FTG30 days 21 to 25 (Find the Good in 30 days)

Today I am sharing the activities for FTG30 days 21 to 25 (Find the Good in 30 Days).

I am also posting the activities daily to Instagram.

Sunday 21st April – SELF CARE – Pampering

FTG30 Days 21 to 25 - Day 21 SELF CARE - Pampering

Today’s theme is Self Care and we are going to look at pampering ourselves.

Earlier in the month I talked about seeing Self Care as a broad subject and thinking of all the different ways you can nurture yourself.

Today I am sharing ideas for pampering yourself. If this theme doesn’t work for you try to think of a different one and brainstorm ideas in your notebook.

  • Have a bubble bath or shower
  • Give your hair a conditioning treatment
  • Give yourself a home pedicure
  • Or manicure
  • Or facial (I like using sheet masks – less mess!)
  • Massage yourself…a foot or neck massage can be very relaxing
  • Take a nap
  • What others can you think of?

Don’t forget to set the scene for your pampering session:

  • Light a scented candle, burn some incense or diffuse some essential oils
  • Listen to soothing music (like you might hear at a spa)
  • Lower the lights
  • Try to find some quiet space without interruptions

Remember to take some time out today (or another day this week) to do some kind of self care activity.

Monday 22nd April – HAPPY – 10 (or more) Happy Things

FTG30 days 21 to 25 - Day 22 - HAPPY - 10 Happy Things

Today’s theme is Happy.

Over the duration of FTG30 I want you to create a list of things that make you happy.

Find your happy list in your notebook. (Hopefully you already have at least 20 things on the list).

Today I want you to add at least 10 Happy Things. We will continue to do this once each week through the month and by the end of the month you will have a list of at least 40 things that make you happy.

If you are struggling for ideas at this stage give some thought to these themes and see if any specifics come up that make you happy:

  • Things at home
  • Things outside
  • Something you collect
  • Your favourite places
  • Your favourite time of day
  • Things that always make you smile
  • Colours you love
  • Clothes you love
  • Your favourite food and beverages
  • People that make you happy

Tuesday 23rd April – REFLECTION – Stop / Start / Continue

Day 23 REFLECTION - Stop, Start and Continue

Today’s theme is Reflection and today’s activity involves some journalling.

I find this a really worthwhile exercise and often find myself doing it as one year ends and another begins.

Open up a fresh page (a double spread would be handy) and split the page into 3 sections.

At the top of the page write “In order to feel happier and healthier” and then title the 3 sections as following:

  • I will STOP…
  • I will START…
  • and I will CONTINUE…

Now brainstorm away…what do you want to add to each section? Another way to approach it is… What do you want MORE of in your life? And LESS of? And just the SAME amount?

My STOP section often includes too much scrolling and bad food habits. My START section has encouraged some great habits such as daily yoga and gratitude practice. And I think it’s also good to look at what you’re currently doing well. It’s easy to get caught up in introducing good habits and discouraging bad habits but let’s also take some time to celebrate what we are already doing to feel happier and healthier!

Wednesday 24th April – ENVIRONMENT – Your Own Space

Day 24 - Your Own Space

Today’s theme is Environment and today’s activity is to create our own space.

Find a space in your home that you can call your own. You could clear off a windowsill or a shelf. And gather some of your favourite items – things that make you smile and as Marie Kondo says “spark joy”. Gather your happy things in your space.

I have lots of little spaces around my home where I collect things that make me happy (some people refer to it as tat!). My bureau desk is where I keep stationery and items on display that make me smile (the mini unicorn snow globe my son bought me, pottery I’ve made, a pretty dragonfly ornament). I also have a space on top of my clothes drawers where I keep crystals and knick-knacks and candles. Plus there’s also a beautiful teal green bowl where I keep treasures I find in nature – pretty pebbles, feathers and pine cones.

I try to tend these spaces and keep them free of dust and other clutter (it doesn’t always work!). And I like to change them up seasonally.

If you’re more of a minimalist you might like to choose just one item (perhaps a plant) and keep it in an otherwise clear space.

Make a little corner of your home a happy space and somewhere you can keep your treasured items.

Thursday 25th April – INSPIRATION – Inspiration Board/Wall

Day 25 INSPIRATION - Inspiration Board

Today’s theme is Inspiration and for today’s activity we are going to create our Inspiration Board.

Hopefully over the course of the week you’ve been gathering images and quotes that inspire you. Today I want you to use all or some of these things to create a moodboard, a collage or an inspiration board.

When I first came up with the idea for this activity I pictured it as a space on a wall somewhere when you can pin everything up. I use my wardrobe door for this purpose (I’ve shared it here). This might not work for everyone though…so let’s think about all the ways this could work for you. You could:

  • Create a small collage in your notebook you’ve been using for FTG30
  • Create a virtual inspiration board on Pinterest
  • Make a bookmark with a quote and/or image to keep nearby and remind you to Find the Good Everyday
  • Pin an inspiring image up inside your wardrobe or a cupboard so you see it every time you open the door
  • Save an image or quote as the wallpaper on your phone so you see it every time you pick up your phone
  • Write a note of encouragement to yourself and stick it to a mirror or the inside of your front door

It’s good to have visual inspiration somewhere you will see it everyday. So think about where you might be able to squeeze it in!

If you do have a big space – then go crazy! Add as many things as you can find that inspire you. You could also add notes from your favourite FTG30 activities.

FTG30 Days 21 to 25 done!

Can you believe we are almost done? I’ll be back in a few days with the last prompts. In the meantime you can follow along on Instagram or sign up to receive blog posts by email.

Thanks for being here!