Introducing Reading Rituals

“I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a book.” – J.K. Rowling

I’ve been keen on the idea of creating a Find the Good Everyday book club. I couldn’t quite get my head round how to make it work though. I mulled it over whilst out for a walk. And I realised what was holding me back was worry that I wouldn’t get around to reading a whole book each month to then review it on the blog. So I thought about what reading meant to me in terms of Finding the Good Everyday.

My Relationship with Reading


  • usually have more than one book on the go at any one time
  • have a pile of magazines that I buy and don’t ever feel like I finish reading
  • like to read fiction at bedtime but would love to find time to read more personal development books
  • am a sucker for a happy ending and love to read romance
  • see reading as a self nurturing activity
  • love curling up with old favourites but also discovering new characters and ideas
  • have loved books since I was very young
  • don’t own a kindle or e-reader device
  • have bookshelves that are overflowing
  • am an avid reader but somehow got out of the habit of reading nightly with my son – we re-introduced it over the last few months (mostly Roald Dahl books) and it makes me happy
  • love personal development books but sometimes I find memoirs and fiction more inspiring and motivating

Introducing Reading Rituals

Reading Rituals

Rather than a book club I want to create a space here to discuss reading – what I’m reading, why I’m reading it and how I’m fitting it into my days.

Some months I manage to find enough hours to read multiple books. Other times I don’t even finish one…but I manage to find great blog posts, online articles or dip into a magazine.

Reading Rituals will be a monthly post to encourage me (and hopefully you) to make time to enjoy reading. I might share a review of a book I’ve just read…or revisit an old favourite…or offer suggestions for how to sneak in some reading time.

Each month I’ll set myself a challenge or a goal for reading…perhaps to read a certain book in my to-be-read pile or to try a genre I don’t usually read. Or to find information articles about a topic I’m interested in. And then I’ll share the results here with you.

I’ll be back before the end of the month with my January Reading Rituals post.

What are your reading rituals? Are you a keen reader? How do you fit reading in to your life? I would love to hear suggestions from you – especially if you have any books to recommend!