May 3rd 2016: We got our flights booked and paid for today. Yay. Leave 2nd June, arrive 1 month today on 3rd June. Scary and exciting.

May 10th 2016 (written on the 11th): We were all absolutely exhausted so went to bed early. I was in bed at 830pm and asleep by 930pm. Just what we all needed. 

May 25th 2016: My boys. I love them so much. All 3 of them. I am looking forward to some time out when this crazy time has passed to all hang out together and enjoy each other’s company.

May 31st 2016: Wow, the end of May. 31 days. Huge, life changing days. It’s been emotional and we got through it. The belongings left today. We are camping in a pretty empty house right now. Crazy. I’m glad I’ve kept up the daily gratitude log. It’s helped keep me sane. Much love xxx

My tips for keeping a Daily Gratitude Journal

  • Start small – aim to write one thing each day this week…if that works try the whole month and then consider making it a daily ritual in 2018
  • Use a dedicated diary and keep it somewhere you will see it
  • Or integrate it into a planner you already use to help you remember
  • If you’re not a fan of pen and paper use your notes app on your phone (or find an app!)
  • Set a daily reminder
  • Use the reminder as a ritual starting point to think back on your day
  • Try not to see it as a chore. It shouldn’t be one extra thing you have to do before bed but something you look forward to
  • When you’re having a bad day have a read through past entries
  • Try to list at least one thing EVERY day even if you’re having a really bad day
  • If you struggle with ideas use a prompt each day (there are specific journals available that list a question each day)
  • Try to come up with something different each day. If you’re grateful for a certain person in your life and they appear a lot on your daily list – list a different reason why they feature each day
  • See this as a snapshot of your life. It will be fun to look back on in years to come
  • If documenting gratitude at bedtime doesn’t work for you – try a different time of day – when you first wake up or at lunch time

If you’re not already keeping a Daily Gratitude Journal, why not start today? It feels great to know that when I say goodbye to this year I have a whole year-worth of gratitude that I can look back on in years to come.

If you already keep a gratitude journal I’d love to hear more about it. What are the benefits for you? Please leave a comment below or drop me a line.

Taking it Further

Gratitude is one of the prompts in my Find Your Happy journalling workbook. The workbook contains twenty one journalling prompts to help you find more happiness in your everyday. Each prompt is designed to take 10 minutes or less and will leave you with the warm fuzzies!

Seven Ways to Embrace Autumn (and Find the Good)

Seven Ways to Embrace Autumn

Are you starting to feel chilly? Are the grey days making you feel like summer is a long forgotten dream? Now the clocks have changed I’m finding myself having to wrap up in layers, programme the central heating and I even bought a new coat! It’s time to embrace Autumn and remind myself why it’s my favourite season…

Learning to celebrate and embrace each of the seasons has helped me to appreciate the present and enjoy being out in nature. Choosing to live more seasonally helps me Find the Good Everyday. Recently I shared our Autumn Activities List and we’ve been enjoying working our way through the activities.  Now the clocks have “fallen back” it feels like Autumn is here in full force. Today I want to (remind myself!) and share how I embrace what Autumn can offer.

Seven Ways to embrace Autumn (& Find the Good)

  • choose foods that are in season

As the days grow chillier and crisper I break out the slow cooker for warm, comforting meals. I love being able to prep it all in the morning and let dinner cook throughout the day. It smells good and knowing that dinner is slowly cooking in the corner of the kitchen brings about a lovely, cosy atmosphere. Root vegetables, comforting casseroles and crunchy apples all help me embrace Autumn.

  • donate to a food bank

I associate Autumn with Harvest Festival which is not only about celebrating the harvest but also donating food to the local food bank to share the food around. Luckily my son’s school arranges a donation as part of their Harvest Festival. They even provide a list of foods that are most needed which makes my donation very easy to organise. You should be able to google your local food bank and contact them to see what items they require most.

  • up the cosy factor

We love soft, fluffy blankets in this house. As Summer ends and we roll into Autumn I bring out our favourites for easy access to snuggle with as the nights draw darker and cooler. I also normally invest in some new, cosy pyjamas at this time of the year (including fluffy bed socks!)

  • add some twinkle

it’s a great time of year to break out those candles you are “saving for a special occasion”…make the occasion Autumn! I also have a few sets of fairy lights which I will be dusting off and replacing batteries in over the next few weeks.

