FTG30 Days 26 to 29 (Find the Good in 30 Days)

Welcome to FTG30 days 26 to 29 (Find the Good in 30 Days).

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Friday 26th April – HEALTH – Nourish

FTG30 days 26 to 29 - Day 26 HEALTH - Nourish

Today’s theme is Health and for today’s activity we will be looking at foods that nourish us.

Do you menu plan? Or do you prefer to wing it and stay flexible? I’m a planner but every now and again I get bored with food prep and eating similar meals over and over again and it usually leads to bad food choices.

Today I’d like to suggest that you use your notebook to come up with a list of meals and a list of snacks you like that nourish you.

You might, first, need to think about what “nourish” means to you.

For me – that’s foods I enjoy eating that I know are good for me because they are full of nutrients and goodness. Foods that don’t make me feel worse (like junk food and sugary treats).

If you’re stuck for ideas have a look online. Pinterest is full of meal ideas and recipes. If you have specific dietary requirements you can search for those and come up with new ideas. I also like to follow some inspiring Instagram foodie accounts that share healthier versions of favourites – I save their posts to come back to when I want some fresh recipes to try.

You can refer to your lists when you’re stuck for ideas.

Saturday 27th April – ROUTINES – Weekly Routines

Day 27 ROUTINE - Weekly Routine

Today’s theme is Routines and today’s activity looks at our Weekly Routines.

We’ve already looked at morning and evening routines and how we can make tomorrow easier. Today let’s look more closely at our weekly routines.

I find it easier to do something daily then less regularly. It becomes a habit much quicker when I repeat it daily. Do you find that too?

Over this month I’ve split the weeks out with themes for each day…why not think about having a theme for certain days moving forward? This way you can group new habits you want to develop in the theme and you know which day to do it. You don’t have to use the themes I’ve suggested. They could be completely different. And you don’t necessarily need to have a theme for every day of the week…but if you had a day dedicated to self care each week that’s when you could schedule in me-time and other ideas you’ve come up with for self care.

In your notebook draw out a table showing the 7 days of the week. Are there already things you tend to do on the same day each week? Could these help you come up with a theme for the day?

What new habits do you want to start and what good habits do you want to continue? (revisit your notes from day 23). If they are not things you will do daily – where can you fit them in to your weekly schedule?

Here are some ideas for themes you could have across the week…
  • Errand day – where you batch all your errands and get them all done in the same day (post office, library, dropping off and picking up parcels etc)
  • Self care day – even if you don’t want to create any other themed days why not try just this one?
  • Family day – where you earmark quality time to spend with the family and go have some adventures
  • Admin day – where you catch up with all the admin that builds up – answering emails, making phone calls, paying bills, making appointments
  • Adventure day – where you go off and try something new, explore your local area, take an Artist’s Date (more on those here)

I’d love to know what your theme days are – please share!

Sunday 28th April – SELF CARE – Connection

Day 28 SELF CARE - Connection

Today’s theme is Self Care and we are going to look at Connection as a form of Self Care.

I look at connection in a couple of different ways – my connection with others and my connection with the bigger picture (spirituality).

What does connection mean to you? As I’ve mentioned before – if this theme for self care doesn’t work for you – what themes do? (I find it much easier to come up with ideas within themes rather than a random list).

Ideas for Connection as Self Care
  • Call a supportive friend for a chat
  • Go for coffee with a friend
  • Write a letter to someone telling them what’s happening in your life at the moment (you don’t have to send it…but writing it might help you make sense of what’s happening)
  • Find someone to give you a cuddle!
  • Make a date with someone important in your life and spend quality time doing something you enjoy
  • Take yourself for a date – doing something that makes you happy!
  • Read a book that inspires you to think about the bigger picture and your spirituality
  • Take some time out in nature to connect to the seasons (I love walking in the same places during different seasons to witness natures changes)
  • Look for local (or even online) events coming up that will help you connect with others or your own spirituality

Hopefully over the course of the last 28 days you’ve come up with a list of ideas to nurture yourself. Remember to take time regularly to look after yourself (whatever this means to you).

Monday 29th April – HAPPY – 10 (or more) Happy Things

FTG30 days 26 to 29 - day 29 HAPPY - 10 happy things

Today’s theme is Happy.

Find your happy list in your notebook.

Today I want you to add at least 10 Happy Things.

Last week I shared some prompts. Here are some more that might help:

  • What hobbies do you have?
  • Are you an animal lover? (Making friends with dogs I meet is one of my favourite things)
  • Which keepsakes do you love?
  • What activities make you feel good when you’re doing them and/or afterwards (e.g. exercise, a job well done)
  • What music do you like? (Which songs make you want to dance and sing?)
  • Your favourite movies or TV that you can watch time and again?
  • What scents make you happy?

Try and be specific. It can often be the little tiny details that make our hearts sing.

How many have you got on your list? Read through it – does anything else come to mind that you can add on?

However many things you’ve got – I’d recommend typing or copying it out onto some paper or card and adding the list to your Inspiration Board. And add to it as often as you can!

That was FTG30 days 26 to 29.

We are almost done! Come back on the 30th for the final day and how you can go forward with your FTG30 toolkit.