My Current Notebook Collection

I thought it would be fun to show you my current notebook collection and explain the different ways I use notebooks. I LOVE stationery and I find the same level of satisfaction at finishing a notebook as I do a job well done (or even using up a lip-balm!)

My Current Notebook Collection

So let’s take a peek into my current notebook collection…

Gratitude Diary

I am currently using a small A6 rose gold page-a-day diary for my gratitude journal. I bought it from Sainsburys for about £5 at the start of the year.
Each night I aim to write 5 things I am grateful for from that day. Click here to read more about my Gratitude practice including tips to start your own.

A Sentence a Day

This is a Kikki K notebook with prompts for each day. And there is space for up to 3 answers (so up to 3 years worth of answers). I purchased this notebook back in 2015 and started using it for a few months. I rediscovered it in 2018 and decided to carry on. It’s been great filling it out each day and looking back to see my previous responses.

100 Things

This was another Kikki K purchase from New Zealand. It has 100 numbered (but otherwise blank) pages. I use it like a commonplace book – I go through phases of adding lots to it and then not touching it for ages. I write fun lists. And journal about what’s happening currently in my life. I copy down favourite quotes. And my son has drawn some pictures in it too.

My current notebook collection - covers
Events/Seminars/Learning Notes

I bought a pack of Moleskine Cahier’s ages ago for my Traveller’s Notebook but unfortunately they didn’t fit. They sat in my notebook stash for ages. I grabbed one to keep as my FTG30 journal for April (read more about that here) but I ended up documenting it on Instagram stories and the notebook didn’t get used after a while. I tore those pages out and re-purposed it for keeping notes at events and seminars I attend. It’s a handy size and the paper is lovely for jotting down quick notes.

My Bullet Journal

This is the notebook that tends to go everywhere with me. It’s my main planner. And if I could choose only one from my current notebook collection (which would be a tough call!) it would be this and I would incorporate as much as I could from the other notebooks. I recently shared a post where you can see how my Bullet Journal is set up. It’s an A5 dot grid from Flying Tiger.

Morning Pages

I’ve been writing Morning Pages (most days) since October 2015. Almost 4 years. This is my 27th notebook (yes I am a hoarder and keep them all!). Morning Pages are my therapy – they give me a space to vent, to clear my head, to plan, to reflect and to dream. I’d recommend EVERYONE gives them a try! Julia Cameron encourages the practice in her book – The Artist’s Way. Back at the start of Find the Good Everyday I wrote a post all about using Morning Pages as a Self Care tool.

Author Your Life

This is my newest notebook and method of journalling. I recently participated in Lara Zielen’s Author Your Life Online Summit and it was wonderful to hear from 21 speakers how writing and journalling has changed their lives. Lara has written a book called Author Your Life which encourages us to create the story of our future writing from a third person perspective with ourselves as the main character. I really love this idea so I’m having a go before I read the book (she has some tips and advice for getting started on her website. The notebook I’m using was a gift from a coach I was working with last year. I love all the inspirational quotes on the front and it felt like a good fit for the positive story I am creating for my future!

My current notebook collection - insides
Writing Group Notebook

I attend a monthly local writers group. Back when I first joined I grabbed this Koyoko notebook to take along and I’ve kept the notebook solely for writing group. It’s great to have all the writing prompts and my work in one space. I love this notebook – I picked up a couple of them from the sale section at Home Sense. The paper is lovely to write with and I like being able to date and number the pages at the top.

Blog Calendar and Planner (not pictured)

I picked up this 2019 Planner in Home Sense towards the end of last year for £4. It has a double page calendar spread for each month and then pages of lined note paper. It’s been great for planning my blog posts, newsletter and social media. I will share a post with more detail and photos of how I use it soon. And I’m intending to pick up something similar for 2020 too.


Wow that’s 9 notebooks currently in reasonably regular use. (Plus I’ve probably forgotten some!) I hope you’ve enjoyed having a peek at my current notebook collection.

How many notebooks do you have on the go at any time? I’d love to hear how you use notebooks?

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