  • get out in Nature

The best way to get the most out of each season is to get outside and enjoy it. I was born in October and feel like Autumn is “my” season. I get excited by the first sights of the changing colours and I always enjoy finding a nice, crunchy leaf to step on when I’m walking.

  • create a nature table/tray

This is another one that applies to every season but I always feel most enthusiastic about collecting nature’s treasures in Autumn. We love to search out shiny conkers and their spiky shells, acorns with their cups (that were surely invented for fairies to use), feathers, interesting shaped and coloured leaves…the list is endless.

  • baking

Baking is a comforting activity for me. It could even be my love language! I’m trying to make lots of healthy choices and allow myself little treats so I try to ease up on the full-sugar/full-fat baking. But it’s a wonderful way to get the house all cosy with the oven on and feeling warm. It’s a great activity to do with children (or as an adult) on a rainy, cold day. Lately I try to bake only when I have an occasion to take my baking too. But I usually manage to make enough that there’s some small portions left for us to share at home!


How do you feel about Autumn? Is it your favourite or least favourite season? What do you do to embrace Autumn? Have you got any other ideas for how I can embrace Autumn?


Twenty lessons I learnt as a 35 year old

Twenty Lessons I Learnt as a 35 year oldLast week I shared my Achievements since turning 35. I’m proud of what I’ve achieved this last year. I’ve learnt a lot too and today I’d like to share twenty lessons I learnt as a 35 year old.

A while back I had an Astrology reading and was told that the Sun is in my 9th House which means I’m a lifelong learner. I’d agree with that – I often get an interest in something new and do as much as I can to learn all about it. And over the last few years I’ve been trying to learn more about myself and determine my meaning and purpose. That’s how this blog has come about.

Even if you don’t believe in Astrology or Tarot etc I think they can be great for connecting you to your intuition. If you read something that you can link back to your life and present situation I believe it means it’s something you need to be aware of. Finding out that I was born to be a Lifelong Learner made me recognise this within myself. And now I can embrace it and make the most of it!

So it makes sense that when I decided to think about my Achievements as a 35 year old that I also thought about the lessons I learnt as a 35 year old too.

Twenty lessons i learnt as a 35 year old

Pottery Lessons
Pottery Lessons

  • Writing feels right to me. I feel like I’m meant to be doing it. And it excites me. So I shall be continuing on!
  • Writing helps me process things before I even realise that I’m dealing with them
  • I am a lifelong learner – I always want to be learning about something and I need to give myself plenty of opportunities to do so
  • Being a beginner is exciting and allows me to explore my creativity in a way that feels safe (e.g. pottery lessons)
  • Never underestimate simplicity….in patterns, shapes, words, images
Knowing Myself Better
  • I can self motivate myself to get stuff done when it’s important to me
  • Daring myself to do something scary is a good thing and something awesome usually comes from it
  • Doing something every day is so much easier than a few times a week
  • There are ways to get outer accountability without having to rope other people in (posting to Instagram, starting a blog etc)
  • Procrastination can be a sign my gut is trying to tell me something – I need to ask myself “why am I putting this off?”
Taking Care of Myself
  • Walking helps me make sense of my jumbled thoughts and is great for coming up with ideas
  • Taking time for self care and self nurturing activities makes me more productive in other areas of my life
  • I don’t always have to be going full-pelt to achieve my goals. It’s okay to sit with them for a while when I need a rest. And usually when I get back to it I am refreshed and better able to achieve them
  • I should never underestimate how good it feels to have practiced yoga
  • To ensure I take good care of myself I need to schedule in self care activities
Practical Learnings
  • How to use a potter’s wheel – I’m still very much a novice but have loved learning the basics
  • How to create a website using WordPress (with thanks to my Dad that helped a LOT!)
  • So many yoga poses and a lot more about breathing and the union aspect of yoga
  • How to make kick-ass Triple Chocolate Brownies (thanks to a fantastic kiwi recipe by Chelsea Winter)
  • More about the craft of writing through my work with my memoir and for this blog

I Learnt how to make Kick Ass Brownies
Kick Ass Brownies

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my twenty lessons I learnt as a 35 year old. What lessons have you learnt recently? Leave a comment or get in touch to let me know.

