My Favourite Supplies to Find the Good Everyday

Today I want to share my Favourite Supplies to help Find the Good Everyday.

My favourite supplies to find the good everyday

These are the things that help me to feel happier, healthier and in balance. What would be on your list?


I tend to pick up A5 ruled notebooks as I see them. I’ve had some good ones from Pound World and The Works. My current Morning Pages notebook is from Home Bargains and is falling apart which makes me sad. I also like to pick up special notebooks from adventures – I bought a Harry Potter one at the Warner Bros Studio Tour and a Longleat one when we went there last summer.

I got my current Bullet Journal from Homesense – it’s a squared SAM’s notebook and not a usual size. Last year I enjoyed using pocket Moleskine’s but I wanted a bit more space this year.

I’ve shared more about the practice of Morning Pages and Bullet Journalling if you’d like to read more.

Front cover Morning Pages my bullet journal story


For writing my Morning Pages I love using my Lamy Safari and fun coloured inks (like green and purple). For my Bullet Journal I use a Bic 4 colour pen in pastels.

Yoga Mat

I picked my Yoga Mat up in TK Maxx for around £15 when we arrived back in the UK. I also have another one upstairs in the bedroom that I brought from New Zealand. To keep them clean and fresh I make Adriene’s Yoga Mat Spray.

Yoga with Adriene Channel / Membership

Does this count as a “supply”? It’s certainly something I use everyday to Find the Good. I love that there are so many yoga practices available for FREE on You Tube and I also enjoy the member only content which I pay a subscription for as well.

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building a daily yoga practice

Water Bottle

I use Hydrate M8 water bottles – I discovered them shortly after joining Slimming World and find them really great for increasing and tracking my water intake.

Gratitude Journal

For my gratitude journal I use a small one page a day diary. I try to list 5 things every evening that I’m grateful for that day.

I’ve shared some tips for starting a Gratitude Journal here.

My Daily Gratitude Journal

Reading Books

I always like to have at least one book on the go and tend to read for a while at bedtime to wind down and have a break from a screen.

I share my Reading adventures in my monthly Reading Rituals posts.

Reading Rituals

Lush Rose Jam

I love this fragrance from Lush and always have a Bubble-roon on hand for lovely bubble baths (and one bubble-roon does a good few baths). I also have a bottle of the shower gel as well. The shower gel is only available to buy at Christmas time so it was top of my wishlist last year!

Hand Cream

I get really dry skin on my hands so I always have to have hand cream on hand. My absolute favourite is L’Occitane Shea Butter and I tend to splurge on this for Winter when my hands seem to suffer more.

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

I like to make sure we’ve always got lots of fresh fruit and vegetables in the house to nourish us. I do like the challenge of trying to eat the rainbow! And it fits in well with the Slimming World plan.

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my slimming world journey

I created this list as part of the Boho Berry Challenge for March. You can check out all my lists for the challenge on my Instagram feed. It’s been great to create a notebook full of fun lists!