Find the Good in your Afternoon Routine

Today I want to share the little things I do as part of my afternoon routine to Find the Good.

This is part of a series I’m creating. I’ve already shared How I Find the Good in the Morning and the Evening.

Out of all my routines – this is probably the hardest one to stick to at weekends and during school holidays. The school pick-up acts as a signal to start doing these things and without it I do struggle and lose track of time.

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How I Find the Good in my Afternoon Routine

  1. Transition from School to Home. When we get home we have certain activities we try to do every day – a snack, reading, spellings & sometimes jobs around the house like taking the recycling out.
  2. Empty/Check Bags – I get my son to check his school bag for notices and empty lunch/snack boxes when he gets his reading book out. If I’ve been out and about I unpack anything from bags that I’ve brought back with me.
  3. Change out of uniform – I encourage my son to get changed into non-uniform as a signal that school is done for the day. It means the uniform is less likely to get dirty/damaged with playing.
  4. Know what’s for dinner before it’s time to cook. I do a weekly menu plan and try to check it each day so I know what’s for dinner and how long it will take to prepare.
  5. Tidy the Kitchen before preparing dinner. We don’t have a dishwasher so I often find myself washing up 3-4 times a day. It always helps to start meal prep with a clean slate.
  6. Take a Break – usually by this point I’m ready for a quick sit down before I tackle dinner!
  7. Check my to do list/bullet journal – to ensure I’ve completed any priorities for the day and tick some more items off if needed.
  8. Start preparing dinner – trying to keep the kitchen tidy as I go.

After dinner I transition to our evening routine.

Other Ways to Find the Good in your Afternoon Routine

  • If you struggle with an afternoon ritual why not set a daily calendar reminder or alarm? This may help you transition from daytime to evening time.
  • Keep an eye on laundry. If I’ve done laundry that day – I do what needs done next (hanging up, folding, putting away). There’s nothing worse than remembering the washing machine is full of damp clothes at bed time!
  • Tidy your “work space”. When I worked in an office I usually tried to tidy my desk at the end of each day as a signal it was nearly home time. *NOTE TO SELF: I think I need to build in a quick 10 minutes tidy into my afternoon routine to keep on top of clutter.
  • Start thinking about tomorrow – is there anything you can prepare now (food, outfits, paperwork etc) to save time in the evening or the morning?
  • Take a break – if you feel like the afternoon is dragging by – stop what you are doing for a few minutes – grab yourself a snack or drink and move around to revive energy levels.
  • If you’re more awake in the afternoon plan in your most important tasks then. But if you tend to flag have some items on your to do list that are a little easier!

I find when we get little jobs done in the afternoon it makes the evening run much smoother. Do you have a specific afternoon routine? What does yours consist of?

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2 Replies to “Find the Good in your Afternoon Routine”

  1. Really enjoyed this… afternoons are sometimes a struggle for me. I have a bit less energy but lately I have tried to incorporate a routine as well. Since my children are grown, I don’t have that time with them after school and honestly I miss it. My 5th child is a Senior but she has her stuff.. chearleading, after school activities etc.. So, I have had to take a closer look at myself and focus on things I can do alone. It was hard for a time but I am finding some freedom to read more, do my Yoga, listen to Podcasts and maybe just be still for awhile in that transition to dinner time for my husband, myself and my daughter…if she is not busy with school activities! Thank you for this lovely share. It is filled with lots of great ideas as always!!

    1. Hi Allison – thanks for sharing your afternoon routines. What a great idea of taking some time out for you and your self development in the afternoons before you come back together with your family. I’m sorry I’ve been slack at replying to my blog comments – I really appreciate you reading my posts and commenting 🙂 Take care x

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