My 2020 Themes

Today I want to share my 2020 themes.

In the past I’ve set goals. I’ve had guiding words for the year (2016 and 2017, 2018) and last year I picked a different word each month (see the words HERE and HERE). Plus I have my Core Desired Feelings and Personal Values to guide me in my daily and life decisions (sometimes I need a reminder though!). I think it’s safe to say I enjoy collecting words and using them to help me shape my life and make decisions.

This year I do have some goals which all fit within the three 2020 themes I have set this year.

I had 3 themes in 2019 as well – they were Wellness, Writing and Home & Family. They worked well but I wanted to tweak them a little this year to make them more inclusive.

My 2020 Themes Pin with Post-It’s showing words Wellbeing, Creativity and Connection

My 2020 Themes

The three words I have chosen are:

  • Wellness
  • Creativity and
  • Connection.

So what does each word mean to me? And why did I choose it?


For years I used to set myself goals to lose weight or reach a certain clothes size. (Spoiler – I never quite reached any of these goals. Many times I came close and yet I still thought I was failing.)
Over the last few years I’ve realised that I want my focus to be on WELLNESS rather than a number on the weighing scales or in a clothes label. This year I want to focus on eating nourishing foods, moving my body in ways that I enjoy and other activities that contribute to my wellbeing. And I want this to be one of my top 3 priorities.


I changed last year’s theme of Writing to CREATIVITY. I wanted to include other activities that I enjoy and that allow me to try new things and create.
For example – I learnt how to sew last Autumn and I’ve been enjoying being a beginner and getting lots of practice in. This wouldn’t fit under writing but it fits under creativity.
I have realised I am very much a creator. It fuels me. It inspires me. And it makes me happy. So this year I intend to embrace my creativity – whatever form it comes in!
I usually share what I am creating on Instagram – come over for a peek!


When I used the term CONNECTION in my Core Desired Feelings I used these words to try and define it: Mindful, Loyal, Engagement, Collaboration and Love. And these are the things I want to focus on this year. I want to stay connected to myself, my family, my friends, nature and the bigger picture.
Connection (or Love) is the thing, for me, that makes life great.
Of the three – this is possibly the most ambiguous theme but I have tried to set some more concrete goals around this to steer me in the direction I want to go.

So what now?

I will be referring to my 2020 themes often. They will form the focus of goals I set both short and long term over the course of the year. I’ve got them noted down in my Bullet Journal and I’ll be trying to check in with them at least monthly to see how they are working to help steer me where I want to go.

Do you have a word for 2020? Or themes? Or goals? I’d love to hear about them. Please do share in the comments.

Choosing Theme Words for the Year Pinnable Image showing someone journaling outside