How I Am Embracing Spring

I’m enjoying the feeling of awakening and extra burst of energy that Spring seems to be giving me this year. Winter felt long and my energy levels felt very low at times. As nature around me wakes up and starts to grow I can feel my own energy levels increasing.

How I am Embracing Spring

How am I embracing Spring?

I let my mind wander whilst out for a walk a couple of days ago. I thought about Spring and what celebrating the season means to me and came up with some ways that I am embracing Spring time this year.

1 Let the Fresh Air In

With the warmer days I’ve turned down the dial on the central heating and I’ve been throwing open the windows and doors. A burst of fresh air can feel invigorating and I love being able to hear the birds (and the chickens that live a couple of gardens away!).

2 Hanging out the Washing

There’s a strange kind of joy that comes with being able to hang my washing out in the garden to dry. I get so fed up with it taking up room inside and taking too long to dry over Winter. It’s lovely to catch a colourful glimpse of the washing flapping on the line in the wind and a great excuse to get outside to hang it out and bring it back in (hopefully dry!).

3 Spring Cleaning

I’ve always found decluttering and Spring Cleaning great for energy clearing. It boosts my energy to move things around and give them a good dust. I start small and work from there. I’ve shared the benefits of decluttering in a recent post.

4 Get Outside

I recommend this for every season. To fully embrace the season it’s good to get outside in it! It’s all about appropriate clothing. (I enjoy being cozy and warm in Winter and yet I still bundled myself up in many layers to get out and enjoy the snow when it came!) Spring is a beautiful time to be out walking and exploring – not too warm and not too cold. And so much to see…

5 Seek Out the New Growth and Pops of Colour

One of the things I love most about getting outside in Spring time is looking for buds on trees and all the bright colours of the Spring flowers. It makes me feel cheerful to watch nature wake up after Winter.

This also makes me think about gratitude. If you don’t already have a gratitude practice then surely Spring is a great time to start!

6 Tidy the Garden / Cultivate some Green Space

Sometimes tending to the garden can feel like a chore but in Spring I usually have more enthusiasm for it. I love getting the grass cut and looking tidy. And soaking up the sunbeams while I spend time making the garden a lovely space for spending time in as the weather improves.

If you don’t have access to a garden why not get some herbs or indoor plants to tend to? It can help bring the outside in and make you feel more connected with nature.

Other Seasonal Activities

If you’re looking for some fun seasonal activities or tips for making the most out of each season why not check out these other seasonal posts I’ve written…

I’m already looking forward to sharing some Summer activities!

Seasonal Reads

I have a couple of books on my shelf that I’d recommend if you’re keen for some more ideas for embracing each season:

  • The Wonderful Weekend Book by Elspeth Thompson – this is all about how to reclaim your weekends and enjoy your free time. As well as year round activities there are also ideas for each season.
  • Usborne’s Activities for All Year Round – includes some excellent information for children about the seasons as well as lovely seasonal ideas.
  • I also have a copy of The Book of Summer by Josie Curran – I haven’t read it yet but couldn’t resist picking it up when I saw it.

I’d love a larger collection of seasonal books if you have any to recommend?

Perhaps I should write about them in more detail in one of my Reading Rituals posts?


I’d love to hear how you go about embracing Spring? What does the season mean to you?