Kindness is a Superpower (World Kindness Day)

I truly believe that kindness is a superpower! If you were to choose one thing to do to Find the Good Everyday then kindness (to yourself and others) is a fantastic starting point.

Did you know that World Kindness Day is just around the corner? Mark down Monday 13th November in your calendar! How amazing would it be if everyone got on board with this in some way? We could change the world!

In the past I’ve taken part in New Zealand’s RAK (Random Act of Kindness) Day which falls on 1st September each year. I was so pleased to discover that the UK celebrates Kindness Day. And I like that it’s kindness in general and not just random acts of kindness. It’s a day to be kind to yourself and friends and loved ones as well as strangers. It’s celebrated globally too so you can jump on the bandwagon wherever you are in the world.

Kindness Hearts

So what is Kindness Day all about?

According to the Kindness UK website:
“Kindness Day UK is a nationally recognised day for the celebration of kindness in society and day to day life. Individual acts of kindness are encouraged on this day annually.”

Kindness can be powerful. For the person choosing to be kind and for the receiver too. Can you think back to a time when someone extended kindness to you just when you needed it?

  • Receiving a text from a friend when you’re having a bad day.
  • Getting a card or a letter in the mail to make you smile.
  • Someone donating their parking ticket (with time left on it) when you’re short on change.

All these things have the ability to turn your day around. You don’t have to spend hours of your time or lots of money to be kind. Sometimes it’s the smallest gestures that make the biggest difference.

And think back too to a time you extended kindness to someone else. I know that when I’ve done that it feels good! And I go about the rest of my day with a spring in my step.

If you can’t think of examples of kindness in your life then resolve to turn that around on the 13th. It’s never too late to start being kind!

Kindness is a superpower title

Ideas for how to celebrate Kindness Day

Hopefully I’ve convinced you that kindness is a superpower…so what could you do on the 13th to celebrate the day? How about:

  • Reaching out to a friend beyond social media – send a card or a note or give them a call. Especially if you know they might need cheering up.
  • Taking your kids out on a date after school and spend some quality time with them. A surprise trip to the playpark always goes down well in our house.
  • Trying to be an even more courteous driver that you usually would. This is a secret trick of mine…when I feel myself rushing or stressing that I’m running late I consciously decide to drive with more courtesy. I stop to give way and I visualise getting to my destination with just enough time. It always feels like it works and I arrive much less stressed than if I thought everyone was getting in my way!
  • Take the time to make eye contact with people as you go about your day. Ask the person serving you in a shop how they are and wish your neighbours a good day when you see them out and about.
  • Put some bird seed out in your garden for the birds who are probably starting to feel the cold.
  • Think of a time when someone has shown you kindness and find a way to express your gratitude – a small gift, a thank you note or even a quick text to show your appreciation.
  • And don’t forget yourself! Decide on a way you can be kind to yourself on Kindness Day. How about a small treat? Or resolving to only speak kind words to yourself for the day.

There are also lots of ideas for individuals, schools and organisations on the KindnessUK website.

My Plans for Kindness Day

  • I’m intending to reach out to some family and friends on the 13th. I might even send a few cards in the mail with some personal notes.
  • I’m hoping to get some baking done for my husband and son.
  • And I’m catching up with some friends for lunch on the 13th and plan a moment of awkward soppiness when I tell them how important their friendship is to me!
  • Plus I’m sharing this blog post (in advance of the day so you have time to plan your own kindness!) to spread the word and will likely post something to my social media accounts too.

I do hope you agree that kindness is a superpower and you find ways to celebrate it on the 13th. I’d love to hear all about it if you do!

2 Replies to “Kindness is a Superpower (World Kindness Day)”

  1. Hi Katie. I’ve enjoyed this timely reminder. Like you I’ve tried RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) in the past and it’s been lovely to put a smile on someone’s face for no particular reason and with no ulterior motive. But this sounds better. Being mindfully kind all day.

    To be honest I’ve had snippets about this showing up on my FB timeline and hadn’t paid much attention so I’m glad to have had your reminder. And I’m sure you don’t need reminding that simply putting this reminder out is, in itself, a kind act. I think you’ve got Monday cracked!

    1. Hi Susan. Thank you for your lovely comment. It would be great if more people start participating in kindness day and spreading the word. I’m glad my post helped remind you and hope you enjoy celebrating Kindness on Monday!

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