In 2018 I will Start, Continue and Stop…

In 2018 I will

I’m still working my way through the Year End Review prompts for the Boho Berry December Challenge. You can find me on Instagram HERE and see my entries under the hashtag FTGEbohoberrychallenge.

This week there are a set of 3 prompts that really resonate with me. What do I intend to Start, Continue and Stop Doing in 2018? This is similar to an exercise I started doing several years ago where I would list what I wanted MORE of in the new year and what I wanted LESS of.

Sometimes coming up with concrete goals is tricky. These prompts are excellent at helping you get a feel for how you want the year to look and may even help lead you to the concrete goals you want to achieve. So what have I come up with for each of the prompts?

In 2018 I will start…

  • Using my 2018 word of the year as a mantra
  • The Vein of Gold 30 week course – I’ve joined an online cluster group to work through the companion book to the Artist’s Way (by Julia Cameron)
  • Sending monthly Find the Good Everyday newsletters – if you’re keen to receive them click here to sign up
  • Researching and trying more foods for specific health reasons – I want to be eating energy boosting, inflammation reducing foods
  • Earning money as a writer

In 2018 I will continue…

In 2018 I will stop…

  • Putting off Artist’s Dates
  • Self sabotaging myself – I think I have a lot of inner work to do in this area
  • Using Sugar/Chocolate as a way to boost my energy levels when I’m feeling tired
  • Keeping my phone in the bedroom overnight – I’m going to create a space for charging it in another room and get an old school alarm clock instead. I’m hoping this will help me sleep easier
  • Procrastinating…this may be the trickiest one to break!

I’m taking it as a positive sign that the CONTINUE list was the easiest to write. I think that means I’m on the right track with my daily rituals and routines!

What will you start, continue and stop doing in 2018? If you’re looking for help to break and make habits I recommend the book Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin. I’ve written a blog post about it HERE.