Find the Good When You’re Under the Weather

Today I want to share some ideas to find the good when you are under the weather.

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So what do I mean by Under the Weather? I think it might be a British term. It typically means you are feeling unwell or in low spirits. So not seriously ill or out of it with the flu – more when you know you’re not feeling 100%.

Find the Good When You Are Under the Weather

Ways to Find the Good When You’re Under the Weather

Slow Down

This is probably the first thing to do when you realise you’re not well. I can usually feel a cold coming as it starts as a scratchy throat and lots of sneezing. At the first signs it’s good to take it easy as much as possible. Try and fit in some early nights and if need be – cancel plans.

Take a Me Day

Along a similar theme – see if you can take a Me Day to make you feel better. It’s probably best if this is a slow, self-care filled day rather than a day of exciting adventures. You could combine a few activities from below as the basis for your Me Day. And check out my Self Care Ideas as well.

Get Outside

This one is weather permitting. But certainly if the sun is shining and conditions are right – try to spend some time outside. You could go for a gentle walk or find a seat to soak up some sunbeams. Even sit on a blanket on the grass in the back garden. Sunshine and fresh air can do the world of good when you’re feeling out of sorts.

Gentle Yoga

Some gentle stretching can really help when you’re feeling a bit bleurgh. Adriene has some lovely gentle practices to try which are available for free on YouTube. I have tried and can recommend:

Build a Comfort-Camp

This is something I’ve done since childhood when I’m feeling poorly. I gather up blankets, pillows, books, magazines, movies, a water bottle, journals, pens and maybe some snacks either on my bed or the couch. That way – I don’t have to move if I don’t want to! I can read or watch a movie or nap. I might use all of my “camp supplies” or none of them but I feel better surrounded by things that bring me comfort.


Sometimes when I’m feeling under the weather it’s time to journal. Which means that sometimes I am complaining about feeling miserable! Sometimes that gets it out of my system. If I’m struggling for journalling ideas I often write a list. Check out my Everyday Life Journalling Prompts for ideas.

Happy List

If you already have a list of things that make you happy why not read it? Often re-reading my lists will make me smile and/or inspire me to do something that makes me happy.

And if you don’t have a happy list why not write one? You might get ideas from my happy lists (list 1 and list 2). I also shared ideas for creating a happy list as part of FTG30 (happy list prompts can be found at FTG30 day 22 and day 29).

Re-read a favourite book

When I’m not feeling at full capacity I often struggle to read new (to me) books. When my mind isn’t as switched on as normal it makes it difficult to keep track of characters and storylines. So when I’m poorly I often find myself re-reading old favourites. For me – that’s usually a romance by a favourite author.

Watch something funny or nostalgic

I find comedy really helps me when I’m not feeling great. It’s good to laugh! I also enjoy the nostalgia of watching TV shows and films I loved as a child. I love re-watching films like Big and The Goonies. When I got chickenpox (aged 27) I watched Mr Magorium’s Wonder Emporium and now it’s become a firm favourite for cheering me up.


I hope these ideas to Find the Good When You’re Under the Weather are helpful. I’d love to hear what you do to take care of yourself when you’re poorly or not feeling your best?

And if you’re reading this because you’re not feeling well – then I wish you all the best for a speedy recovery! (Do let me know if these ideas helped!)