Creating my Self Care Kit

I’ve seen some great articles, videos and posts about Self Care lately and it’s led me to think about creating my very own Self Care Kit.

I’ve previously talked about The Importance of Self Love & Self Care, setting myself Daily Self Nurturing Activities and shared my Self Care Ideas – please feel free to have a read of those if you haven’t already.

Creating my Self Care Kit

My Self Care Kit

I already have a virtual Self Care kit – my list of ideas for Self Care and setting myself Daily Self Nurturing Activities.

Sometimes Self Care is tricky though…I find that it’s hardest to make the decision about what I need WHEN I need it most. For that reason I want to put together a physical Self Care Kit that I can open up for inspiration when needed.

During August I’m taking part in a challenge over on Instagram – the theme is Self Care and it’s hosted by Kara of Boho Berry. I’m creating a book and posting my take on each self-care prompt daily on my Instagram. This book will become the foundation of my physical Self Care Kit. I can dip in and look through it for ideas.

Other physical items I plan to add to my kit are:

I’ll add these items to a small storage box that I can pull out when needed. I think the very act of pulling out the kit will help build a ritual of self care.

Inspiration for My Self Care Kit

There is so much information to be found on Self Care and the different ways people can take care of themselves. Recently I’ve really enjoyed these…


What would be in your Self Care Kit? Do you already have a physical or virtual Self Care Kit? And if so what’s in yours?