Finishing Week in the Life : Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Last week I took part in “Week in the Life”. Today I’m ready to share some photos and words from the last few days of the week. Click here to see my previous posts for Monday & Tuesday and Wednesday & Thursday.

Finishing Week in the Life – Friday

Theme for the Day – Errands & Reading

Weather – High of 18 / Low of 9 / Sunny

Wake up – 7.10am (awake just before 6am – dozed until alarm)

Finishing Week in the Life - Friday (food)

Breakfast – 2 slices Seeded Bread toasted with butter and an apple plus melon & banana after my run

Lunch – Out with hubby at A-Canteen – I had the chicken protein bowl

Dinner – Creamy Chicken Linguine (a Hello Fresh recipe adapted to be Slimming World friendly)

Finishing Week in the Life - Friday (running)

What I did – Morning pages, school run and the final run of week 1 of c25k. Home for cool down, yoga and a shower. Into town for lunch with hubby and to run errands (including a library visit). Lots of reading (instead of editing!) and then collecting Mr 7 after Athletics club after school. We popped to Costa’s for a Friday afternoon treat and picked up some camping chairs for Sunday’s race. A neighbour popped by for a chat while I cooked dinner and we ate a little later than normal. Lots of reading for the rest of the evening.

I got a text from a friend with some sad news late afternoon. I kept thinking about my friend and her situation and tried to send lots of positive thoughts her way. It made me hug my boys a little tighter and I think I ended up reading as a source of comfort. I will be thinking of her lots.

I am grateful for – reading a whole book in one day (About That Kiss by Jill Shalvis)

No. of steps – 13,038 (+1k for school run- forgot to put my Fitbit on after charging overnight)

Today’s Yoga practiceYoga for Runners – Post Run (8 minutes)

Today’s Self Nurturing Activity – Lunch out with hubby plus reading a whole book!

Bedtime – 11.33pm (up late finishing the book)

Finishing Week in the Life - Friday (me)

Finishing Week in the Life – Saturday

Theme for the Day – Feeling out of sorts

Weather – High of 17 / Low of 9 / Mostly cloudy, rainy and grey

Wake up – 9am (after waking at 6am and 7am then going back to sleep!0

Week in the Life - Saturday (food)

Breakfast -Bacon sandwich with an apple and coffee

Lunch – Baked beans with grated cheese and cucumber, carrot and cherry tomatoes on the side

Dinner – Savoury Rice with Sausages followed by cookie and chocolate

Week in the Life - Saturday (activities)

What I did – Had a lay-in (thank you boys!), did my morning pages then headed downstairs in my PJs. Made breakfast and hubby went back to bed! Put the laptop on to start blogging and ended up getting caught up in LOTS of “Mum-min” (admin for mums) instead. Got a lot of boring stuff done but it didn’t feel like a fun accomplishment! Got dressed at midday, had lunch and took Mr 7 to his swimming lesson. Popped to supermarket for a few bits on the way home.

Hubby & I watched the F1 qualifying while Mr 7 played then he did some homework. I went upstairs for a 5 minute sit-down and napped for an hour! Downstairs for dinner then evening jobs. Hubby watched Lord of the Rings while I read. At 9.30pm I updated my bullet journal and my notes for WITL, did a quick yoga and headed to bed.

I am grateful for – a nap in the afternoon!

No. of steps – 2,781 (not feeling well so skipped the walk)

Today’s Yoga practiceQuickie – Bedtime (7 minutes)

Today’s Self Nurturing Activity – Having a nap!

Bedtime – 10.15pm

Week in the Life - Saturday (chill out)

Finishing Week in the Life – Sunday

Theme for the Day – Marathon Day (for the hubby!)

Weather – High of 17 / Low of 8 / Mostly cloudy (but dry!)

Wake up – 7.05am

Week in the Life - Sunday (food)

Breakfast – Sausage sandwich and an apple

Lunch – Happy Meal with Chicken McNuggets and a Sprite Zero

Dinner – Chinese Takeaway

Note – my food has been really hit & miss this week…hoping to draw a line and start afresh with plenty of water and yummy fruit & vegetables!

WITL - Sunday (Marathon)

What I did – Up early for a Sunday. Left home at 8.30am to get hubby to his marathon. We arrived and got him registered and then waved him off at the start at 10am. Headed over to Freeport for morning tea in Starbucks, a quick look round the shops and then lunch before heading back to race HQ. Hubby got a personal best and we cheered him to the finish. Once he was suitably recovered we drove home.

We watched the F1 Spanish GP while Mr 7 played with his friend (a neighbour). Ordered in dinner and did some work on this blog post. Got Mr 7 to bed and did Sunday night chores (tidied the kitchen, packed lunch, gathered all the kit required for school tomorrow – PE & swimming!).  Did the new yoga practice, read for a while and headed to bed…ready to start all over tomorrow!

I am grateful for – being able to document this season of our lives through Week in the Life!

No. of steps – 7,679

Today’s Yoga practiceYoga for Travel (23 minutes) – this is Adriene’s newly released practice – I LOVED it and would recommend as a lovely, gentle practice.

Today’s Self Nurturing Activity – New Yoga practice and reading!

Bedtime – 9.50pm

WITL - Sunday (other)

What now?

I feel like documenting this week has been a great spotlight on our current routines and daily life. It’s also highlighted areas of my life that I can look to improve. It’s been time-consuming but I believe the time and effort has been worthwhile.

I hope I will enjoy looking back at these posts over time. It’s great to have our Week in the Life captured on the blog and Instagram. I have more photos than I haven’t shared and I am hoping to bring the whole project together in a photo book or something we can hold in our hands.

I’ve created a category for Week in the Life now there are a few posts. You can visit all the posts here.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these sneak peeks into my days and week! Normal blogging will resume later this week!