Celebrating Spring with Spring Bingo

I love it when a new Season approaches and I can come up with ideas for celebrating the season. And I am very ready to farewell Winter (and ALL the snow!) and welcome Spring with open arms! I’ve come up with a list of seasonal activities for our family and turned it into a Spring Bingo board.

Celebrating Spring Bingo

Our Spring Activities Ideas

  1. Bike riding
  2. Celebrate Earth Day (22nd April)
  3. Garden Tidy Up
  4. Make Chocolate Cornflake Easter Nests
  5. Plant Seeds
  6. Rainbow Spotting
  7. Visit the new Kids Library Section
  8. Find some Spring themed books at the library
  9. Visit a local play park
  10. Easter Egg Hunt
  11. Have a picnic
  12. Feed the ducks
  13. Fly the Drone
  14. Paint Pebbles
  15. Family Walk
  16. Chalk drawings outside
  17. Bake Butterfly Cakes
  18. Go on a play trail (Gruffalo, Stick Man or Discovery)
  19. Dye Flowers (carnations)
  20. Go to Devon
  21. See Grandad
  22. Visit Gran
  23. Change the Clocks (25th March)
  24. Spring Treasure Hunt (Look for Bunnies, Lambs, Daffodils, Spring Blossom etc)

Some of our activities are based around things we already have planned (visiting Devon and family for instance). Others can be done at any time and I’ve tried to include a mix of indoor and outdoor activities. Most of them cost nothing.

Turning our List into Spring Bingo

Spring Bingo Base

I created the Spring Bingo board in a Google document once we come up with our list of 24 activities. I’ve printed it out as well as 25 Spring Flowers images and I will laminate it all. We will cover each square with a Spring Flowers “counter” as it’s completed so it’s easy to see what activities we still need to do.

Ideally we want to do all of these things but we will start by trying to cross off rows and columns.

Spring Bingo Example

Free Download!

I will be including the download for my Spring Bingo board in the next Find the Good newsletter (due to be sent out early April). You will be able to use it as it is or adapt for your own activities. To sign up for the newsletter click here and fill in the form.

Other Seasonal Activities

If you are looking for ideas for celebrating a different season check out these posts:


If you have any Spring traditions I’d love to hear them! Have you ever dyed eggs? I’ve never done it but it popped up a lot when I was browsing Pinterest for ideas!

Wishing you a wonderful Spring! (or Autumn if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere!)