My Favourite Nature Spots

Today I want to share some of my Favourite Nature Spots. I’m taking part in 30 Days Wild this month which is run by The Wildlife Trusts and encourages us all to get outside in the wild and closer to nature. I’ve been sharing my acts of wildness over in my Instagram stories so be sure to pop over for a look.

I love spending time outside in nature. It’s imperative to my self care, mental health and well-being. Being outside and amongst nature features on my happy lists as well as my recent Fair Weather Artists Date Ideas post.

I try and get outside every day – even if just for a short walk. And I realised on a recent walk that wherever I’ve lived I’ve usually had a collection of favourite nature spots to visit to get my fill of fresh air and being closer to nature. Different spots have their own highlights which I want to share with you.

My Favourite Nature Spots

My Favourite Nature Spots

A meadow is somewhere you can lay back in the long grass and watch the clouds roll by. Hear the long grass swish as you walk through it. Seek out meadow flowers and wildlife. My dog used to love running around in the meadow near our Wellington house and it always felt like an adventure when we walked through it. I have found a local meadow which I often walk through to reach the towpath – at the moment it’s full of beautiful wild flowers with lots of butterflies and bees buzzing around.


I always feel like a walk in the woods helps me breathe much better – thanks trees! This is a great place to visit when it’s raining as I love the sound of the rain through the trees and usually manage to stay drier than if I’m out in the open. I can remember walking in woods as a child and I think there’s a lot of magic in them. It always feels like the perfect place for fairies!


One of my current local favourites is a walk along the towpath beside the river. I can join the path at various places (from the city centre to out in the countryside) and take in the sights along the river. It’s a great place to spot different insects and birds. I like stopping on the bridges and gazing down into the water to spot fish and insects. Our local river is a great place to see swans, ducks and moorhens.


I sometimes feel sad that I don’t live near a beach currently. In Wellington I was lucky enough to live within a few minutes of the South Coast and it’s wonderful beaches. The beach is somewhere I head to blow the cobwebs away. And I also enjoy seeking out beach treasure – shells, sea glass, sea pottery and other wonderful things the tide has washed up. I can happily spend hours on the beach – in all weathers (as long as I have the right clothing!). My son thoroughly enjoys playing with sand and paddling too so it’s great for family days out.


Being up high and looking out to water is great for giving some perspective and usually helps me to see the bigger picture. Cliffs can be a good place to visit when the tide is in and you can’t get to the beach. I got married on a cliff in New Zealand. We were overlooking the Tasman Sea with South Island in the distance and it was a stunning location to celebrate our vows.*


Wherever we’ve lived over the years (& particularly since we’ve had our son) we’ve always had favourite parks to visit – big and small. When you’ve got kids it’s great to find ones with elaborate play areas (& a cafe nearby doesn’t go amiss either!). These days we like country parks where there’s always lots to explore. I find you don’t have to go too far away from the play areas to find the quieter spaces. Essex has some great play trails which are great for keeping the kids busy as you explore.

Lakes & Lochs

I find lakes and lochs more calming than the sea. During my 5 years living in Glasgow I spent a decent amount of time near Lochs. We used to regularly visit Loch Lomond and also spent time in The Trossachs. I also love the Lake District in England and Lake Taupo in New Zealand.

My Garden

Sometimes I forget this one! Out the back we have a small patch of grass, some pebbled ground and paving. We don’t have any flower beds at the back but we are hoping to create one soon (perhaps for growing some veggies). We do have a bird table and enjoy seeing what birdy visitors come to visit! I want to try and spend more time in my garden this year. I’m hoping to create a small pond as part of my 30 Days Wild activities and hope that will encourage me to spend more time out there.


Have I missed any good nature spots from my list? What are your favourites?

Do you have a special place outside that you go to think or blow the cobwebs away? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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