Daily Self Nurturing Activities

Daily self nurturing activities are a significant way to care for yourself at the same time as helping you to Find the Good Everyday.

daily self nurturing activities thumbnail

I’ve read a lot about self care, self love and nurturing yourself the last few years. It’s becoming a fashionable topic. I think this is a good thing because we can all do with looking after ourselves better. One of my life goals in recent years has been to teach myself more about self care, self love and self nurture. Being able to commit to daily self nurturing activities has helped me keep focus on this goal and enables me to take better care of myself.

“perhaps we should love ourselves so fiercely,
that when others see us
they know exactly how it should be done.”
― Rudy Francisco

How I determine my daily self nurturing activities

As part of my work on The Artist’s Way I completed a task that involved setting myself a self nurturing activity every day  and carrying it out. I enjoyed this task and found so much benefit from it that I’ve continued it all year.

Each month when I draw up the monthly pages in my Bullet Journal I include a double page spread to plan out and keep track of my Daily Self Nurturing Activities. Each activity has to be something I want to do and look forward to doing.

Some activities are repeated each week and I’m always on the lookout for new activities to add to my plan. I sit down each Sunday and plan an activity for each day of the upcoming week based on my schedule and what I have on.

Examples of my self nurturing activities

Regular items which feature are:

  • Having an early night
  • Having a lay-in
  • A bubble bath
  • A Face mask
  • A special/extra Yoga practice (e.g. an online retreat)
  • Lunch or coffee with a friend
  • A date with my husband
  • A date with my son
  • Watching a movie or programme that I really enjoy (not just mindless TV watching!)
  • Taking myself for a walk (especially at a park, along a river, in a natural-setting)
  • Trying something new
  • Journalling (if you’re looking for ideas and prompts for journalling -try my workbook – Find Your Happy)

Many of these things would happen anyway without becoming an item on my task list. But in setting the activity, anticipating it and recognising it as a decent way to take care of myself it becomes so much more than a bubble bath or an early night. It’s a nod to myself, it’s reminding myself that I am important and deserve to take good care of myself.

Some of the more one-off, individual activities that have popped up over the months on my activities lists have been:

  • Seeing The Killers live at Hyde Park
  • Going to see Wicked with my friends followed by dinner and drinks
  • Having a free massage (courtesy of SpaBreaks we11ness hour)
  • Going for afternoon tea
  • Going on holiday!
  • Getting an astrology reading

free massage

How I make it work for me

I’m not rigid with the tasks. Some days the task I set doesn’t work out for some reason or another. But I always make sure I do something else instead. I make a note of what I did do on my log.

Last month I added something else to my monthly plan/log. I made space to note my favourite self nurture activity that month, 3 that I’d be happy to repeat and 3 new ideas I have for next month.

september review of daily self nurturing activities

Some activities have become more regular in my life as a result of setting them as self nurturing tasks. Between these tasks and the weekly Artist’s Dates (another fantastic tool from The Artist’s Way) I’ve added some regular creative pursuits that I thoroughly enjoy. I’ve begun to take regular pottery classes (I love playing with clay!) and have even had a go with the potter’s wheel a few times!

Some days my self-nurture activity may be as simple as an early night or a 10 minute meditation and other days it will be something new and exciting and completely different. It’s one of the easiest ways I Find the Good Everyday.

Do you have any suggestions for daily self nurturing tasks? What would make it onto your list? Leave a comment or visit the contact page to let me know.

Find Your Happy for Self Care

I’ve created a workbook containing twenty-one journalling prompts to help you find more happiness in your everyday life. It’s a great tool for self care and self nurturing. You can dip in and out or work through it steadily. Each prompt takes 10 minutes or less so you can fit some self care into your day!

You can read more about it here. And buy your own copy here.

Find Your Happy Journalling Workbook

How I’m Building a Daily Yoga Practice

building a daily yoga practice

One way I’ve been trying to Find The Good Everyday in 2017 is by building a daily Yoga practice. What a difference this ritual has made to my wellbeing! All of my practices are at home and I mostly use videos that are freely available on YouTube.

My starting point

I’d done the odd yoga class in the past and I attended regular Pilates classes a couple of years ago. I had also dipped my toes into Yoga with Adriene’s youtube channel but hadn’t got into the habit of practicing yoga with any regularity.

