FTG30 days 16 to 20 (Find the Good in 30 days)

These are the activities for FTG30 days 16 to 20 (Find the Good in 30 Days).

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Tuesday 16th April – REFLECTION – Midpoint Check-In

FTG30 days 16 to 20 - Day 16 REFLECTION - Mid Point Check-In

Today’s theme is Reflection and it’s time for a midpoint check-in.

We are half way through the 30 days. How are you finding it so far?

Have you been joining in with the activities? Is there any you want to revisit and add to?

What has been your favourite one so far?

You could journal about what has resonated with you so far. And what hasn’t.

At the end of the month how would you like to feel?

And if you haven’t done any activities yet perhaps choose one or two to try.

I’d love to hear how it’s going for you…please feel free to leave a comment below or on Instagram to let me know how you’re finding FTG30.

Wednesday 17th April – ENVIRONMENT – Virtual

Day 17 ENVIRONMENT - Virtual

Today’s theme is Environment and today’s activity involves our Virtual environment.

Two weeks ago we looked at decluttering. Today I want you to consider decluttering in relation to your “virtual” environment rather than your physical one. By “virtual” I mean electronics, emails, phone, screens, apps, notifications etc.

  • How is your Virtual environment affecting your health and your happiness?
  • If you have notifications constantly buzzing on your phone it’s likely distracting you from other tasks and even resting. Could you switch some off?
  • Are you signed up for hundreds of email newsletters that you no longer read and just clutter your inbox?
  • Is your inbox out of control?
  • Do you have time-zapping app’s on your phone which are affecting your productivity?

Have a think today about virtual distractions and what you can do to fix them. What one thing can you do to improve your Virtual environment?

Thursday 18th April – INSPIRATION – Gather Quotes & Images

Day 18 INSPIRATION - Gather Quotes and Images

Today’s theme is Inspiration and today’s activity involves gathering inspiring quotes and images…ready to create an inspiration board next week! It will be a visual representation of things that make you happy and encourage you to find the good.

Today I want you to search out quotes and images that inspire you. Here are some tips for getting started:

  • A good place to start would be the people who inspire you – can you find a quote from them that resonates with you?
  • Pinterest is a great source of inspiring quotes and images.
  • You could go down the DIY route and look through some magazines – cutting out anything that you like the look of.
  • Think about your happy list – what pictorial representation can you find for the things on your list? You could include a copy of your happy list.
  • What are your favourite colours? – try to collect things featuring them
  • If you have a stationery or craft obsession (like I do!) – have a look through your supplies for any stickers, washi tape, papers and patterns that you love.

Use a large envelope or folder to store everything and keep a look out over the next week for things that catch your eye.

If you’re short on space or not sure where to put an inspiration board…you could collect things this week that appeal to you by taking screenshots or making notes in your notebook. I’ll be sharing alternate ideas for displaying them next week.

Friday 18th April – HEALTH – Move

Day 19 HEALTH - Move

Today’s theme is Health and today’s activity is to move.

I’m sure we all know that exercise is good for us and I don’t need to list all the benefits. But just because we know this doesn’t necessarily mean we make enough time for it in our lives.

So do you feel happy with the level of activity and exercise in your life right now?
  • If the answer is yes – that’s great! Keep doing what you’re doing! And why not brainstorm new activities and exercise you’d like to try.
  • If the answer is no – let’s take some time to figure out what you’d like to do and how you can fit it into your schedule.

Two of my most favourite ways to exercise are both free, readily available and super easy. Every day I walk. And every day I practice yoga.

The walking requires some time, shoes on my feet and the willingness to step outside and get going. As I mentioned on day 10 (Get Outside) – walking helps me to clear my head, step away from a problem and come back with a solution or come up with new ideas. When I find myself rushing around and not taking time to walk I get more anxious and feel worse.

My yoga practice is usually at home. I have a yoga mat and I use Yoga with Adriene’s free yoga practices (available on YouTube). There are lots available for all different levels. If you’ve never tried yoga before and you’re keen to try I’d recommend Adriene’s “A Little Goes a Long Way” practice.

Yoga and Walking may not be for you…but if you’re not sure where to start they are both great for beginners and don’t require any fancy equipment or memberships (you don’t even need a yoga mat – you can use a towel).

In your notebook – come up with a list of activities and exercise you could try. Which one seems the most fun? And then give it a go!

Here are some ways to fit exercise into your daily life:
  • Get up a little earlier
  • Use your lunch breaks
  • Walk or cycle to places instead of using the car
  • Sign up to a class or walk/jog with a friend and spend time with them whilst exercising
  • Start small – 5 minutes here and there – and gradually build up.

Saturday 20th April – ROUTINES – Make Tomorrow Easier

FTG30 days 16 to 20 - day 20 ROUTINE - Make Tomorrow Easier

Today’s theme is Routines and we are going to look at ways to make tomorrow easier…

“Do something today that your future self will thank you for.”

– Sean Patrick Flanery

I love this quote. I love the opportunity to make tomorrow easier. It’s good to find ways you can give future you a helping hand! Just in case tomorrow is a low-energy day. And if it’s not…you’ve still done yourself a favour and freed up some time for doing something more fun!

So what ways can we help out our future self and make tomorrow easier?
  • Meal plan – know what’s for dinner before you’re even hungry!
  • Pack your bags / lay out clothes for tomorrow before bed…it’s so much easier doing this at a leisurely pace rather than rushing around in the morning
  • Don’t let your car fuel go below a quarter of a tank…saves rushing when the empty tank warning comes up!
  • Write a to do list the day before…so you can get stuck straight in
  • Tidy your desk/workspace at the end of your day so it’s ready for the following day
  • Wash up and tidy the kitchen as you go so there’s less to do after you’ve eaten
  • Plan when you will take time for self care so you have something to look forward to
  • Keep an ongoing shopping list to add to as you find things running low (saves standing in the shop trying to remember what you need!)

Today’s activity is to pick one of these (or come up with another idea) to start incorporating into your daily plans to make life a little easier tomorrow.

I’d love for you to share any ideas you have. I am always looking for more ways to help out future me!

FTG30 days 16 to 20 done & dusted!

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