Crafting Adventures – Word Pebbles

I love collecting words that have importance to me! And today I want to show you a recent crafting adventure I’ve had – creating Word Pebbles to display my words.

I’ve shared my collected words in previous posts such as my values, my core desired feelings, and my words for the year (2016 & 2017 and this year).

I like to find ways to display these words – to remind me of them on a regular basis. I have a watercolour poster displaying my core desired feelings pinned up on my Inspiration wall. And I like the idea of sneaking the words into my environment in different ways.

Word Pebbles Title

How I made the Word Pebbles

A while ago I got out my air drying clay and had a go at making some little pinch pots. Whilst I was doing that I decided to make little clay pebbles to display my words.

I shaped balls of clay into long flat pebble shapes and realised I needed different sizes based on the length of the words.

Next I used alphabet stamps to stamp in each word and tried to tidy them up/smooth them over a bit.

Once the clay was thoroughly dry I painted them with silver acrylic paint all over. And then used a tiny brush to paint each indented letter with gold acrylic paint (I got my paint in Wilko’s).

To finish off I used Gloss Modpodge (from Hobbycraft) to seal them. I’m pleased with how they turned out.

Word Pebbles All

I love working with clay and thoroughly enjoyed the pottery classes I attended for a few months last year. The air drying clay is a great way to play with clay at home and doesn’t require expensive equipment like a kiln or potters wheel!

What are the Word Pebbles for?

I’ve been keeping them in a pot on my desk. I like being able to pull them out one by one and fiddle with them like worry stones. Sometimes I even draw one at random (like an oracle card) and think about what that word means to me right at that moment. They could also be used as a tool for meditating.

I put in time and effort to come up with my values, core desired feelings and words for the year and I think it’s beneficial to have little reminders of why these words are important to me and why I chose them. Taking the time to craft the Word Pebbles gave me the opportunity to think about my words even more!


Have you used air drying clay? Are you a collector of words? If so – how do you display or remind yourself of your words?