Earth Day Celebration Ideas

Earth Day is coming up on 22nd April. You can find out more about it here. Today I want to share some Earth Day Celebration Ideas.

The 22nd April also happens to be my half birthday (a little bit random but I’ll take any excuse to celebrate!). It’s a good way to remember both events!

This year’s theme is End Plastic Pollution.

I’m planning to check our household waste and make sure we are recycling as much plastic as we can. And if we are buying products that are in un-recyclable plastic I will start looking for alternatives.

I know that there are ways I can make greener and more natural choices in my daily life and Earth Day gives me the perfect reason to look at my choices and make some improvements.

Earth Day Celebration Ideas

Earth Day Celebration Ideas

  • Plant seeds or plants or trees
  • Spend time out in Nature
  • Eat all natural foods for the day / meat free for the day
  • Declutter a space in your home
  • Donate things you know longer need
  • Create art from waste products – Pinterest has lots of excellent ideas for egg cartons and toilet roll tubes!
  • Buy yourself a fun reusable bag to use instead of buying plastic
  • Check your local authorities recycling rules to see if there’s anything else you can regularly recycle
  • Tell someone else about Earth Day so they can celebrate too!
  • Make your own natural beauty and/or cleaning products (there are lots of recipes on Pinterest)
  • Buy natural beauty or cleaning products

There are also heaps of tips at the Earth Day website here.

Our planet is precious and I want to make sure I am helping look after it for my son and our future generations.

Do you have any activity ideas for Earth Day? I’d love to hear any suggestions.

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    1. Hi Jenny – thanks for visiting and for your comment. I love the look of the Earth Day cakes on your blog – we might have to give those a go! Glad you got some Earth Day celebrating done today.

  1. Loved reading all of your ideas… going to and have been working on a lot of these things myself!! Happy Earth day… a bit early and Happy 1/2 birthday!! Thank you so much for sharing your ideas!! 🤗🙏✌💗🌿🌾🍃🌱🌎

    1. Thanks for the comment Aly – Happy Earth Day to you too! I’m glad you liked the ideas 🙂

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