More Week in the Life : Wednesday and Thursday

This week I’m taking part in “Week in the Life”. Today I’m ready to share some photos and words from Wednesday and Thursday. Click here to see my previous post for Monday and Tuesday.

More Week in the Life – Wednesday

Theme for the Day – Wellness (c25k and Slimming World weigh-in)

Weather – High of 19 / Low of 8 / Sunshine & Clouds with a gentle, cool breeze

Wake up – 6.25am (early for me!)

More Week in the Life - Wed (food)

Breakfast – Hifi pre-run then 1 slice of seeded toast with butter and half a banana and an electrolyte drink

Lunch – Bacon, scrambled eggs, baked beans, giant mushroom & cherry tomatoes

Dinner – Grilled Salmon with parsley & thyme, new potatoes, broccoli & carrots

More Week in the Life - Wed (morning)

What I did – Headed out at 7am (NOT usual for me!) to do Day 2 of c25k, shower, school run, washing, editing (memoir), blogging, haircut, school pick up, chores, prepped and ate dinner, headed to Slimming World weigh-in, got home late (nearly 10pm!) and headed to bed

I am grateful for – Sunshine and getting a good chunk of editing done

No. of steps -10,528

Today’s Yoga practiceStreet Yoga – Yoga you can do anywhere (14 minutes)

Today’s Self Nurturing Activity – Hair Cut

Bedtime – 10.35pm (a long day!)

More Week in the Life - Wednesday (details)

More Week in the Life – Thursday

Theme for the Day – Quiet (it’s the only day this week I’m home by myself plus I was feeling quiet…as was my boy)

Weather – High of 17 / Low of 6 / Partly Cloudy (started with rain)

Wake up – 7.00am

More Week in the Life - Thurs (food)

Breakfast – 2 slices seeded toast with butter and an apple

Lunch – Very nutritious…Milkybar with Smarties, fizzy cherry cola bottles and an iced donut. Can definitely do better!

Dinner – Chicken, Bacon & Egg Salad with Feta Cheese and Homemade Aioli

More Week in the Life - Thurs (Morning)

What I did – Awake at 6.20am then dozed until 7am. Wrote morning pages, got ready and had breakfast. School run followed by a short walk. Blogging (working on this post and a new series coming up), writing the shopping list (I did the menu plan yesterday). ASDA for groceries, home for lunch and some YouTube watching. More editing on the memoir (trying to fix ordering), school pick up, chill out time after school (both feeling out of sorts). Sorted bins & recycling for tomorrow, prepped dinner. Boys did Lego after dinner. Chilled out evening – yoga then TV with hubby.

I am grateful for – re-reading Big Magic and feeling inspired

No. of steps – 5,322 (rest day!)

Today’s Yoga practiceMovement Medicine – Calming Practice (17 mins)

Today’s Self Nurturing Activity – Watching the latest Taskmaster with the hubby

Bedtime -9.45pm

More WITL Thurs (activities)


I am still very much enjoying this project. I love the extra awareness as I go about my days, taking photos and recording details. It helps me recognise my gratitude for the current season of my life. It’s also beneficial to see the dips and peaks in energy and enthusiasm throughout the week.

I’ll be back early next week with even more Week in the Life (sharing photos and details for the rest of the week).

If you’re taking part in Week in the Life – be sure to let me know. And if not, I hope you find some inspiration to document your daily life in some format for future reference!

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