For 2017 I set myself the goal of completing Adriene’s Yoga Revolution as it was shared throughout January.

To prepare myself, I:

  • got myself some outer accountability by declaring my intentions on Instagram
  • set myself the task of sharing a photo on Instagram each day to confirm I’d done the practice
  • set a daily reminder on my phone to DO the yoga!
  • created a checklist in my bullet journal to check off the days as I went.

A sense of achievement

Yoga Revolution was a success! When I got to Day 31 I was so incredibly proud of myself that I’d completed it. I totalled up the amount of time I spent practicing yoga in January…15 hours 22 minutes!

During those 31 days I begun to feel:

  • stronger,
  • fitter,
  • more relaxed,
  • at peace,
  • more flexible and
  • more aware within my own body.

All these benefits meant I wasn’t ready to give up anytime soon.


Moving from the 31 day challenge to building a daily yoga practice

I kept going by choosing daily from the huge catalogue of videos available for free on You Tube. I kept the reminders in my calendar and a monthly log in my bullet journal so I knew what practices I had done and how long I was practicing each day. February and March passed by with yoga becoming a core part of my daily routine.

My newly developed routine was shaken up in April when we were away from home for over a week. Adriene also offers a paid subscription service. The subscription has an app allowing you to download practices to your phone to view at any time. With our trip approaching I made the call that it was worth investing in. I felt I had certainly got my money’s worth (before I’d paid anything!) from the access to free videos on YouTube. Plus the money paid is used to fund more free content which is available to everyone.

And I’ve just kept going from there. I mostly do the YouTube practices via our TV in the lounge. If we are away or I need to find a quieter space I play videos on my phone.

Allowing myself to pick practices based on my mood, schedule and energy levels has meant that I haven’t given up. I can always find a practice that suits me on any given day. To me, it still counts as practicing yoga even if it’s a 5 minute video or learning the corpse pose!

Keeping my interest levels up

yoga by candlelight

I found as the months went by that my daily average practice was decreasing. Often I would find myself leaving yoga until the end of the day when I’d pick a quick practice so I could take myself off to bed. I’ve done a few things to challenge this habit and ensure I am making the most of my Yoga practices:

  • In June I took part in an online week long retreat.

    For each day there were a couple of suggested practices, a journalling prompt and another activity such as a nature walk or meditation. This was fantastic for breaking me out of what had become my yoga comfort zone, trying some new practices and immersing myself in yoga!

  • Then in August I completed a week long Yoga Ritual series for paid members.

    This came with a calendar which offered a daily 15 minute yoga practice plus 5 minute meditation. Adriene suggested to start each day with a glass of water with lemon and go on a daily walk. There was also a daily prompt which you could journal or ponder about.

  • And in September I made the call to work through the 30 Days of Yoga challenge

    This has probably been the most challenging series I’ve done but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it.

Having surpassed 275 days of yoga, I am now approaching 300! The ultimate goal is to close out 2017 with a 365 day streak.

Overcoming injuries and time restraints to get it done!

pyjama yoga

There have been days when it’s been really tough trying to get to the mat. I had tendonitis in my wrists a couple of times and chose to do hands free practices until I was recovered so I didn’t break my streak.

I’ve been poorly and done “Yoga for When You Are Sick” several times and there’s been a couple of days when I’ve found myself doing “Yoga for When You’re Angry” and “Yoga to Calm Your Nerves”. All great practices!

Some days have ended up with just a 5 minute practice from the “Quickies” series and other days I’ve done over an hour of yoga. It’s been a fantastic experience and the benefits I experienced after the first 31 days have increased with the more time I’ve spent on the mat. I’ve also found that, for me, it’s easier to commit to doing something DAILY rather than a few times a week.


I’d love to hear from you if you’re a fan of yoga or this post inspires you to try building a daily yoga practice. Namaste.

Morning Pages as a Self Care Tool

I’ve been using Morning Pages as a self care tool since October 2015. The idea of Morning Pages is suggested by Julia Cameron in her book/course “The Artist’s Way”. You can read more about my thoughts on the Artist’s Way and what I learnt from it here.

The idea of morning pages is to journal 3 pages of longhand stream of conscious writing each morning upon waking. Get the thoughts out before the brain even knows they are thoughts. This helps clear the mind to make way for creative ideas and self expression.

