A Day in the Life Documented (26-02-19)

Yesterday I took part in DITL (Day In The Life) along with Ali Edwards. Ali recently shared a blog post about the reasons why some people take part in Day In The Life which is worth a read.

Last year I took part in her Week in the Life and documented it here on the blog. I really enjoy taking part in these projects and have done Week in the Life several times. A few times a year Ali also documents a Day In The Life. A shorter timescale than the full week but still great for capturing and celebrating daily life.

The most recent Day In The Life was this week – Tuesday 26th February 2019 and I decided to play along. I used the same prompts from my previous week in the life projects as I love being able to look at comparisons and differences of our daily lives over time. These prompts are similar to the Everyday Life Journalling Prompts I shared recently.

My Day In The Life Documented – Tuesday 26th February 2019

Theme for the Day – Sunshine & tidying up loose ends

Weather – High of 17 (unexpected!) / Low of 2 / Sunny

Wake up – 7.15am…turned off the alarm & snuck back to bed until 7.40am!

Day in the Life - 26 Feb 2019 - Food

Breakfast – 2 slices seeded wholemeal with Pic’s Peanut Butter (a kiwi brand!) and an apple

Lunch – Sausage, Cheese and tomato omelette with cucumber, pickled onions and a bag of crisps

Dinner – Lamb Ragu followed by mini Creme Egg Cones

What I did

Day in the Life - 26 Feb 2019 - Morning

Got up, ready and said hello to the builder who was finishing the painting (that’s why I took a photo of the toilet!). Out for the school run, did my TOMM level 1 and level 2 jobs, did yoga, menu planned and wrote the shopping list.

Day in the Life - 26 Feb 2019 - Afternoon

Prepared and ate lunch with hubby. Went to the supermarket then school pick up time. Took my son to buy some Pokemon cards. Home to open and admire the Pokemon cards. Had scones for afternoon tea and spoke to a friend on the phone.Supervised school work (reading, spelling and times table practice) and then my son played outside with friends. I watched a writing podcast on youtube.

Day in the Life - 26 Feb 2019 - Evening

Prepared and ate dinner then tidied the kitchen. Husband went out to running club. Put my son to bed (we are still reading Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire). Had a shower, did a face-mask and updated my bullet journal. Husband home just after 9pm so chatted to him and then went through all the photos I’d taken to create DITL collages for IG and this post. Dried my hair, hopped into bed and read some more of the memoir book.

Through the day I kept notes and took photos as I went and faffed a lot on social media!

I am grateful forRachael Herron’s Memoir book and writing podcast

No. of steps – 6.2k…can do much better

Today’s Yoga practiceYWA Dedicate Day 30 – Liberate (36 mins) – loved this free flow practice and I finally finished the January programme!

Today’s Self Nurturing Activity – taking part in Day In The Life and a face mask before bed

Currently Reading – Fast Draft Your Memoir by Rachael Herron

Bedtime – 10.03pm – tucked in. Read for a while and lights off at 10.22pm


I’m grateful I took the time to record this day. It’s a mix of normal life right now with some unusual things going on. I didn’t get to any writing during the day but I was able to do some Memoir research.

Did you take part in Day In The Life? Is it something you’re keen to do? If so I’d recommend heading over to Ali Edwards’ website.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this snapshot of my daily life!