Getting My Style Analysis

In my 37 Things Aged 37 Update post I talked about changing “Fit into Size 12’s” to “Get a Style Analysis and start to update wardrobe.”

Today I want to talk more about my Style Analysis and what my plans are around this item on my 37 Things list .

Getting My Style Analysis

Why did I change my 37 Things activity?

Since I was a teenager (jeepers that’s 20 years ago) I’ve been self-conscious about my size, shape and weight. I’ve tried various diets, lifestyle plans and types of exercise over the years – most with the faraway goal of becoming a skinny size 10 who can wear anything and isn’t a slave to chocolate!

I remember seeing a post online somewhere that said:

“I wish I was the weight I was when I thought I was fat.”

How true is that? And I’ve come to the realisation (at a ridiculously slow rate!) that I’ve been going about it all the wrong way! I feel like I’ve been battling with myself for years!

Even recently I was still a member of Slimming World. I joined late 2016 after we moved back to the UK from New Zealand and initially did well. I lost over 4 stone. But I was so hard on myself that I would feel guilty about enjoying life and having a meal out. Any time I slipped up I would often lose the plot completely. And over 2018 I watched as the number on the scales went up rather than down. This led to the equivalent of a toddler tantrum on my part…where I decided “Screw it!” and wrecked most of my hard work.

This year – I’ve decided things need to change! I do want to work towards what I consider a healthier weight but I intend to go about it differently. I’m trying to learn more about nutrition and moving towards a whole foods diet (I might blog about this soon). And, in line with those changes, I’ve decided to learn more about clothes that suit my body shape and colouring and build a wardrobe of clothes I feel confident in now (not waiting forever until I’m at my “ideal” weight).

Getting my Style Analysis

I found an online service called Styled by Susie. It was recommended by The Organised Mum (whose house organising and cleaning method I blogged about earlier this year). I visited the website a few times, started following Susie on Instagram and joined her Facebook group. I followed some advice in the group about clothes that suit most shapes and started to think a bit more about how I was putting my outfits together. And over Easter I decided to go for it and book an analysis to get even more information to help me make style choices.

I submitted my questionnaire and photos then I waited, not particularly patiently, for the email to arrive…

What my Style Analysis says

When the email arrived it was full of useful information and also some lovely confidence-boosting words from Sarah (who did my analysis). It also told me that my body shape is Pear. And my season or colour palette is Summer.

So what do these terms actually mean?

My pear-shape (sometimes called a triangle) means that my hips and lower half is larger than my top half. Pear shapes usually have a defined waist and a decent neck, arms and shoulders. My style analysis report gives me suggestions for how to draw attention to the areas I am happier with whilst taking attention away from my bulkier areas.

My Summer complexion means I suit pastel and muted colours with a blue undertone. Lucky for me – there are lots of colours in this range that I love – especially blues, purples and pinks. I also suit grey. And white works better for me than cream.

Where to now?

I’m excited to be armed with lots of information from my analysis to start updating my wardrobe with colours and styles that will suit my shape and colouring.

I intend to go through my current wardrobe and work out what items I already have that will work for my colouring and shape. Then I’ll come up with a list of things to start looking out for as I see them. I’m keen to buy a couple of key pieces to wear over summer and some fun accessories too!

I want to have items in my wardrobe that make me smile and help me feel more confident when I wear them.


Have you ever had a style analysis? Or do you dress in certain colours and styles because they suit you better? If so – let me know what works for you!