Love Summer Guided Journal & Self Care Kit

Today I am so excited to share the latest Find the Good Everyday product with you! I have created a Love Summer Guided Journal and Self Care Kit and it’s available for sale now. There are 20 kits available in total.

This post contains spoilers! If you want the contents to be a surprise – you can go to this link and order your box without knowing what’s in it!

Read on if you’d like to know what’s included before you decide to buy… I’ve also filmed a video sharing the contents of the box. You can view that here.

A sneak peek at the LOVE SUMMER guided journal and self care kit.

How did it come about?

I’m a big fan of embracing and celebrating each of the seasons. Most of us have a favourite season and ones we don’t like as much. And sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in what we don’t like about a season. I had an idea to create seasonal kits (yes, the plan is there will be one for every season!) to help us find the good in the season.

I’ve previously shared lots of seasonal activity ideas and suggestions for making the most of each season… you can view all my seasonal posts here.

I’m a big fan of journals and journaling (as you can see here (morning pages), here (gratitude) and here (Find Your Happy)) so I created a journal for the main part of the kit. I have also created and curated other contents along the theme of LOVE SUMMER.

So what’s in the LOVE SUMMER guided journal and self care kit?

Photo showing the contents of the LOVE SUMMER guided journal and self care kit. Read on for the full list of contents.

The main element of the kit is a 20 page guided journal to help you plan and create an awesome summer. It’s an A5 journal printed in black and white – allowing you to decorate it however you wish. There are lots of suggestions and ideas to help you create your own lists and plans. It’s hand bound (by me!) and has plenty of space for:

  • setting seasonal goals
  • making plans
  • exploring what you love about Summer
  • creating a Summer playlist
  • writing your own Summer bucket list
  • and capturing your memories of the season

I wanted to create a kit to go with the journal to really help you decorate your journal, focus on summer self care and make the most of the season. So alongside the journal you will receive:

  • SPF30 lip balm in a summery flavour (vegan)
  • a heart shaped pink tea light candle – perfect for lighting while you write in your journal
  • Glow tea bag (individually wrapped) – Strawberry, cucumber, green tea and aloe vera – a lovely summery blend
  • Either: Heartea tea bag (individually wrapped) – Blackcurrant, rosemary, honey and hibiscus or: SLEEP tea bag (individually wrapped) – Spiced apple, vanilla, camomile and Passion flowers (vegan option)
  • Rose quartz tumble stone crystal – symbolises love and peace
  • Blue gel pen for completing your journal
  • Small roll of glitter washi tape in a lovely bright colour to compliment your journal
  • Small roll of decorative washi tape to match your journal
  • An affirmation card (I’ve created a deck of 24 affirmation cards, 1 will go in each box – like a fortune cookie type message!)
  • Some love heart sweets (vegan)

This will all be wrapped and presented in a pink A5 mailing box. All of the packaging is recyclable and I’ve had as much fun putting that together as I have the kits!


So – what are you waiting for? Head over to have a look at the LOVE SUMMER Guided Journal and Self Care Kit… remember there are only 20 kits available so please consider buying as soon as possible if you do want to get one. Plus – the sooner you purchase – the sooner you can use the kit to make the very best of this Summer season.

I’m also selling full sets of the affirmation cards in a handmade popper pouch. And paper copies of Find Your Happy journal too. You can see everything in my Etsy store here.

A BIG thank you for reading this far. I really hope you like the kit and it helps you enjoy Summer.