Find the Good in the Morning

I want to share a peek at the routines, rituals and things that help me Find the Good in the morning when I wake up. Getting each day off to a good start usually helps me stay motivated and focused and makes me happy!

The Little Things Add Up

Find the Good In...series

I’ve been thinking lately about all the little things throughout each day that help me Find the Good Everyday. This has led me to trying to be more aware as I go about my day to pinpoint these things. It’s always good to have a list to refer to later. Little routines and habits can change and sometimes fall astray and it’s good to know what I do now so I can revisit later if I lose my way.

I will start documenting these things through a series of blog posts. I will look at different times of day, weekends and holidays and possible other areas as well.

I’ve already shared a couple of posts that I think fit well with this series. They are:
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Find the Good In the MORNING

How I Currently Find the Good in the Morning

  1. Opening the curtains a notch to see the sunlight reflect rainbows around the room through my crystal hanging there
  2. Writing Morning Pages
  3. Cuddles – far better to start the day with a cuddle before the “I’ve told you three times to put your shoes on” school rush!
  4. Recognising my skincare & shower routine as Self Care
  5. Eating a healthy breakfast sets me up for the day. Almost everyday I have an apple with breakfast.
  6. Using a plate that makes me smile (my latest is my floral bunny plate, I also have rainbow pencils and jelly beans designs)
  7. Exercise – I try to either walk to school or walk for at least 20 minutes after the school run and before I do anything else. I’ve just started C25k so currently I’m aiming to “run” 3 mornings each week.

Other Ways to Find the Good in the Morning

I’m not doing these things currently but I’ve either done them in the past or would like to try them in the future

  1. Get up earlier (I do this every now and again but haven’t managed to make this routine stick – especially in the Winter months when it’s cold and dark. Perhaps I should make it a summer routine?)
  2. Drink Hot Water and Lemon
  3. Meditate
  4. Affirmations
  5. Miracle Morning (in fact meditation and affirmation are part of Miracle Morning!)
  6. Yoga (I do yoga everyday but it’s not always in the morning)
  7. Spend time outside in nature (I do try to walk most days but even on the days I don’t walk I’d like to get in the habit of getting outside amongst nature…even in my own back garden!)


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How do you Find the Good in the Morning? What gets your day off to the best start? I hope these ideas are useful for you and look forward to sharing more ideas in this series over the coming months.