Feel Better in 5 Book Review

I recently read Dr Rangan Chatterjee’s latest book – Feel Better in 5. And I want to share more about it here because I think it’s a great tool for helping you to find the good everyday.

The Tagline for Feel Better in 5 is “Your Daily Plan to Feel Great for Life”. It contains 30 plus 5 minute tips to lose weight, improve sleep and move more.

Feel Better in 5 Book Review - showing book cover

What is Feel Better in 5 all about?

Right from the start it’s clear that Dr Rangan accepts that we can’t all spend hours in the gym and train for marathons to get healthy. He is putting forward quick practical steps we can take to improve our health and wellbeing

The premise of this book very much reminds me of a quote by Gretchen Rubin:

“What you do every day matters more than what you do once in a while”.

The book asks you for 5 minutes of your time 3 times a day to work towards improving your health. It’s full of useful suggestions for how to build small and meaningful healthy habits into your daily life. And it’s all about consistency of small daily actions rather than giant, unattainable goals.

Health Snacks are Bite-size Actions

Feel Better in 5 lays out a range of healthy activities we can introduce into our daily life. The activities are called “health snacks” and Dr Rangan recommends you select one from each of the Mind, Body and Heart sections to do every day.

Within the 3 sections there are categories of activities. Each category has multiple benefits to our health and well being. The ‘how to get more…’ and ‘how to get less…’ lists are a genius idea – especially if you’re overwhelmed by the choice of all the different health snacks.

Some examples of the different health snacks are:

  • Spending 5 minutes out in nature (and I love that the book discusses all the amazing benefits of this)
  • Breathing exercises (with clear instructions)
  • A recipe to make a brain nourishing smoothie
  • 5 minute HIIT workouts (with diagrams and instructions)
  • Reaching out to a friend
  • Forgiveness Practice
  • Gratitude Game

Each section also offers case studies and tips for making your new health snacks stick. (Some of the suggestions line up with my own recommendations in my Sticking With It post from a couple of years ago.)

My Take on Feel Better in 5

I was very pleased to see that I already do a few of the activities suggested in the book! And now my aim is to start adding more. It feels motivating to know I can make a difference to my health 5 minutes at a time.

I wholeheartedly recommend this book to help you introduce and develop healthy daily habits.


Last year I shared my thoughts on another book by Dr Chatterjee – The 4 Pillar Plan. Feel Better in 5 is a great follow on from that but each book can also be read independently. Dr Rangan also has a weekly podcast called Feel Better, Live More which I recommend.

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