FTG30 day 30 – the final day! (Find the Good in 30 days)

Can you believe it’s time for FTG30 day 30? Today I am sharing the final activity.

If you’re still here and playing along – THANKYOU.

And if you are new – HELLO!

I have also been posting the activities daily to Instagram.

Tuesday 30th April – REFLECTION – Moving Forward

FTG30 day 30 - REFLECTION - Moving Forward

I hope that these daily prompts have given you much to think about and you have some tools in your Find the Good Toolbox to feel happier and healthier.

Hopefully you have an inspiring space filled with quotes, images and your happy list. You have fine-tuned your environment, health and routines. And you have been making self care a priority and have lots of ideas for future self care.

Today I’d like you to take a little bit of time to reflect on the past month.
Have a read through your notebook.

And then on a fresh page write down the things you’ve been doing that you want to take forwards with you. Or what your next steps will be to feel happier and healthier.

You could also revisit the questions from day 16 (midpoint check-in).

If you haven’t been joining in or you’ve missed days – don’t worry. Maybe pick a couple of activities that draw your attention and schedule some time to complete them.

And I’d love for you to reach out and let me know how you’ve found these activities.

I’m wishing you much happiness and good health! And I hope you are able to Find the Good Everyday.

What next?

If you’ve enjoyed visiting the blog and taking part in FTG30 I’d love it if you stuck around. I’d love it if you supported my future writing. There are a couple of ways to do this:

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