Celebrating Summer and Anticipating Autumn

Today I want to spend a few moments celebrating Summer and anticipating Autumn.

It feels like we are approaching the cusp of the seasons at the moment. The last few weeks of the summer break are here and soon September will be rolling around. The shops are already losing their summer stock and gradually filling up with Autumn hues and knitwear! Before we know it it will be Autumn.

Celebrating Summer Anticipating Autumn

Celebrating Summer

Some of the things we’ve enjoyed this Summer:
  • Creating a summer scrapbook – Every couple of days I print out photos of our adventures and we stick them and memorabilia we’ve collected in to our scrapbook. It’s good handwriting practice for my son – he writes the date each day and sometimes a sentence or two.
  • Some great days out and nights away. We did Legoland for my son’s 8th birthday. We stayed overnight in a hotel and explored Milton Keynes while my husband was there for work. And we spent a fun morning at a local Museum for their Summer of Science event.
  • Quality time spent together. Often, during the school year, life can be a rush of school run’s, activities, work and chores. It’s nice to slow down over summer and spend more time together.
  • Crafting and creating – I feel like I’ve taken more time this season for creativity. I’m glad I decided to join in with the Boho Berry Self Care Challenge and I’m enjoying creating pages based on the prompts. We’ve also had fun with Shrinky Dinks. Check out my Instagram Story Highlight to see the kit we purchased and what we’ve made so far! (Poundland have the kits are £1 each!)
  • Being outside and feeling more connected to nature – running several times a week has helped me get outside and I’ve found some new spots to visit to witness the changing seasons. Our doors and windows have been open from early morning until late at night and it’s been great to see my son playing outside with local friends.
  • Reading together – we’ve been reading Harry Potter – right from the start. I’ll be sharing more about this in my Reading Rituals post coming soon. We’re up to book 2 and this is an activity that will likely straddle most of the seasons!

Anticipating Autumn

What I’m looking forward to next season:
  • Porridge for breakfast – I fell out of this habit and I am looking forward to get back into it when the weather cools. It always feels like a nurturing meal to start the day.
  • Getting back into cooking – it’s been so hot that I haven’t wanted to cook much. I’m really looking forward to cooking ragu and dahl and roast dinner!
  • Wearing boots and jeans. I need new boots – my current ones developed a hole just as the weather turned warmer (good timing) and I’ve lived in my sandals every since!
  • Walking and running amongst the Autumn colours. I started running in May and it’s been mostly hot since then. I always like walking my favourite paths in Autumn to enjoy the change in seasons and colours.
  • Getting back into a routine. I’ve enjoyed Summer immensely this year – it’s been great having a mix of busy out-and-about days and chilled out days at home…but I’m keen to review our routines and how they work for us in September.
  • GBBO! For the first 6 series’ I missed out on watching The Great British Bake-Off live as I was living overseas. Since coming back to the UK in 2016 I’ve found that Bake-off acts as a bridge between Summer and Autumn.


I am enjoying trying to squeeze enjoyment out of the last weeks of Summer whilst also anticipating Autumn.

Which is your favourite season? What are your highlights of Summer? (Or Winter if you’re reading in the Southern Hemisphere!) And what are you most looking forward to about the next season?