Bloggers Share – Finding Positivity on a Bad Day

Today I’m back with the next instalment of my new series here on the blog. I recently asked some fellow bloggers their tops tips to help Find the Good Everyday. Today – I’m sharing their tips for Finding Positivity on a Bad Day.

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Finding Positivity on a Bad Day

Bloggers Share FINDING POSITIVITY on a Bad Day
Elen Mai /

“Depending on how severely bad my day is, I do one of two things. If it’s a minor occurrence, I’ll dust myself off and read a few inspirational quotes on Pinterest. Messaging my mum for advice also helps – she’s brutally honest and I love/hate it. Or if it’s a really bad day, I give myself some time to get it out of my system. Usually this takes the form of a Netflix binge-watching session or a couple hours lifting heavy weights at the gym. Whatever I fancy at the time.”

Caterina /

“I like to listen to inspiring podcasts if I’m at work and feeling down, otherwise, I only need a long walk outside in the countryside with one of my film cameras in my backpack.”

Emma Farley /

“I’ve found that even when I’m at my most stressed, getting outside makes me feel so much better, particularly on a sunny day. If I’m having a particularly busy and stressful day at work, just sitting outside for ten minutes is so beneficial.”

Tors Darling /

Be conscious of the little things – I could be having a terrible pain day and everything seems like a chore. I might be in an awful mood, but the positivity comes from thinking about what I have achieved e.g. I got dressed, I watched TV/film I know I’ll love like Harry Potter or a cheesy film.
If I’m having a bad day at work (Emergency Department Sister) I look for positivity in the care I’ve delivered or the targets I’m achieving – or I ask for it. I know that may seem daunting, but when I can’t see anything good I ask people what they’ve seen go well today, or what impact I’ve had on them. If I’m truly overwhelmed I get space from everything – which can be as simple of hiding in the toilet for a moment, getting a drink – nurses are terrible for it.”

Teresa Maria /

“If I feel bad, no matter if it’s for a proper reason or just a feeling that has no foundation in reality (like those days when one feels like the ugliest duckling ever), I don’t deny myself those feelings. I feel bad and I ask myself ‘why?‘ I sort of discuss myself through the issue like my mum would if she was there.
If it’s an issue that I can’t do anything about I have a little tantrum, shout at the wall, and then accept that it’s out of my control, and move on. Takes a lot of willpower, but you can train yourself to do that.
If it’s something useless, like feeling ugly or dumb, I remind myself that it’s just a feeling and that it will pass by. Tomorrow is always a new, better day. I’ve never been wrong on this.”


I’d love to hear your tips and suggestions for finding positivity on a bad day – please leave a comment below with your ideas.

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