Documenting a Day in the Life – Thursday 5th March 2020

It’s time for another go at documenting a day in the life. I followed along with Ali Edwards’ Day in the Life project yesterday and I’m sharing how it went with you today.

Documenting a Day in the Life - Thursday 5th March- title mosaic

SPOILER – my day didn’t go as planned. I had intended to make notes on my pre-printed time tracker, share some life snippets on Instagram Stories and take lots of photo to share here. But I was awoken in the night by a poorly kiddo which meant a late start and my plans for the day amended. I half heartedly took photos through the day and debated whether or not to switch and record another day. But I decided to share as this is real life!

I like to use similar prompts each time so I can look at how life changes and how it stays the same over time. Let’s dive in and see how the day looked…

Documenting A Day In The Life – Thursday 5th March 2020

Theme for the Day – Poorly Kiddo

Weather – High of 7 / Low of 1 / Type of weather – Cloudy & Lots of Rain

Wake up Time – Around 2.15am until 4am with the poorly kiddo. Awake a couple more times. Then just after 7.45am.

Food –
Documenting a Day in the Life - 5th March 2020 - food pictures

Breakfast – My current usual – porridge with milk, flaxseed, apple and maple syrup. And I made bacon and eggs wraps for husband.

Lunch – Shared a cheese salad with the husband (loving the Lidl one at the moment) with some crisps.

Dinner – Vegan Satay Sweet Potato Curry – a friend recommended this recipe a while ago and we really love it. The peanuts add a delicious crunch! Great for leftovers too.

What I did –
Day in the Life - 5th March 2020 - dog photos
  • Administered medicine, cool flannels and cuddles
  • read stories
  • called school to report kiddo’s absence
  • made breakfast
  • Postponed and cancelled plans for the day
  • walked the dog in very moist conditions but luckily it wasn’t pouring yet
  • Watched Spongebob Squarepants
  • Went to Tesco’s for a top-up food shop and to buy medicine for the kiddo – it was crazy – everyone seemed to be there panic-buying!
  • Filled up with petrol in case people start panic-buying that next
  • Had lunch and watched a recorded The Last Leg with husband
  • More cuddles and medicine for the kiddo
  • Watched The Snail & The Whale (which we recorded at Christmas and hadn’t seen yet – loved it!)
  • Watched some You Tube videos about living “off the grid” (my current go to for some relaxation)
  • Listened to the Spotify playlist that the husband created for me (insert heart-eye emojis here)
  • Wrote my “Morning” Pages at 4pm!
  • Decided to sew an elastic pen holder for my Morning Pages Journal
  • Cut out fabric from scraps and followed an online tutorial badly. Pen Holder is far from perfect but does the job. I will try again when I’m less tired
  • Made curry for dinner
  • Tidied the kitchen
  • Listened to husband reading Harry Potter 7 to the kiddo
  • Tucked up the kiddo after more cuddles and medicine
  • Watched more YouTube videos
  • Tucked up in bed to read
  • And amongst all this I let the dog out many times, fed the dog multiple times and gave lots of doggy cuddles
I am grateful for –

1) Cuddles with the kiddo
2) Getting some fresh air – walking with the dog
3) The satay curry for dinner
4) Watching YouTube videos to chill out
5) Coconut oil is a great moisturiser

Activities –
Day in the Life - 5th March 2020 - Activities photos

No. of steps – I didn’t wear my Fitbit so no steps recorded (would have been fairly low other than walking the dog!)

Today’s Yoga practice – I’m not doing daily yoga at the moment and I’m missing it. I’m aiming for 4 practices a week currently.

Today’s Self Nurturing Activity – Watching some YouTube videos and chilling out to rest when I was tired.

Currently Reading – What Has Nature Ever Done For Us? by Tony Juniper – I saw it on a nature themed display at the library and decided to try it. It’s quite science-y but I’m finding it interesting – glad I picked it up.

Bedtime – About 9.30pm-ish I think.


So a day I hadn’t planned. But good to record it all the same!

You can see my previous attempt at documenting a Day in the Life here (26th February 2019) and I also documented a Week in the Life in May 2018.

Did you take part in Day In The Life? Is it something you’re keen to do? If so I’d recommend heading over to Ali Edwards’ website.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this snapshot of my daily life! If you’re keen to see more sneak peeks pop over to Instagram and follow me there.