How I got started with Morning Pages

Front cover Morning PagesI heard about Morning Pages before I read The Artist’s Way. It was one of those ideas that kept presenting itself to me. The final push that I needed came in the form of an online retreat. Our teacher threw out the idea of Morning Pages and suggested that we adopt them to help get our thoughts and feelings out during the 4 week retreat.

Luckily, thanks to my stationery addiction, I had some unused notebooks looking all pretty and I decided to actually write in them…gasp! And now I love the fact that writing morning pages allows me to buy new notebooks!

So I started.  To begin with I had to set a daily reminder to do it. By the time I’d reached the end of the retreat Morning Pages had become a habit and my first notebook was nearly filled up with words! It’s now second nature and feels weird if I miss it for some reason. Each morning I wake, grab my notebook and pen and fill my pages.

What I write about

I started writing Morning Pages just as we were reaching the decision to leave New Zealand and return to the UK and wrote through:

  • the angst and the stress of reaching that decision and then putting the many hard yards in to get us to the other side of the world
  • telling our family members and friends that we were returning to the UK
  • as we learnt that our beloved dog, Rhett, had cancer and it was the worst kind
  • the grief of attempting to come to terms with that
  • all the organisation required for moving from one side of the world to another
  • spirituality, happiness, unhappiness, grief, love and especially about the mundane daily annoyances of life that can sometimes weigh me down

How I’ve used Morning Pages as a self care tool

Quote Morning PagesGetting it all down on those pages helped me process it all. Some things got repeated A LOT! Some things were written once and forgotten. Themes sprung up and stayed around for a while before being set aside when something else more pressing showed up.

And over time I realised how important these pages were to me. How they helped me Find the Good Everyday. I wrote through so many thoughts, feelings, random things in my head and I came out the other side with a clearer head, usually with a plan for the day and ready to get on with it.

I think Morning Pages were the therapy that got me through a pretty stressful time in my life. I’ve brought in other self nurturing tools since I started them but it started there. That retreat and the suggestion to start writing pages began a new time in my life where I put myself first. Each morning, before I did anything for anyone else, I wrote. I wanted to be a writer and I was doing that as my first action every day.

Inspiring Creativity and Ideas

Julia Cameron suggests that Morning Pages aren’t just for writers and that the writing you do is just a process to clear your mind and free up space for creative endeavours. She suggests that you don’t share the pages with anyone and you don’t read them (at least straight away) so that your inner editor doesn’t get upset and curb you from spilling your darkest secrets onto the page.

I don’t believe for a second that any of the writing in my Morning Pages is suitable for publication but I’ve had some brilliant ideas as a result of them. And when working on a writing project very close to my heart I have read them and referred to them. My Morning Pages are a capture of me, right at certain moments in my life that have been pivotal. It’s raw and messy and it takes me back to who I was right at that moment.

When I got The Artist’s Way and read the section about Morning Pages I realised that I had been doing something quite different from the suggestion. I’d been writing 3 x A5 pages daily. But Julia Cameron talks about 3 pages of letter sized paper (the equivalent in the UK is A4). She talked about 750 words being the magic number where your brain gets bored of writing mundaneness and starts coming out with cracking ideas. So I’ve upped my word count now. I aim to write 5 x A5 pages every day.

Fuelling my love of stationery

Morning Pages journalsI’ve got through 14 notebooks. They are all different sizes and they cost different amounts. My favourite notebooks at the moment are £1 ones from Poundworld. The paper quality is fantastic for the price. And who doesn’t love metallic chevrons!

Morning Pages have also encouraged me to become even more obsessed with pens! I’ve now got several fountain pens and my favourite for my daily writing is my Lamy Safari with pink or green ink.

Morning Pages have improved my life greatly and I’d recommend them if you haven’t given them a go. You can see more about what Julia Cameron has to say about morning pages here.

Do you use Morning Pages as a self care tool? I’d love to hear from you if you’re an avid fan of morning pages or just starting out. Leave a comment or contact me to get in touch.

More Journalling Ideas

If you’re looking for some prompts and ideas to develop your journalling practice have a look at Find Your Happy. It’s a journalling workbook with twenty one prompts designed to take 10 minutes or less. Each prompt will help you find more joy in your everyday. You can read about how it came together here. And buy a copy here.

