March Reading Rituals

Reading Rituals

We are approaching the end of another month already – how can that be? That means it’s time for March Reading Rituals. This month I’m sharing my thoughts on books on running (as a non-runner)! Plus a look at my To-Be-Read pile…

This Girl Ran by Helen Croydon

March Reading Rituals This Girl Ran

I like to browse the displays at the library and often pick up a book from the display that I wouldn’t seek out on the shelves. This Girl Ran was such a book. The memoir was released earlier this year and is about how the author went from a social-drinking city-girl to an endurance tri-athlete. I have plans to try Couch to 5k this year and I hoped it would give me some inspiration.

I really enjoyed it. It was interesting to read about someone training for endurance sport and how taking up a new hobby can make such big changes in your life and your social circle. I like Helen’s writing style which is fairly matter-of-fact. I can’t imagine myself getting up for 6am river swims or cycling 100’s of miles anytime soon but I found it fascinating to read the lengths she went to in her training. It’s a great tale of resilience and discovering your passions.

Born to Run by Christopher McDougall

March Reading Rituals Born to Run

My husband is a keen runner and I read his copy of this book a while back. My husband spoke highly of it so even though I wasn’t sure it was my cup of tea I decided to give it a go.

I got drawn in early on and felt I learnt a lot from reading Born to Run.
I loved the tales of the Tarahumara (the world’s greatest distance runners) and the races mentioned in the book. This book helped me understand the passion and addiction behind running. I haven’t headed off to the wilds to run an ultra-marathon since reading it but it has made me think more favourably about running and the camaraderie aspect of it.

It turns out that as a non-runner I still enjoy books about running! I think I should try reading more books about topics I wouldn’t necessarily think I’d enjoy. I do love memoir’s so perhaps this is the key.

What’s on my To-Be-Read pile?

This month I want to share some of the books currently residing in my To-Be-Read pile. If you have enjoyed any of these I’d love to hear from you as I often find myself indecisive about what to read next!

Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari

I purchased this after my husband told me about a podcast with the author.

The Goddess Revolution by Mel Wells

I’ve heard great things about this book and it’s encouragement of self love.

The Four Tendencies by Gretchen Rubin

I’m keen to learn more about the tendencies that Gretchen talks about in Better Than Before which I’ve blogged about previously.

My challenge for April is to start one of these books. But which one should I choose?

Did you get some reading done this month? What are you enjoying reading at the moment?

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