More Natural Choices – Body & Skincare

Earlier in the year I wrote a post sharing my favourite more natural choices in beauty and skincare products. Since then I’ve been trying other products that I consider more natural choices. Today I want to tell you a bit more about them.

If you’re keen to know what I mean by “more natural choices” please check out my previous post.

More Natural Choices - Body & Skincare

More Natural Choices

Shampoo bar –
Lush ‘Honey I Washed My Hair’ (Vegetarian) and ‘Jason & The Argan Oil’ (Vegan)
No Animal Testing / No Parabens / Naked Packaging (no plastic)

I was keen to try shampoo without parabens so tried Lush. They talked me into trying a shampoo bar and I really love it! The first one I bought was Jason & The Argan Oil which is the same scent as my favourite Rose Jam (I already have and LOVE the Bubbleroon and Shower Gel).

It took a bit of getting used to – rubbing a bar of shampoo on my head after years of pouring it out of a bottle but I’m really pleased with the condition of my hair since using the shampoo bars. I was sad to discover that Jason and The Argan Oil was out of stock when it was time to buy another bar…I ended up trying Honey I Washed My Hair – it’s just as good with a lovely sweet honey scent.

Conditioner bar –
Lush ‘Sugar Daddy-O’
Vegan / No Animal Testing / No Parabens / Naked Packaging (no plastic)

After a few goes with the shampoo bar I decided to buy a conditioner bar as well. This is a bit tricker to use as it doesn’t froth much making it difficult to work out how much to use but I think I’ve got the hang of it.

The shampoo and conditioner bar are excellent for travel (I keep them in a little tin – you can buy tins from Lush) as they don’t count as liquids!

Face Cleanser –
Pixi + Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse
Fragrance Free / No Parabens / Not Tested on Animals

I requested this cleanser for my birthday and I LOVE it! It feels luxurious. I use it at night to take make-up off and clean my face before bed. I love the 2 products in 1 jar (one side is a solid cleansing oil and the other is a cleansing cream). Using the oil encourages me to massage my face which feels like a wonderful self-care activity. It leaves my face feeling soft and clean!

Nail Varnish
London Grace – various shades
Formaldehyde-free nail lacquers / Not tested on animals / No parabens

A London Grace nail bar opened up near me earlier this year. I’ve had 2 pedicures in there and it really is a great experience. They use their own nail varnish which is a more natural choice than most nail varnishes I’ve found. You can also buy the nail varnishes to use at home.

Neal’s Yard Remedies

Last month I hosted a Neal’s Yard party and picked up a few items to try…

Bubble bath –
Neal’s Yard Remedies – Rose & Pomegranate
No Animal Testing / No Parabens / No Synthetic Colours or Fragrances / Packaging 100% recyclable

With rose in it I had to try this! I love the scent and it makes a decent amount of bubbles. The Lush Rose Jam Bubbleroon is my favourite bubble bath product but I enjoy using this one as well.

Essential Oil Diffuser –
Neal’s Yard Remedies – Esta Aroma Diffuser

I’m a long term fan of essential oils and much prefer them to artificial scents. I have a ceramic burner which I’ve used in the past but I’m always worried about forgetting to put the candle out or have the water burn away. I’ve been considering getting a diffuser for a while and decided to go for it when I hosted my party and had some free and half price products.

It’s a little noisy but I love that it also has two light settings (I put the light on every time it’s on as a reminder to to check it). It can be on continuously or intermittently every 30 seconds. It switches off automatically as a safety feature when the water gets too low. I’ve used it in the lounge and upstairs and it creates a lovely smell without being overpowering.

As well as the oils mentioned below I’ve also used it with eucalyptus (when we’ve suffered with colds) and other oils I already had.

Essential Oil –
Neal’s Yard Remedies – Organic Defence
No Animal Testing / No Parabens / No Synthetic Colours or Fragrances

This has a really fresh scent which helps me feel like it’s cleansing and getting rid of germs.

Essential Oil –
Neal’s Yard Remedies – Women’s Blend
No Animal Testing / No Parabens / No Synthetic Colours or Fragrances

The tagline on the box is “for serenity and poise” – I really need some of those! This has rose and geranium in it so it was always going to be a winner for me. It smells really feminine and is supposed to help harmonise inbalances.

Deodorant –
Neal’s Yard Remedies – Lavender & Aloe Vera
No Animal Testing / No Parabens / No Synthetic Colours or Fragrances

I mentioned in my previous post that I was keen to try a more natural deodorant. I love the scent of this one and I’m finding it really effective. It does go on wet so needs ‘airing’ a bit before you put clothes over the top. I’ve even worn it for running!


So that’s the latest round-up of my more Natural Choices. I will keep looking into this and seeking out products to try and update you if I find any more good ones! I’d particularly like to find some budget options to keep costs down!

If you have any recommendations I’d love to hear from you.