How do I Find the Good Everyday?

Given the name of this blog I thought it would be a good idea for me to share the things I do to help me Find the Good Everyday.

At the beginning of 2017, as part of my annual goal setting and review of the previous year, I came up with a list of self-nurturing daily habits I wanted to adopt. Some of these things I was already doing but not as often as I’d like. Other items on the list were reminders of positive actions I could take daily to feel happier.

Below is the list I come up with. I’ve added some brief detail about each item and over the coming weeks I plan to share more details of some of these habits as individual posts.

Find the Good In...series

Self-nurturing daily habits to help me Find the Good Everyday

  • Start the day with Morning Pages

    Morning pages is a journalling technique suggested by Julia Cameron who wrote a book called The Artist’s Way.  She suggests that each morning, on waking, you journal 3 pages of stream of conscious writing.  You should do this before anything else – before your mind has too much time to wake up. The pages often end up being filled with whinging, what you need to get done that day and sometimes nonsense! What this does is clear all of the random muddle from your head first thing in the day and free up some space for creative thinking. I’ve been writing Morning Pages most days since October 2015. I am a convert and do not like missing a day.

  • Yoga &/or stretch every day

    I’m a fan of both yoga and pilates and have done each with various levels of consistency over the years. I have never regretted doing a yoga practice or a pilates workout but often the biggest battle was getting myself to the mat and ready to go. Rather than decree a set amount of exercise I should do each day I decided to be gentle with myself. I’m pleased to say that so far this year I have completed a yoga practice every day. Some days it’s 5 minutes and some days much longer. I feel much stronger and more flexible as a result of daily practice and it also helps to quieten my mind.

  • Drink 1.5-2 litres of water each day

    I’ve always been happy to drink water and it’s usually my first choice for drinking. And yet I wasn’t in the habit of consistently drinking enough. So this year I stepped it up, and with some help from a measured bottle I soon got in the regular habit of drinking enough each day.

  • Seek ways to live out my values and my core desired feelings and be DARING

    A couple of years ago I did some personal development work to define my personal values. It was time consuming and involved but it has helped steer my decisions and life choices ever since.  I learnt about Core Desired Feelings from an online retreat I took part in which led us through The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte. I added my Core Desired Feelings to my values to help me define how I wanted to feel and what I believed in. And as part of my annual goal setting I picked DARING as my word for the year. (In case you haven’t picked up on it yet, I LOVE to collect words!) This habit on my list reminds me to check in with all my “words” regularly.

  • Tell my boys I love them so

    I’m fairly certain I do quite well at this one without having the reminder on my habits list! But telling (and showing) my husband and son that I love them each and every day is an awesome thing to achieve each day and an important aspect of my relationships with them both.

  • Make lots of healthy choices and allow myself little treats

    Sometimes I think I’m an all-or-nothing person and other times I think moderation is key. I’m still not 100% certain which camp I fall into but the thought of giving up treats made me sad so this habit seemed the best option for me. And it’s working. I recommend it.

  • Practice self love and self care

    Self love and self care practice are what this whole list is about! I thought it was important to remember that focus and this is a great reminder to seek other ways to Find the Good Everyday as well as the ones I specifically listed.

  • Finish each day by documenting my gratitude

    This is a habit I’ve had and dropped several times over my adulthood when my routines have changed. And I always return to it. Sitting in bed each evening I write a brief list (usually 3 things) of the things I’ve been most grateful for that day. Some days are tougher than others to come up with a list but I always manage something!


I may not always do everything on this list every day but over the course of this year I have developed them as regular habits.  I am already thinking ahead to see how I can update or amend this list next year for improvement.

I’m looking forward to exploring some of these habits more on the blog over the coming weeks and months.

Do you have any daily habits that help you Find the Good Everyday? If so, I’d love to hear from you. Please leave me a comment or feel free to contact me directly.

Helping YOU to Find the Good Everyday

Freebie intro

When you sign up as an email subscriber you will receive a free How to Find the Good Everyday printable workbook. It contains tips and suggestions for building daily rituals and routines to nurture yourself to feel happier, healthier and in balance. There are sections to work through followed by a handy printable to complete and display as a reminder of your intentions.

You can sign up HERE to receive the workbook and read more about it HERE.