Celebrating International Women’s Day

Today I want to share some ideas for Celebrating International Women’s Day which is taking place this week, on Friday 8th March.

I love to find ways to find the good in everyday life and I also enjoy using the themes of special days of the year to help with this. A lot of these ideas could work any day of the year for celebrating women and those in your life but why not start this week by celebrating International Women’s Day?

Celebrating International Women's Day

Ideas for Celebrating International Women’s Day

Get Involved with the Campaign

For more information about International Women’s Day why not visit the website. The theme for this year is #BalanceForBetter with the tagline “better the balance, better the world”. You could:

  • Search to see if there are any local events you could attend
  • Upload your own #BalanceForBetter image to social media using the hashtags #IWD2019 and #BalanceForBetter
  • Check out the resources available to raise awareness
Donate/Volunteer to a Women-specific cause or charity

Do you have a charity or cause specific to Women that you want to support? If not, why not take some time to look for one you could help in some way. Some ideas include:

Celebrate YOUR Women

Who are the important women in your life? Your role models, those that support you, your friends and family members or even colleagues? Take some time to show your appreciation to them:

Which Women Inspire You?

Which women do you admire? Who’s Instagram feed inspires you regularly? Who is doing something you love? Why not take some time to think about and celebrate Women who inspire you.

Show Your Support

There is some amazing merchandise available to show your support of women. Here are a couple of examples which give some proceeds to charity…


I’d love to hear how you are celebrating International Women’s Day. Or if you have any other suggestions to add to this list.

Happy International Women’s Day!

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  1. I’ve organised a women’s history festival on Saturday. We’ve got speakers, craftivists, films etc and we’re collecting sanitary products for The Red Box Project and beauty/hygiene products for Beauty Banks. Should be a fun day (www.snappingthestiletto.com/festival)

    1. Hi Amy – thanks for your comment. And what a wonderful way to celebrate International Women’s Day. I hope the day was a success!

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