Getting photos into physical form (using chatbooks)

Whilst taking part in the Boho Berry Year End Review challenge I decided to turn my photos into a book so I have a physical record. Today I’m sharing some of the pages from my photo book. I created the book using Chatbooks*.

I think it’s important to get photos out of phones and computers and into something we can hold in our hands. In the past I’ve been a scrapbooker and also did Project Life for a few years. Although I don’t scrapbook photos anymore I still think it’s important to have physical keepsakes. Recently I’ve been making photo books.

I previously used Chatbooks last year to create a photo book for our family summer holiday.

For this book I set a recurring reminder every few days in my calendar during the month.  I added the photos in the app as I progressed through the challenge. It only took a few minutes each time and then once the new year rolled around I checked all the pages and ordered my book.

My Year End Review Photo book (using Chatbooks)

I went with a soft cover design and chose my Farewell 2017 image for the cover.

Including the Boho Berry Challenge prompt list on page 1 helps explain each of the prompts.

I chose to include the dates at the top of each page to help link back to the prompt list.

There is the option to include captions with the photos. For most pages I excluded the captions but I thought it was worth adding in the caption regarding my break-through moment as there was some extra explanation required. I was choosing the photos from my Instagram feed so it used my Instagram caption (I had the option to change this if I wanted).

I added my Word of the Year announcement image as well as the prompt (even though the dates of the images don’t line up) so that my word was displayed in the book.

I’m happy with the printed book. It’s great to have my 2017 review and 2018 plans recorded on paper as well as Instagram.

I decided to close out the book with my Welcome 2018 image to look forward to this new year.

The book ended up being 38 pages long and cost me $19US ($15 for the book plus $4 for shipping). This equated to £14.05 at the time I ordered. I ordered the book on the 6th January and it arrived mid last week (around the 17th January).

If you are keen to try using Chatbooks I have a referral code you can use. If you click here you can get your first book free*.

(* denotes an affiliate link. If you order through this link I will receive a few dollars off my next order).