FTG30 Days 6 to 10 (Find the Good in 30 Days)

Today I’m sharing daily activities for FTG30 days 6 to 10 (Find the Good in 30 Days). I am also posting the activities daily to Instagram.

If you haven’t already read my introduction post about this project and how it will work please click HERE to read it.

Click here if you’re looking for days 1 to 5.

Saturday 6th April – ROUTINES – Morning Routines

FTG30 days 6 to 10 - Day 6 ROUTINE - Morning Routine

Today’s theme is Routines and today’s activity is Morning Routines.

Let’s look at your Morning Routine…do you have one?

Write down in your notepad what your current morning routine looks like (if you don’t have a routine – write down what happens on a ‘typical’ day).

And now – the fun part! If you didn’t have any commitments in the morning – how would your DREAM morning look? Would you get more sleep? Exercise? Get up and write or read?

Go crazy and write down all the things that would help you start the day in the most positive way.

Now…how can you adopt just one of these things? For example – you might not be able to exercise for an hour each morning but could you do 10 minutes by getting up a little earlier? If you want to read more – why not keep a book beside your bed and read a chapter before you get up and get ready for your day.

If you have a planner/to do list – make sure to add your new Morning Routine activity to it so you remember. I like to set reminders in my phone to go off at a certain time.

For ideas of how to Find the Good in the Morning check out my blog post.

Sunday 7th April – SELF CARE – Preparation & Planning for Self Care

Day 7 SELF CARE - Self Care Planning and Preparation

Today’s theme is Self Care and today’s activity is Preparation and Planning for Self Care.

One day each week (I have suggested Sunday but choose whichever day works best for you) plan to spend an hour focusing on your Self Care.

Open up a new page in your Notebook and brainstorm what Self Care means to you.

Then come up with a list of at least 10 tangible things you can do for your own Self Care. Estimate how long each thing takes and note if any supplies or cost is involved. It may also be helpful to note where you need to be (at home, outside etc).

Try to come up with some free and easy suggestions as well as some that require more effort.

If you’re stuck – check out my Self Care Ideas!

Each Sunday I will share some Self Care Ideas along themes (creativity, pampering and connection) which might give you more ideas.

You can then pick a Self Care option from my lists or your own each week to carry out.

START TODAY – pick something off your list and do it today. You could plan an early night, read a book or magazine, call a friend for a chat or spend some time doing a hobby you love.

Monday 8th April – HAPPY – 10 (or more) Happy Things

Day 8 HAPPY - 10 Happy Things

Today’s theme is Happy.

Over the duration of FTG30 I want you to create a list of things that make you happy. Open up a fresh page in your notebook and entitle it “My Happy List” or “Things That Make Me Happy”.

Today I want you to write down at least 10 Happy Things. We will do this once each week through the month and by the end of the month you will have a list of at least 40 things that make you happy.

(Note – if you can manage 25 items each week then you’ll have a list of 100 by the end of the month!)

If you’re stuck for ideas have a look at my first list of 100 things that make me happy and my 2nd list of 100 too!

Tuesday 9th April – REFLECTION – Your Ideal Day

Day 9 REFLECTION - Ideal Day

Today’s theme is Reflection and today’s activity is a fun one – I want you to imagine your ideal day.

Give yourself a moment to sit and daydream…
• what does your perfect day look like?
• where would you be?
• who would you spend time with?
• what things would you be doing?

Start at the beginning of the day…waking up, getting ready for your day, what would you wear and eat for breakfast? What would you spend your morning doing?

Into the afternoon…what are your surroundings like? How would you be spending your time?

And the evening – would you be tucked up cozy at home? Or out at a glam event? What time would you go to bed? What would your gratitude look like at the end of the day?

Let yourself daydream for a while…then set a timer for 5 minutes and write down as much as you can remember in your notebook.

I find this exercise so much fun.

And now…look back at what you’ve noted down and work out just one tiny little action you can take today towards your Ideal Day.

Did you wish for more rest? For more time with certain people in your life? Did you dream (like I often do) about spending your days writing?

Pick one aspect and figure out a baby step towards it.

I dedicate more time to writing these days. I spend more time on self care. And I make sure I get outside in nature more often…all of these things stem from daydreaming about my ideal day!

And if you’re keen to share – do let me know something about your ideal day…and what action you can do to work towards it.

Wednesday 10th April – ENVIRONMENT – Get Outside

FTG30 Days 6 to 10 - Day 10 ENVIRONMENT - Get Outside

Today’s theme is Environment and today’s activity is Get Outside!

I’m always amazed by the difference it can make to my day if I spend time outdoors. Sometimes the best thing we can do for taking a step back and giving ourselves some space is to change up our environment.

A walk outside is often the best way for me to clear my head, step away from a problem and come back with a solution or come up with new ideas.

Today I want you to spend a few minutes outside – go for a walk around the block or make a stop at a local park or open space. You could even hang out in your back garden.

Breathe in the fresh air and notice what’s happening around you. Can you hear birds singing? (Sometimes you have to listen really hard over traffic noise!) Can you spot some greenery? What’s happening in nature right now?

And keep this in mind for days when you feel overwhelmed or frustrated – take some time outside to clear your head.

Remember – there’s no such thing as bad weather – just the wrong clothes!

That’s FTG30 Days 6 to 10.

How are you finding it so far? Have you been able to join in? If not – why not pick just one from the 10 activity suggestions so far and try it today?

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